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Former players have come out and bashed the organization and have spoken out and have actually supported deshaun watson requesting a trade from the texans to sean watson. He no longer wants to be a part of that organization. He wants out and right now today i can make the argument. The houston texans are the most poorly run nfl franchise outside of maybe the detroit lions. You know: teams like washington, cincinnati, jacksonville and the new york jets have had their dysfunction over the past couple of years, but all four of those teams to me are either no longer dysfunctional or at least trending upwards, okay, the texans they’re on a downward spiral, and That spiral is going down really really quickly. Okay, and i truly feel bad for the players in that houston, texas, locker room, because i would hate to play for the using texans organization if our nfl player right now well i’ll phrase it this way. I wouldn’t hate it because i’d be in the nfl it’s it’s a blessing if you’re an nfl player, no doubt about it, no matter what team you’re on, but i will think to myself man. Those players are being done a disservice because they play for not a stable organization, so i feel bad for all. The players in that locker room that to deal with the dysfunction and the bad coaching that goes on in houston, the lack of a great culture and things of that nature.

You know, but i also feel especially bad for two players: desean watson and jj watt jj watt has had a 10 year career in houston, he’s, giving nothing but blood, sweat and tears to that organization. He’S an all time, great defender, he’s a three time: defensive player of the year award winner, one of the best defensive players of all time, he’s, an excellent hall of fame level player and deshawn watson he’s a top five quarterback in the nfl. As i speak today and he’s done nothing but absolutely carry that franchise on his back ever since being drafted by houston number 12 overall, when houston traded, traded up to go, get him in the 2017 nfl draft and the shaw watson and jj watt to me deserve To be playing big games, they deserve to be on prime time tv every sunday and they deserve to be competing for super bowls and that’s not going to be the case if they’re in houston and when it comes down to people is this. The houston texans are wasting away, jj white and deshawn watson’s talents. Deshawn watson has hall of fame level, talent and they’re wasting it away, and i don’t blame deshaun watson for running out of that organization based on the way they treated him and based on what they’ve allowed to go on over the past couple of years. In houston and if i’m jj watt, i want out of houston, send me to the buffalo bills.

Send me to the seattle seahawks, send me to the green bay packers. Send me to a team that needs a good defensive lineman to where i can go compete for a super bowl that’s. What i would say to the houston texans organization, if i’m jjy, i would want out, if i’m jj. Why would i want to go play for this organization that continues to waste away? My talent and i hate it when all time, talented players get wasted away by poorly run organizations, and i feel bad for deshawn watson and jj white. I hope deshawn watson lands with the team like the 49ers or the colts or the miami dolphins. I hope jj watt finds his way out of houston because, as far as i’m concerned, the houston texans have wasted jj watts, prime and they’re, in the process of wasting away some of some of the sean watson’s best years. If he can’t get out of houston and it’s a darn, shame no doubt about it. Thank you so much for watching this video today. Please also note that the juice alert sports podcast is not just a youtube channel. It is available on all podcasting platforms, including spotify. Google podcast itunes and apple podcast, also, if you enjoyed this video, be sure to like comment, subscribe and share this content with all your friends. This podcast is my favorite thing in the entire world right now, it is my passion. I want more people to listen to this podcast.

I really want this podcast to grow. Also, a fun fact about me is that i want to go into the sports broadcasting and media world. Once i graduate from the university of toledo a college in northern ohio, i am looking to become one of the next great sports broadcasters and analysts out in the world, and i potentially would like to start my own network. If this podcast really truly grows or if i fall short of that goal, i would love to work for a big time network like espn or fox sports one. I am open to all networks.

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