Chinese New Year, 2021, Ox, Feng shui HINESE NEW YEAR 2021 PREPARATION | Do’s and Dont’s for the Year of the OX

So i will be showing you koa, manga usual bago, mag chinese new year. So i will bring you for the first time become a shadow shirt. But i am proud of my chinese roots. First angina is to visit a feng shui expert, which i always do yearly, and this time i will visit john son of sunrise, feng shui feng shui this year this year of the metal ox yes, metal. Five um elements is chinese: zodia, metal, wood, fire water earth 5 depends on yer, nato or hinde. So let us know and let’s go sa feng shui master and ask koa manga pampa sweaty tips this coming year of the metal ox 2021. So let’s go hello. Okay, master johnson hi so now it’s time to ask this year: 2031 horse. I don’t think for my year of the horse, much better for the year of the horse 2020s and then dog also rooster monkey tiger horse and dog. I know unlucky yeah, um style um, because we don’t use the word: yes, yes, uh dragon and snake. Oh my gosh see this will be a challenging year for you. I am for the dragon snake energy. Okay. We need to be more careful and also another thing that i’m trying not to do during too much of like on a risky adventures like that you’re going to accidents. Okay, then we also have red and green, yellow red and green it’s a stop light color. Oh, my traffic light stop and already gon na we can use yellow color because yellow is the color of stability, so that means mascara became asset, smaller investments and humble yes, because everyone now is going through digital technology, marketing and social media of technologies.

Okay, so that means this year good opportunity for those singles. Okay, this year is a good year. This year is also a good year for activity step by step, so that you can follow. Let’S go home and fix the house, and i use it at the numa directions and that’s it the next day, hello, everybody. It is nine in the morning and sabi sa almanac calendar. Yes, this is the chinese calendar and my kitamo good days and not so good days. So today is february 3 and it is new spring. So it is a good day today. Bad lung young travel, sabbaticals, feng, shui stores, exercising on good days and bad days. It’S time to recharge lahat, namanga, fung, shui, anoname, namanga horses, because last year, bad young horse, like super super bad, dear no hindi, tyler last year, but at the same time um. Anybody. Nothing illusion, hope that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. This year, okay, horoscope kataguya in order to charge, but first say your intentions, your quantum wisdom, all pray for the heart and everything. You can also use this garment, like bags recharge, every bird to get rid of the bad vibes, energy and incense. It sends for you to get rid of your negativity, since the last thing that had been going since activated enhancer snapping, all we need to do is to say thank you to our source of power and great so let’s bow, because these are all activated enhancers and We are done.

We are definitely ready for the year of the metal ox, which is the 2021. The helsabing asset function master, that is, the 2021, is the year of healing and come back here, so healing of it represents abundance, also, shrimp, bok, choy, mama green step. At miranda dreams show my show my mommy look below anything in yes, okay, lemon underwear, weird butchering underwear, but i just want to make all the single subscribers out there now maka joanna, of course, okay and then next is in the first three days. So twelve thirteen fourteen, so fifteen kapamaguilini is and the not sweaty section is the southeast and the north and the north west video nato. We prepare for the chinese new year celebration and don’t forget wishing paper for the chinese new year and the issue that is celebrate and chinese new year on the day itself. Um part two chinese new year, vlog on the chinese new year itself, so february 12th. That is a friday chinese new year celebration ramen and it is 12 chinese zodiac signs watch out for my part, 2 vlog next week. That is february. 12. 8 p.m. Here on my channel kimchi page, but for now at the moment, i’ll preparation for the coming chinese new year, the year of the metal off. So this is a video and then hope you guys enjoy feel free to comment below and hit like share and subscribe and feel free to click. The notification button yay let’s enjoy and have fun and get it celebrated, and i just want to share it with you guys, but this is what i am doing for so many years now.

Um. I know um, but i know not happy to live from celebration and of course i am proud of my roots. This is kimchu, saying thank you so much everybody and happy new year. Happy chinese new year let’s all be happy and look forward to a brand new year. This coming 2021.

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