NASCAR, Daytona International Speedway, NASCAR Cup Series, Daytona 500, Clash at Daytona RC, 2021 Busch Clash Starting Lineup

Starting off row number one on the poll you got, the 12 car of ryan blaney ryan blaney is coming off a great 2020 season. I know he didn’t get the finish. He was hoping for when it comes to playoff standings, but he did start off the 2020 campaign with a lot of solid runs and nearly won the daytona 500, which i’m sure that bothers him to this day. But in the past he has won a road course race, which was a robo back in 2018. So i would expect ryan blenny to be a player in this race if you will, but starting. Second, you got the 48 car alex bowman he’s made the number change to from 88 to 48. Uh he’s still got the same crew and he will be a player tomorrow. Night row number two in the third position. You got the 11 car jenny. Hammond is coming off a career best season and where he won many races. I think it was seven back in 2020, yeah he’s gon na win a lot more races. This year i don’t think he gets quite the seven though starting alongside him will be. The two car brad keselowski kozlowski is coming off a great year, not his best career. His best career season was back in 2012 when he won the championship, but uh yeah kazowski is still coming off a great year and i expect him to be a player tomorrow night and a factor for a championship later on this year in phoenix.

But road number three will belong to william byron in the 24 car and tyler reddick in the eight car uh. One interesting thing about william byron is uh that he’s entering this race with a new crew chief is not no longer chad canales, it is rudy fugle uh, rudy fiegel was with kyle bush motorsports any truck series these last couple of years and he’s, making a big Jump from trucks to cup and uh, i would expect some growing things to happen, but uh. This helps the cause because they’re getting more experience under their belt before they enter the daytona 500, because you can remember, they got the two duels on thursday. They could race. In one obviously but get the point: they’re working together, two races before the big event uh, but road number four will belong to your defending nascar cups or champion, and it is the nine car chase, elliot he’s, probably pretty much the favorite for this race, uh he’s, The best road horse racer right now in nascar, but yeah it’s, going to be interesting to see how he does tomorrow night. I expect a win out of, but at the eighth position you got the 41 car of cole custer co custer is coming off the next outstanding rookie season, where he won one race and i was at kentucky and he edged out his teammate kevin harvick martin truex Jr junior into 19 and ryan blaney in the 12 card.

Those are the three drivers that day were dominating and custer came up and stole the show from uh he’s going to be a factor this year. But i don’t think in this race, but row number five will belong to the 43 card. Eric jones and the 22 car of julia logano row number six will belong to ryan newman. The rocket man in the six car and starting alongside him will be the 21 car i’m at the dipendetto. I would not expect him to win this race tomorrow night, but he would – and i think he will have a good run, though i would not expect in the window. Row 7 will belong to the 17 car of chris busher. I did him to dipendetto’s list uh he’s not going to win tomorrow night, but it would not surprise me for a top. I say five huh there you go and starting alongside him will be the 23 car. No, it is not bubba wallace, it is ty. Dillon uh, but road number eight belongs to the bush brothers. Uh 15th position belongs to kurt busch and 16th belongs to kyle busch kyle busch is entering the 2021 season with a new crew chief and it’s no longer adam uh stevens. It is ben bayshore. That shore is with the xfinity series program for joe gibbs racing, just helping out kyle busch and jenny hamlin when they got in from time to time and uh. I would expect some growing pains, but not as bad as rudy feel going away and byron.

You got a great driver right here: kyle bush and william byron are two different drivers. Uh bush is successful and byron’s still young, but at row number nine. He got the four car of kevin harvick and alongside him, is a player for tomorrow night. In my opinion, the 19 cars martin truex jr uh – i know he’s starting in the back, but he went he’s still going to work his way up. There’S 35 laps. He is going to get up front and lead a lot of laps, but road 10 will consist of the three cars austin dillon and alongside him, will be your pulsator from the 2020 daytona 500, and that is the 47 car of ricky stenhouse jr and starting dead. Last will be the 10 car eric amarola, but there you go, that is the starting lineup for tomorrow’s nights. Bush clash at daytona and who i think will win tomorrow. Night will be the nine car chase elliot he’s such a great roll course racer, and i think he starts off the 2021 season with a win.

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NASCAR, NASCAR Cup Series, Daytona 500, Daytona International Speedway, Kyle Busch : Season 3, race 1: Daytona 500

NASCAR, Daytona International Speedway, NASCAR Cup Series, Daytona 500, Clash at Daytona RC, 2021 Busch Clash Finish – Kyle Busch Wins