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There got a shot at getting under rusty off of two over here, can’t quite make it happen, spinning down the back straightaway, no matter checkered flag in the wind, tony stewart, 10th career victory. First of the season that was elliot, sadler, spinning down the back stretch as a lot of wild things happened in the last two laps, well, that’s. Basically, what that’s all about when you stop them over there and get them lined up like that for a shootout that’s. Just kind of a preview of the next week’s race, winston coming up tony stewart’s first win came here at richmond in september 99 in his last three races, a win, a fourth and a second. This is rusty. Wallace he’s pointed jeff gordon they’ve been side by side ever since they checked checkered flag have a little conversation with each other yeah good job short tracks short sprint to the finish, equals short tempers. Yes, it does and of course, what happened there again gordon didn’t take off. He yeah. I think he spun his rear tires that let rusty get alongside of him going down in the first turn, got old tires on the cars and kind of got together down there. That’S, just one of those racing things i don’t believe anybody should be upset about that Music, donuts crawlers just smoke it up right down the straight away. I think he’ll never make it if he keeps whining for a blanket yeah. Oh me, holding three fingers out the window.

Tony stewart embarks the polish victory lap made famous by alan kulwicki gordon closed, but not enough, but he’s still accelerating. Last lap boy stewart went way wide down there, but oh a big pile up and johnny benson and dale jarrett go around and turn 11. and dale jarrett had worked his way back up the 17th after, overcoming that earlier spin down in that same form. Here we are on the final left, let’s see if we got anything left here guys tony stewart keeps her on the track. Tony picked up a lot of margin. There dale jarrett still stalled at turn. 11.. Now he finally gets going. This is one place it doesn’t matter, we’re on the white flag, left i’m sure the spotters will be telling them Music tearing the bodies. Music it’s turn 11.. This is the time you might as well go and drive her down in there robbie see what you got. Buddy he’s too far back larry unless tony locks it up and slides out of the groove uh. They know about terry labonte’s car here tony stewart. Look at robbie he’s got her smoking sideways back there off the corner and stewart will get his 11th career winston cup victory. He wins on a road course and only his fifth road course start. There’S ward burton coming across after a great day bobby labonte jeff burton bill elliott, the top 10. white flag, final lap for bobby lobotti Music we’ll, see who makes it on fuel we’ll see if anybody runs out two miles to go.

The joe gibbs cars bobby labonte. Tony stewart, they’ve always gotten great fuel mileage dave plane, is on pit road for fuel on the final lap, Music and speeding he’ll get held for 15 seconds. Second quarter, half a lap to go Music bobby labonte. The defending nascar winston cup champion has not had a very good year. His best finish, one second place run in the second race of the season. He started today’s race in the 11th spot. He passes, dale earnhardt jr with two rounds to go and bobby lavonte wins the pennsylvania 500. side by side, vincent and elliot elliott gets fourth Music gon na get held up by jeff burton can kevin harmon get to him. Final lap, half mile to go the white flag is up stuart’s still working jeff burton here comes harvick, trying to close in, but it’s not going to be enough. Tony stewart gets his third win of 2001. He wins the sharpie 500 in bristol last lap changing position. Ricky wallace and rusty’s, obviously not happy at the tactics and dale jared spins down in the corner: tempers tempers right to the very end Music and the drivers and crew chiefs of those two cars have already been called to the big red trailer. How about a win for tony stewart marty, Music white flag is up final here in atlanta for the nappa 500 jerry nadu up on bobby labody by 4.3 seconds a little farther along and even if it runs out, he can coast at home, he’s wiggling the car.

The fuel pressure’s low does the body have time to catch him. The leader’s off the pace, where’s the green car there he comes here comes bobby leblanc. Is he gon na have enough time off the final corner, nader’s gon na lose the race bobby labonte? Is the winner there’s your drama wow, jerry nade, who runs out of gas a half a lap from the checkered flag, Music bobby levati wins the race and jeff gordon has locked up the championship win in the last dozen races here for joe gibbs racing. You know he had a great car at daytona and didn’t get to show it. He blew up right on the start of the race dominated down in las vegas and harry seth’s, looking like he’s going to win this race today, Music, although i got to tell you, i wouldn’t, do junior’s going to dive that thing to the bottom down here with Me one or two to go and see if he can’t close that gap. This is it final lap turn four stewart. The high line junior the low line is coming here. He comes. He cuts the gap in half, but tony stewart scores his first super speedway win in over a year pretty dominant little performance there larry. Yes, it was junior for second, but how about that? Man that finishes third jimmy johnson and only his seventh winston cup starts. It was a great run for him today and uh chad.

He didn’t fall out of the seat, but he stayed up on that wheel for you, matt kenseth. From last on the restart to fourth ricky craven. I showed you how fast that kids was, my goodness. He restarted in about 17th or 18th place Music around the outside of kurt busch picks up a position, trouble hamilton, spins and catches. Kyle, petty and johnny. Benson know where to go. No there’s got to be a car car they’ll, be coming to the white flag and it’ll, be over because bobby labonte will take the white and the caution flag together and then roll around to the checker matt kenseth tony stewart, dale jarrett dale, earnhardt jr, terry labonte, Ricky rudd bobby labonte has never won a winston cup race on a short. What a day at that race car, not a scratch on it, checkered flag, kenzit pulls up alongside to give lebanon a wave and bobby labonte. Has his 19th career winston cup victory in the virginia 500.? When i said the eights, i left out 18. I think i think well by inference he’s one of those eights. Tony stewart has only started seven races at richmond, international, speedway and he’s about to go to victory lane for the third time here he won in atlanta and if he rounds turns three and four he’ll score. His second victory of 2002 tony stewart’s home depot pontiac wins the pontiac excitement, 400. ryan newman’s. Second jeff horton third teammate mark martin in four jeremy, mayfield vince.

He finishes fifth matt kintz is six jeff, gordon seventh, steve grissom, eighth, ricky, craven, ninth and jimmy spencer comes home 10.. This is it the restart and the white flag, one lap to go at watkins glen. Can any of these people behind tony stewart take the win away there? He goes that was pretty early watkins glenn dj jones not able to get a run on robbie. Gordon looked like he had a brief look on him. I have not heard a penalty call on tony stewart, so the restart stands and now he’s half a lap away from the checkered flag, one more they time out of it, though, that was ricky craven. What a week it’s been for tony stewart spent much of this week in turmoil after the incident after indianapolis last sunday thought he might lose his job in this car. The fine from nascar defined from his sponsor. He has agreed to undergo anger management counseling, trying to overcome the temper problems that have dogged him throughout his career today, he’s funneled that anger into a powerful drive. As he comes to the final corner, tony stewart is going to win at watkins glen. His third win of the season and his first win at this historic road course stewart’s your victory, run, ryan newman, with a great drive for second robby gordon pj jones, ricky rudd fill out the top five and jeff green, made it 40 laps on fuel. So enough caution laps that the gas wasn’t a factor and for tony stewart, oh hi, there guys a little victory dawn up there, Music on this field, it’s the final lap of the 2002 season, tony stewart, a mile and a half from a nascar winston cup championship.

Kurt busch is out in front of the race looking to pick up his fourth victory of the season. Three of those will come in the last five weeks of the year. Put kurt busch on your calendar. As a winston cup title contender for 2003. checkered flag is up, the forward of roush racing wins the ford 400 kirk bush is the winner of miami second for nemechek. Third, for jeff burton mark martin’s title bid will be a strong one today, he’ll finish fourth, but at the end of the day the big trophy will go to tony stewart. The rushville rocket from indiana is the 2002 nascar winston cup champion there’s a big sigh of relief.

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NASCAR, Daytona 500, Daytona International Speedway, Dale Earnhardt Jr., NASCAR Cup Series, Death of Dale Earnhardt Top 10 Dale Earnhardt Wins

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