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I have to say the racing overall was definitely pretty good what’s going guys, it’s daniel and welcome back to your video. I just got done watching the bushflash daytona and just like i said, i thought that this busch clash was way better than i thought it originally was going to be. I really thought to be honest with you. This year’s bush clash was going to be really boring, but i think we got a pretty good show today and the racing overall was really good. We’Re gon na go over and talk about the race. Then we’re gon na go ahead and go over the results and give you my opinion overall in score of tonight’s race. Let’S go ahead and adjust some strength before the green flag dropped chase saw. He was arguing with a favor going into the event, would have to start at the rear, for making unapproved adjustments and before the green flag, even happened. Chase elliot was really having trouble, apparently had something going on with the car but able to kink that out and they will to get the race rolling. The green flag would drop with the pulsator ryan blaney, taking the lead really really early, but off the first couple. Corners danny m was able to take the lead and was able to pull away on lap two or three of the race. Joe legato got some damage on the front of the car on the front of his hood, and that would affect the outcome.

The race room. You have to pet a couple times to fix the damage on the race, car and kevin harvick, who had a very adventurous race to say at the least ended up. Spinning off of the bus stop there’s a lot of dirt on the track, so kevin harvick’s, fun off the bus. Have a lot of drivers put some dirt on the racetrack and that would affect the outcome of the race for a guy like kevin harvick. The first caution of the race would actually come out around last night for debris on the racetrack for dirt. These guys seem to be a little bit practical for the brussels dirt race. It would definitely have issues with grip all night. That would be the first caution of the race. We would then go back green flag racing on lap number 11, with ryan blaney as the race leader and on the ensuing restart ryan blaney, actually overdrove the corner, and then there was a couple more things that happened. He got into mark trek, jr coming off a turn number one and then kevin harvick once again spun out in the first couple, corners on the ensuing, restart and tyler reddick was able to get the lead for one lap and then denning him and then brad keselowski Was able to leave for cowboys some good battles over there and then danny hamill’s able to take the race lead. Then some strategy happened. Uh chase, sully kurt bush, guys, like them, decided to pit coming up to the competition yell.

If you pit, before the end of last 15, you can make your piss off the mark. Trucks junior before then ended up taking the race sleep, but mark truck senior. Actually, he would end up missing the bus. Stop missing the chicane coming off the front stretch because he thought the pace car was going to pick up and he would have to go to the tail end of the longest line in this race and were a couple other penalties that took place as well, joe God had too many men over walls, he was trying to make some repairs and alex bowman also had a pass through penalty as well, and he would have to start at the rear and the tail end of the longest line. We then go back racing with about with about um, not 17 laps to go in the race and denny hamlin would be able to take the wreath and was able to take lead for a couple laps and then a lap 23 about 13 laps to go a Costume would come out for the 41 of colt custer, something really strange happened. It seemed like the engine broke or the there was a brake failure that would end up taking place for cold customers. Something really really strange that took place on that and kurt and he would end up falling out of the race and the car would go on fire. So that really was unfortunate for cole custer, who actually was really having a good front good run.

We thought he was stopping because he missed this game, which he actually did, but i think he had a major issue going on with this race car. At that current point, we would then go back. We would then go green for a couple more last and march. You never actually get the race sleep from a couple, guys that decided to stay out to make sure they saved their tires. Trucks would get the lead around five or six laps to go in this race and then all of a sudden, with eight laps to go in this race with drivers like chase like you’ve, been struggling most of the night and ryan blaney denningham were charging margaret’s junior With spin coming off of the bus, stop with eight laps to go and fall out of the race and trucks, in my opinion, had the fastest car of the night and, unfortunately, his opportunity to win the race at the bush. Clash would come to a short end, which this would be the final caution of the race and five or six guys that decided to stay out. Meanwhile, ryan blaney and denny hamlin and kyle bush and william byrne and a couple other guys they decided to pay while chase celia, who did not have any fresh tires because he put it before the competition yell. He decided to stay out with old tires. We then go back racing of five laps to go, and this is going to be race to determine if the fresher tires could get up to the front or if the older tires were able to hang on.

We would then get a really classic. Last couple, laps were really really good chase elliott would hold off rambling for cop last. They were really really close to one another. Then ryan blaney made the move with two laps to go in the race, and then the racing got really good between chase sally ryan. Blaney, because chase elliot was outbreaking ryan playing a lot better chase is way better in the breaking and buzz. Blaney, though, had a way better car but chase on the corners was really really closing in on ryan blaney for the victory as it came to the white flag. The battling got really good. A lot of beating bangs some side by side, definitely for sure and coming off of the front stretch down into the skank sully, would send it into the corner and he would get into ryan blaney. Spinning ryan blinny coming off of the corner chase overdrove the corner lost it coming to the line and kyle bush out of nowhere comes out and passes, ryan blaney and chase elliot and kyle bush was able to steal the victory here in the bush clash and kyle Bush starts off the year in a lot better way than it did in 2020. After he wrecked out last year’s bush clash, kyle bush sealed the victory and gets a win in the bush clash. After an incredible finish, now, let’s go ahead and start off with the crash between um ryan blaney and chase elya.

In my honest opinion, it was just a racing incident, but it was also chased on his fault because chase sent an ender and he got into ryan blaney ryan. Blame is definitely frustrating chaselight. Also he apologizes but there’s a couple other drivers. He definitely rewrecked, not ryan. Blaine he’s good friends of ryan blaney, so it really really sucks. I hope this doesn’t start a rivalry between uh chase selling and ryan blaney, but that would be what would happen, but kyle buschmann steals a victory in this race and leaves the last lap. That was really really impressive. Now let’s go ahead and go through the race results of this event, kyle bush steals the win. College definitely had a pretty fast car, definitely a better way to start off the year. Congratulations: kyle bush of stealing the win here at daytona chase sally finished at second i’m, going to be real with y’all chase elliot. I thought was really going to dominate this race and have the faster car, and i thought he was going to charge way up to the front, even with it being easier to pass and chase. Car was just not that great, but at the end of the race he was really charging up the front and i thought he was going to get up there at the end of the race and i really thought that if the gray say green without truex’s incident, I really think he could have had a shot, but overall winning the race.

Joey logano gets a strong third place, finish tyler reddick actually into finishing fourth, but he ended up getting into a couple cars at the end of this race he got into chris bush. It was running fourth at the time and he also ended up getting dallas foam, which that would screw those guys, adam’s shot of winning but bowman and definition decent as well about with some damage as well. William byron with the solid fifth place, finish good job for william byrne. Sixth place goes to denny hill seventh place for alex moment. After some contact. Eric jones gets an eighth place, finish: ricky cenar junior finished his life and matt demented finished. His 10th in tonight’s bush clash. A one place, goes to austin dylan austin dylan actually had a pretty good night. He did better than where he finished. He was running in the top five most tonight, but gets a one place finish, not bad to start off the season. Eric granville finishes: 12th ryan laney. After the contact and spinning come in the line. Ryan blaney finishes 13, which is james. I thought he had the best car at the end of the event ryan newton finished. His 14th kevin harvick after a very famous run bounced back a little bit and gets a 15 points finish, not a bad bounce back for kevin hartman, chris pusher. After having damaged coming out pit road, he finished his 16th brad keselowski finished the 17th early in the race, because lassie was up in the top five for the beginning of the event, but there’s no way he could come back and finish his 17th.

I think his last gals end up spinning around with three or four laps to go and he had to come down pit road as well. Ty dylan finishes 18.. I expect a little bit better for title to be honest with you. I think he was in the top 15 at points the event, but he was not able to get up to the front. Bush finishes. 19Th cole custer finishes 28 and finishing last in 21st. Place is martin schreck jr, so now let’s go ahead and talk about and give you my score of tonight’s bush clash at daytona. I definitely have to say that this is the best bush clash we’ve seen in the last four years. I think the last time you honestly had a pretty decent bush class was around 2015 or 2016.. I think nascar tries something new this year by moving it over to the rogue course this year after the last year, is being really really sloppy and there weren’t as many torn up cars. Definitely in this event – and i thought we saw a pretty clean race overall until the end – and i thought the race star was better than the last couple years. In an event, that being said, i definitely think this race could have definitely been better but there’s. Definitely a good point of this race where it was really really solid. I thought tonight’s racist i’m gon na give tonight’s race a 7.5 out of 10.

. I think you’re definitely points to the race. It could have been better to be honest with you, but overall i thought the races really really sought it and a pretty good way to kick off the 2021 speed week. We got daytona 500 qualifying tomorrow. Then we got the duels on thursday. The truck series, the expanding series race and the cup race – hopefully rain, is able to hold off and we seem great, pretty good racing like this. What a great way to start off the season. The score for the first race is 7.5 out of 10.. So anyway, that is going to be for tonight’s review of the bush clash i’m gon na, thank guys for watching please like and subscribe their channel propagation. So you get notified when a video does go live on my channel. Follow me on twitter, facebook and instagram links below for that and support me on patreon as well links in description below, for that, if you enjoyed today’s video, make sure you like so youtube, can’t recommend more of these great videos. If you do that, i greatly appreciate it comment below your thoughts, tonight’s, race, congratulations and comment below your thoughts on tonight’s race. What do you think of tonight’s race? Do you think it was a great race? And what do you think about the incident as well and what is your opinion on the ryan, blainey and chase like incident? Let me know comments below anyway.

Like i said, i want to thank guys watching. Today’S, video and i’ll see you guys next time take care.

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