J. J. Watt, Houston Texans, NFL hrows SHADE at Aaron Donald After Being Named NFL Defensive Player of the Year!

After aaron donald was named defensive player of the year. I love this. I love that it creates some discussion and it creates a lot of competition within these guys and what’s wrong with standing up for your brother and not only that dropping receipts to support your claims now. For my part in this, i think that there are more than uh what is right in front of us with the statistics. I think aaron donald gets double teamed a lot. I think aaron donald is the best defensive player in the league, but just because you’re, the best defensive player in the league every year, it doesn’t mean that you should be the mvp and when you look at the breakdown of tj watts numbers, there is a case To be made so let’s talk about what jjy had to say, aaron donald is an absolutely incredible player. I love watching him play and he’s headed to the hall of fame without question. This has nothing to do with a.d. Personally, this is me saying what my brother, won’t tj, played one less game and still led the nfl in every major category, and that has to be considered here. And if you look at the numbers, tj played one last game and yeah. He led and not only lead, i mean, like you, know, 12 more tackles uh one and a half more sacks double tackles for loss, um, more pressures, more significantly, more quarterback hits uh past defenses, seven to one interceptions one to zero.

Obviously donald enforced fumbles. Now again, like i said, i believe, aaron donald is the best defensive player in the nfl there’s, an argument that he’s the best player in the nfl. The dude is a monster. The dude is a beast. He gets double teamed all the time, that’s, not to say tj watt doesn’t get double teamed, but we all know aaron donald faces an insane amount of attention because of how great he is and how well known he is. But at the end of the day, tj watts numbers look very much like what the defensive player of the year should have now. Tj watt tweeted this out, uh the and i took that personally, which is a fantastic, fantastic tweet. We all know that from the last dance, michael jordan, so hopefully tj watt will just use this as a motivation. Um again, i’m really happy that jj watt decided to to speak out and drop. The the receipts it’ll be interesting to see at this point in time. I might have missed it. I haven’t heard, if there’s a response from aaron donald, but people are talking about it and that’s. What we like we like this competitive uh angle. We like the wwe element where you’re adding story lines, because that makes the sport far more interesting. We like to have these things to discuss um. We would much rather talk about on the field rival rivalries than all of the identity, politics that has uh been uh overrun with our professional sports lately.

This is what we should be talking about debating, what’s going on, who wins this award? Who won that award who’s? Better here, who’s better there. Why does this guy deserve this? One is that god not deserve that that’s. What we should be talking about, also aaron rodgers won nfl mvp, i mean look. I think everybody that watches this channel knows that. I do believe that aaron rodgers is overrated and again. Overrated does not mean bad because you would have to be a crazy person to say aaron. Rodgers is bad he’s, not bad. He is great he’s all time great, but you can still be overrated because aaron rodgers has consistently said it’s consistently within the media that he’s the greatest quarterback of all time. Of course, until patrick mahomes came along and now patrick holmes is the greatest quarterback of all time, because you could just be the greatest quarterback of all time. Every other day it seems like, within the sports media uh aaron rodgers has consistently been heralded as something he’s. Not he has never been better than tom brady. He never will be better than tom brady, but he’s a damn good quarterback and his talent is unmatched. As far as him winning the nfl mvp this year, i don’t have a strong case against it. I think aaron rodgers numbers are phenomenal. Unbelievable! Yes, when the moment when he needed to show up in the moment, once again, he did not show up, and that is the story of aaron rodgers career he’s got one good super bowl run and so does joe flacco now again, i’m, not saying he’s, flacco he’s.

Obviously, better than flacco, but the point is he is not tom brady, he never has been. He never will be. He will always be second fiddle to brady and in some ways, he’s almost second fiddle to drew brees in a lot of ways, but aaron rodgers deserved the nfl mvp. I believe this year. I can’t really debate that one. But what do you guys think? Let me know your uh all of your thoughts in the comments below.

What do you think?

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