Chinese New Year, 2021, Ox, Feng shui of the Yin Metal Ox 2021 animal sign luck for the Horse and the Monkey

However, the horse they in the year direct last year, they have some impact um, and this impact will slowly slowly. You know diminish and if let’s say you you you’re born in toward the end of the year, then maybe some impacts only just started and such as like health issue or spending money. Then maybe you know, if you haven’t spent last year in the year direct, then maybe in the first half of the year you will start spending some money on renovation or property and also some renovation. Things like that and if you had already spending or buy some property last year after your birthday in 2, 20, 20 and then there’s still some minor spending you have to have to spend to work toward to your birthday. So the outlook this year is that there’s, no special relationship between the horse and the ear of the ox here. So we, as i say from the last video we look at the stars. You know distribution each year, there’s a star distribution to the horse, so the horse this year they have two romance stars so which is good for the singles, so it’s, the single lady or a single gentleman. Then, if you’re born in the year of the horse, you have a opportunity to meeting someone so be a bit more active. You know going out because uh snails, the the the uh, you know, the isolation has been released. A lot now relax a lot now so um you can go out to join more.

You know party, so for single one for mary horse. If you’re born in 1966 it’s the fire hose they this year, they have some. You know some very uh uh. You know unconventional affair or or love affair. So beware, you know, be prepared. You don’t, you know don’t, you know. Do this thing to destroy your own family unless uh, you know you you, you lost your mind. You know but there’s a two uh romance star in the horse palace, so 66 has a very high chance to having some. You know stupid love, i call it stupid, love or – or you know something very secret without your other half note. So be beware of that. You know make sure you don’t get into the trap: okay, so that’s for the horse and then let’s look at the monkey. So the monkey is also that they don’t have a special relationship between the monkey and the ox. Then we will look at the you know. The star distribution, but before we look at the star distribution uh, if they remember us, talk about if they born in the last digit of four and eight like monkey uh like uh, 68 right, 668, 1968 is a monkey and for 200 2004 right here. Four is 2004, so the ox is the nobleman to the monkey so monkey. Actually this year they have a good nobleman. They they will be pretty okay uh. However, they do need to work hard because in the last year, there’s a combination, the combination with the red.

They they they wrecked the wreck. So the project, like nearly finished you know all this project nearly finished, so there will be some new thing, but there’s not really a joint venture kind of business. It’S more like you have to work hard for yourself. The good news is there’s two uh lucky star in the monkey’s palace, one is called it’s the way. The way its way is like you gain some fame and recognition. If you work hard, the other one is called the heaven happiness or teenage teen. Hey tina means heaven happiness. That means that there will be some happy event for the monkey, such as you know, getting married you’re meeting uh your loved one or, if you’re married, then the Music. Heaven happiness is, like you know, getting pregnancy or give birth to a child, so that’s a quite a good thing for the for the monkey. This this year work hard and there’s. Some noblemen come to the monkey so for the monkey because they and the horse there’s not too many in a relationship between the year, the ox so that’s, the this much i can tell you – and i hope you also can get something out of this, and thank You for watching, and if you like, to share the video like the video comment and subscribe, so the subscribers number also increase. One more thing is for the monkey, because uh next year next year, coming up is the year of the tiger, so there’s some impact for the monkeys now so monkey.

Maybe you will be thinking of buying a property right now, but i will say if you save up this year budget well – and you do it next year, like uh in the year of the tiger, because the tiger year coming up for the monkey monkey will be Have need to have a lot of spending in the year of the tiger, so this year, budget, wealth and also in terms of health for the monkey. Look after your throat, lung and the respiratory system, and also the uh, the the digestive system and for the horse for the horse before the horse. We have you have to look after your eyes and your heart and the blood circulation area.

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Chinese New Year, 2021, Ox, Feng shui feng shui good luck items to display at home

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