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So today we are going to be looking at these moments for dale earnhardt and the 10 best wins of his career and number 10. We have the 2000 cracker barrel old county store 500. Well, his 1993 talladega win that timed in at 5. 1000 of a second was closer in margin in victory. In my opinion, this 2000 victory at atlanta was more impressive. Rcr came to fight in this one and while the three car finished first at the end of the day, it was the 31 car that dominated the race with 20 laps to go mike skinner looked to be on his way to his first cup win, but as Fate would have it his engine would expire and relegate him to a 30th place run, and this handed the lead to dale earnhardt, who would have to hold off eventual season champion bobby. He took a labonte to the inside he’ll head for the top side of the racetrack and turns one and two but dale earnhardt maintains the lead down the back stretch for the final time, who will it be number nine? We have the 1990 checker 500 at phoenix, phoenix and dale. Earnhardt don’t seem to be like a synonymous pairing, but that was the case in 1990. Locked in a dead heat for the championship with mark martin earnhardt needed a strong run in order to eat into the 45 point, lead that martin held he not only bit into it.

He flat out ripped it away from his 31 year old adversary, with a victory. A clutch victory, one of the most clutch in his career. You can just hold on for about three fourths of a mile. Where is mark martin there’s earnhardt martin? Well, there he is trying to hold on he’s still being shot at the right spot, not quite gon. Na do it if he’s trying to catch ernie irvin gary lavonny blew an engine across the start, finish line as he got. The white flag and dale earnhardt will come out of turn four and take the checkered flag to win the checker 500 earnhardt’s goodreads cruise celebrating theirs with your children, saw earnhardt both lead 262 of 312 laps and take the title lead by four a lead that he Would expand to 26 points at the season finale in atlanta the next week. Number eight is the 1987 sovran bank 500., this martinsville race on its own isn’t, an all time great by any means, but what it represents for earnhardt is absolutely incredible. This was his fourth victory in a row after he scored wins at darlington, north wilkesboro and bristol what’s. Even crazier is that if he doesn’t have an alternator trouble at atlanta after leading 196 laps, he would have had seven victories in a row with this win. Truly, an amazing feat: number seven is the 1993 coke 600. This race expressed the never give up attitude of the intimidator better than possibly any other race.

Could it was an uncharacteristically sloppy race for the rcr bunch? First, he won a lap down for speeding. Then he was penalized another lap for purposefully crashing greg’s. Sacks then the madman comes charging back, takes those laps back and takes the win. If that’s not impressive, i don’t know what the hell is. Number six is the 1995 brickyard 400.. The inaugural race in 1994 was one that just about every driver in the sport wanted to be in and win and dale earnhardt wanted to be the first one to actually just lead a lap at indianapolis under racing conditions. Well, he nearly jumped the car and ended up, not winning, but the next year after a four hour rain delay that actually made the race have to not be aired, live, earnhardt came back, beat rusty, wallace and, as many will quote, was the first man to win. While people say jeff, gordon was the first boy to win speaking of jeff gordon. This win also was big because it helped earnhardt stay in pace with jeff, gordon in the title hunt in the interval 1995 about the same about seven or eight car lengths, dale earnhardt. In command of the brickyard 400, as he enters turn number three – and there is no battle at the moment for second position as dale jarrett has settled back behind rusty, wallace and now for the final time they come through corner number. Four dale earnhardt enters the straightaway and looks for the checkered flag this time and he sees it.

Dale earnhardt has won the second quick yard. 400. number five. We have the 1979 southeastern 500 at bristol. This was dale earnhardt’s, first victory, and that makes it important to start with, but the fact that this is only earnhardt’s 16th start and he wins it. A track as incredibly challenging as bristol just proves how good he is. He left all, but two drivers in this win. He beat bobby allison by three seconds and daryl waltrip, the master of bristol finished. Third, he led 163 of 500 laps and introduced a crowd of 26 000 to who the next nascar dominator would be at number. Four is the 1987 winston. This is in the midst of his historic 1987 title season and earnhardt at this point is basically unbeatable. He won against jeff bodine and he basically was the guy who won in that and then he went against bill elliot and he won in that and ended up winning the race, but that’s kind of the condensed version super condensed. What everyone remembers about this race is his battle with bill elliot and what they remember with this battle with bill. Elliott is the pass in the grass tim richmond, but he closes again right in behind earnhardt coming down off turn four and earnhardt loses. It goes on, the grass comes back and elliott goes inside and earnhardt still got the lead incredible, decent driving by earnhardt seven laps to go number three is the 1999 goodies headache powder 500.

. This is a bristol night race, so you know it’s got to be good. Tony stewart, a rookie at the time and terry labonte dominated this race. They led hundreds of laps apiece. It was their race to lose, and earnhardt was running up front as well, but was not anywhere near as good as the two dominators well late in the race. Caution comes out, dale earnhardt is out on old, tires, leading the event terry labonte, the guy who’s dominating it it’s on fresh tires there’s only about five or six cars in the lead lap. So it seems like if everything goes right, it’s a guaranteed win for terry, but again he’s going against the intimidator, so that probably wasn’t a good idea on the inside of mark martin. He goes by he’s got four new tires. Had two new tires and ricky rudd goes by him, drops mark back to the seventh position and here comes lavonny by gordon he’s boy, he’s moving man on a mission. He really is on a mission and of course he has those four fresh towers. As you say, he’s getting by stewart which it looks like he will man, oh man, look at labonte go he’s got second and they’re. Coming up on two laps to go: he’s gon na catch him can’t he pass it. This might be deja vu all over again, but in reverse and labonte inside of earnhardt. He taps him going into the third quarter.

He gets way down on the apron of the track coming to the white flag, there’s, a leader, change and lebanese takes the lead and meanwhile ricky red trying. Oh and earnhardt terry got into me in the middle of three and four, and i was gon na get back to him and just rattle him. I wasn’t gon na wreck him, but i got to him and he turned him around so didn’t mean to really turn around meant to rattle his cage at number. Two is the 2000 winston 500 at talladega. Now this race is pretty much the first of the golden era of plate racing from the early 2000s. The package was absolutely perfect, guys could get huge runs on each other, they could race side by side all race, and there really was no dominant driver. Parody was everywhere in this race, and this race was caution free for the first 104 laps. You wouldn’t see that today or really ever in the last 15 years, but these guys did it well with a couple laps to go. Earnhardt is in 21st it’s, looking like it’s a lost day, it’s. Looking like it’s over forum, the intimidator can’t even get that many positions. Well, he can and he did and he charged to the front and it’s something that fans to this day will still talk about wow, Music, he’s motioning, the 55 carve kenny wallace. To give me a bump, come on kenny, give me a show and earnhardt has gone for the lead and listen to this crowd of 170.

Strong Applause. Music has come from 17, spotted four laps to lead it on the final round, but kenny wallace is in second spot, followed by his teammate joe nemechek and kenny. Wallace has likewise never won a winston cup race. Three chevrolet for the final laugh at talladega, 2.7 million and a million dollar bonus for dale, Music Applause, Music Applause at number – one is, oh god, i love a god. You guys all know it’s the 1998 daytona 500.. I can’t really put into words how big of a race this was for dale earnhardt’s career, so i’m gon na leave. You guys off to finish this video with some clips from that day, to show just how big this race was. Not only was this such a huge moment for nascar and for dale earnhardt. This was just a giant and great sports moment overall. So without further ado to finish, the video here is dale earnhardt winning the 1998 daytona 500., but earnhardt has a benefit. There’S, a slow car up ahead and there’s trouble coming off a turn. Two. Some cars get strangled. It might be this. Whoever gets back to the start. Finish line they’ll get the fight and the yellow together lake speed and john andretti, tangled as the leaders head for turn, number three and ready and spencer got together. This could be the daytona 500 bobby labonte goes to the outside labonte up high earnhardt uses the left car of rick bass to the as a pick 20 years of trying 20 years of frustration, dale earnhardt will come to the caution flag to win the daytona 500.

. Finally, the most anticipated moment in racing. If john elway can win the super bowl, dale earnhardt said he could win the daytona 500 and if he comes around under caution to complete this final lap, the taste of long awaited victory will be his checkered flag, dale earnhardt. Finally, is a champion of the daytona 500. look out on pit road. Every man on every crew has come out to the edge of pit lane to congratulate the man who has dominated everything there is to win in this.

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