NASCAR, Daytona International Speedway, NASCAR Cup Series, Daytona 500, Clash at Daytona RC, 2021 Busch Clash Finish – Kyle Busch Wins

Elling is up front. These guys Music do what you can all right whoa. I don’t like i don’t, like the looks of that i’m already not liking this at all. I don’t think chase elliot’s gon na hold this hold them off this easily, because this is uh getting pretty nerve. Wracking not like it matters anyway, since it’s not a points race, but if you want to go for a speed week, sweep which has not been done before you’re gon na have to be really careful here hitting your marks Music, easy. Gentlemen. Easy there easy easy does it: Music, Music, uh, Music, Music, a lot of cars right here with aaron jones, Music, we’ve pulled off harder, wind chain, harder, wins chase, keep hitting your marks. We got a good position if we want to sweep the speed weeks. Ah, someone’s fitting sorry buddy that didn’t work out for you that night this night, sorry, Music, Music – god, like i always like the look of the hot brake rotors, pretty cool to look at wow chase is pulling away. Music is Music. His cars pretty easily, probably because of his lane choices, may not be a points race, but hey. A win is a what the kesowski are you? Okay, Applause? Oh no, is that a caution. Is that a caution? No caution! No caution! Really! Music! Oh boy! What happened here chase that guy chris? Oh, he got tagged a little by tyler reddick, then bowen was just an innocent bystander.

You can see right Music and the 48 continues to get cursed beyond jimmy johnson’s relevance. Well, not relevance but participation in nascar, nice, Music, hey i’d, be cool with ryan blainey uh winning against chase. I mean at least uh he’s, a good guy challenging chase and not a douchebag like kyle bush. For these big heavy stock cars. Music Music is Music Music. At least it’s those boys of mine challenging each other wouldn’t have it any other way: Music and then chase ellie’s, just trying to Music scratch Music, and it looks like boy blainey’s going to get it wow. Oh chase, chase, don’t wreck it you, god, damn chase. You scared the out of me for a bit Music, wow Music. I did not think those guys are gon na make it through that dog is so hard side by side. Music, damn chase is actually still on it: Music, uh, Music, god damn. I just hope. Those two don’t wreck each other, you two better, not wreck each other, because i, like both of you, Music, come on guys come on boys come on. You know what it would be cool if blaine won, because tom brady became a seven time champ in the uh nfl. Now it would be cool if h12 and nascar would win Music 12 in nfl and 12 in nascar poetic last Music time. If you don’t win chase second, is still good: whoa whoa, you drove it in way too hot way too hot chase.

Oh god, damn chase! You got ta if you’re gon na win don’t pull the 2013 canadian tire, because flamie’s actually cool. Oh man, Music, he’s, gon na have to close up the gap. Music enough Music don’t. You dare wreck each other, guys. No, no, no easy chase! You’Re gon na go for a pass don’t make it dirty come on. Oh man, this is gon na get dicey. I’M loving the fact that at least one of those two is gon na win. Unless, if they wreck each other, oh he’s, there are you kidding me you’ve got to be kidding me. No, oh. Why Music are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me Music? I said not to wreck each other Music goddammit’s gon na try that outside god, dammit Music. Why chase why you could have just god, damn you chase Music? Why did you have the 2018 roblox Music? So you can? And because of this, you two handed this win to the biggest in that star yay. Thank you chase and blainey. You two disappointed your biggest fan: Music, Music right, Music, Music, wow. What a crazy race Music! Are? You kidding? Music, win? Music kyle? What are you throughout the course of the night, a quiet night for you and when it all came down to it there you are. What did you think when you saw what happened on the last corner there? I just knew that keep my head down and keep focused ahead and just seeing if i could hit my marks and get close enough to have a shot like that, if something like that would have materialized and uh.

Fortunately it did for us. You know i can’t say enough about ben b shore and this whole m m’s team: everybody over the off season, a new eminence Music, nothing more than to be right here. This summer you talk about crew, chief ben bayshore, first race with him, as your cup crew chief seems like a pretty good start right. There yeah not too bad. I mean um i’ve been through a couple crew chiefs, anyways and it always seems to kind of go well for a little while and then it kind of fizzles out so um. You know it kind of just is what it is in the sport of racing but um. You know we had a great car here tonight. We worked a lot over the winter time and focused in on what we could do for this race to know that we needed to get better. For you know, race number two coming up next week are two weeks all right. Good luck. The rest of this week, kyle 10th class, win by joe gibbs racing, most of any team in the history of this race, which dates back to 1979. I wish the winner and, as you saw in the inside two best friends, have some fender mending to do trust me if you guys are upset with chase. I am just as disappointed in chase as you guys why why? Why chase? Why did you do this? Why did you do this? Why did you you let that piece of win? Why did not disappoint me? Music? You were too eager to win it now, that’s.

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NASCAR, Daytona International Speedway, NASCAR Cup Series, Daytona 500, Clash at Daytona RC, 2021 Busch Clash Starting Lineup

NASCAR, Daytona International Speedway, NASCAR Cup Series, Daytona 500, Clash at Daytona RC, 2021 Kyle Busch Steals The Win At Daytona | 2021 NASCAR Busch Clash Review