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I feel sorry for them, because bill bryan for years and years as a general manager was trying to be cute, was trying to play franchise mode and and just do all these ridiculous trades and free agent, acquisitions and trading away draft picks. And now they find themselves in this ridiculous hole that they can’t get out. We like to be positive on the show we like to show optimism so we’re going to show you what is the best case scenario for the houston texans. How do you get out of this hole of not having draft picks in the first two rounds of being 8.5 million dollars over the cap, what’s projected to be 17 million by the time free agency hits. What can you do what transactions and moves do you need to make in order to be in the best scenario possible, so we thought we’d go on this website called spot and by the way spot track dot com is where i go for all of my Contract signings to get information on that, so, whether it be players i want to see how many years they have left on their contract, how much money they’re owned in years to come: uh, salary, caps for teams and franchises as well spot we’re, not sponsored by Them by the way, nowhere near sponsored we’re just bringing them up because you’re they’re, just so amazing, and so we wanted this website number one. We wanted to dive into houston, texans and uh.

You know get a headache, because this whole scenario is just ridiculous. How do you get out of this hole that you’re in and number two we went on this page and this website and what’s cool about this website? Let me actually pull it up. Is you could see a different contracts uh hold on? Let me pull it up right now: okay, cool, so let’s, pull it up. You could see different contracts and numbers and manage your own kind of roster. So, for instance, if i wanted to release laramie tonsil, i can press that red x, where it says, release and then the cap space on the side, the negative 8.5 million it’ll adjust that, whether it be add, more money or subtract money after due some money, if There’S some dead money for that year, but i just went ahead and played around with this, and i came up with some uh trades that a lot of different teams could make for some houston, texas players, that’ll free up some salary cap space for the houston texans. So they can finally be in a good spot with the other nfl teams around the league. Listen, i know that the jets and the eagles, if you’re fans of those teams are in some tough spots as far as their roster goes. As far as the front office goes, but listen it’s, nothing compared to the houston texans, so i apologize if you’re a houston texans fan. So let me first start off and look at this and see which players do you need to release or trade away uh on this houston, texans roster.

So a lot of people if we look at the salary cap here for 2021, are due a lot of money. You’Ve got laramie tonsil jj, watches sean watson, brandon, cooks; listen all these guys are staple players. Okay, let tunzel! I don’t feel like that. The houston texans should move on from him one of the best offensive linemen and tackles in the nfl. You give him up you’re, giving up way too much jjy another story: okay, so there’s a lot of players on this roster that are do a lot of money. Let’S start off and let’s go ahead and just play around with this and see what we can do to try to help this houston, texans roster. So first we’ve got to get rid of jj watt. It’S expected that jj watt wants out of the houston texans franchise. Wants nothing to do with it: he’s, not a fan of the front office and the moves that they made. Recently, okay, cool. You want to move on fine. We got it we’re going to free up 17.5 million dollars so watch this i’m gon na go ahead and hit release because we have the trade option as well, but at 32 years old in that contract it’s hard to believe that jj watt wants to be traded Anywhere else, so he would ask for his release more than likely and would probably sign with a team like pittsburgh, so he could play with his brother. So we’re gon na hit this red x release and then once we hit that you see on the side now we’re in the positive and cap space 8.

9 million dollars in cap space that we can spend on uh pending draft picks. If we were to get any first round or second round draft picks uh free agents as well, that we want to resign on our team, so jj watt, he’s, cut he’s gone that’s, probably going to have to be the first move that the texans are going to Have to make now you got to think about it. You got to think about other players that are expensive, given that the amount of production that they’re putting out versus the amount of money that they’re making, who do you need to get rid of? Well, if we want to talk about cuts, we could also trade this player, but we could also cut duke johnson the running back for the text on the second string. You already have david johnson to a nine million dollar contract that’s a lot of money. I understand but he’s your running back one. He was productive last year. You want to at least keep a solid run game on that team, so keep david johnson for now duke johnson. On the other hand, yes he’s great, but you can move on with him he’s, making five million dollars. You can trade him or release him. It doesn’t matter because it’s not going to go against the cap either way. So if you choose to let’s just say, for instance, they want to trade away, uh duke johnson, so we pull up the trade uh uh menu and uh.

I don’t know what’s a team that needs a running back. Is there a team that i i oof man? Okay, well, let’s just choose a random team. Uh let’s just go ahead and say the uh miami dolphins could use a running back. They’Re, probably not gon na trade for duke johnson, but let’s just go ahead and say that you trade for a draft pick, whether it be a third round or fourth round or fifth round or just give them the value of duke johnson. You process that trade and you see that duke johnson is gone from our roster and you see on the side – 13.9 million dollars in cap space remaining okay we’re on we’re off to a good start. You got rid of jj watt. You got rid of duke johnson. You have a lot of money that you can work with. Let’S get a little bit more because we need to resign some key free agents like will fuller on this roster. So looking at this team, some players that we can see so far. If you look at the rank on the side, they’re ranked uh one through whatever based off of uh, how much money they’re making randall cobb number six is making a lot of money, but his production at 31 years old. Do you expect him to really do much? For this team uh, you could get rid of randall cobb. So, for instance, if we hit the release button right here, but that’s going to go against your cap because of dead money and things like of that nature, so uh because of his contract, it’s, actually going to bring us down about one or two million dollars.

So, instead let’s just go ahead and redo that let’s keep randall cobb for now the same scenario, if you were to trade him away as well, who else on this team? Can we get rid of listen, it’s, gon na suck for houston texans and that offense? Given that you just gave away duke johnson you’re gon na have to give away with another wide receiver, that’s expensive and since randall cobb cots money against you, it’s gon na have to be brandon cooks. You’Re gon na have to give him away. Brandon cooks has been passed around way more than a blunt. He really has he’s been to team after team after team every single season, but the texans you’re, just gon na, have to move on with the expensive contract that he has he’s 28 years old. You could release him yeah, but you could also try to get some draft picks out out of them, like you did prior to the trade deadline in the 2020 season, so you could trade them let’s say. For instance, we want to trade, brandon cooks and to a team that would be just for fun. Let’S say that the uh, the philadelphia eagles, could really use a wide receiver let’s go ahead and trade brandon cooks to the philadelphia, eagles let’s process that trade processed. It now look on the side. Look at the cap, space 25.9 million dollars. This is what the houston texas can do. This is very realistic and realistic transaction transactions that the texas could make to move on from these expensive players to look ahead and rebuild for the future, now you’re at 25.

9 million dollars. You know what you can do with that money. You can resign, will fuller, he’s, probably going to expect a contract of 15 million dollars or more every single year, but because of the suspension that he had, you can deduct that maybe down to 12 or 13 million dollars a year very affordable, there’s one key transaction That we have left what do we do with desean watson he wants out of the houston texas franchise. Do you want to pull the trigger and trade for him now, so you can get the most out of him prior to the nfl draft, or do you want to wait and see if he’s actually going to play, because you want to hang on to him? You want him to play, but is he going to hold out and just sit out until he’s traded that’s? The key scenario key decision that the houston texans front office has to make, but let’s say that before the nfl draft they want those first round picks. Those second round picks uh you traded away, brandon cooks for let’s, say a second or third rounder. You could trade to sean watson for another draft pick as well. You trade away, desean, watson, okay, you trade them to the new york jets because you could trade them. Listen to the carolina panthers for teddy bridgewater, but teddy bridgewater has an expensive contract as well. If you’re looking to get a quarterback in return for deshaun watson, the new york jets for sam donald would be the best option, just because sam darnold is still playing on his rookie contract.

Only going to be making 4.7 million dollars. So let’s go ahead and choose the new york jets right here: trade desean watson to the new york jets and we can choose a player as well. Let’S: choose sam darnold, 4.7 uh million dollars and go ahead and get rid of that so let’s process that trade uh 4.7 million and then look at the cap space on the side, whip down a staggering 10 million dollars and that’s because of the money that uh Desean watson has owed for the future it’s going to be the best decision, just because you get rid of that big contract, but for now you’re going to have to eat something. If you want to trade away, deshaun watson and get sam darnold’s contract. On top of that, as well so you’re at 50 billion dollars now that leaves us in a tough scenario. You trade away, desean watson, you could resign, will fuller to maybe 12 13 million dollars, but that only only leaves you two million dollars or so to sign your draft picks to sign any sort of free agents that you want. That’S, not the wisest decision. Let’S just go ahead and recap all the transactions that i made. You cut jj watt, you save 17.5 million dollars, you cut duke johnson, you save five million dollars, trade brandy, cooks, you save 12 million dollars and you get a draft pick. You could push for a second round pick, but more than likely, just because of the age that he’s at it’s probably going to be a third rounder or below, but you get a draft pick out of that which is great now.

In that case, you got to think about. Do you want 25 million dollars to use the sign of will fuller and other free agents but you’re going to have to keep desean watson and then take the risk of him uh not playing and have a hold out, and you don’t get a first round pick In this year’s nfl draft as well or do you trade away, deshaun watson get that first round pick get a superstar cornerstone player in the nfl draft, but you don’t have enough money to resign. Will fuller, on top of that and your receiving core is at that point, going to be led by reynold, cobb and kiki qt with the amount of money that you have tough scenario: tough situation for the houston texans, but leave your comments down below.

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