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The bat was how dark it was through. The infield, the only time i’ve ever been on it like this, is during that rolex race see danny hamlin there, making an inside move the 48 car of alex bowman already seeing some front brakes going there on the 24 car. Look at denny hamlin, going after our leader, ryan blaney reddick on the outside, with william byron in the 24 and hamlin wants to leave diving in there he’s going to take it well. Obviously, danny hamlin felt something really good in the breaking zones. With that number 11. Fedex toyota and gave him the confidence to make that move ryan blade looks like his car. Still those tires still coming up to uh temperature, just trying to feel it out trying to get in the swing of things trying to figure. You know how far can you go again? This is a different downforce package. These things are not going to want to stop like. We worry about last time, you’re here side by side into the bus, stop so many unknowns. We keep talking about mike and clint. Talking about, where is the braking zone? New aerodynamic package never been on this track at night, haven’t been a race car all winter long they did a pretty nice job getting to that bus, stop absolutely figuring out pretty fast. This is the chicane that i was talking about earlier. This is was really difficult last year for me to get the most out of the car getting into this corner.

Penske cars all under a blanket coming into the chicane turns 13 and 14. into the tri oval green flag, waves – Music, oh Music. He got a great start, but you can see he just carried a little more speed than the guys behind him as he tried to get on the brake pedal a little bit harder to slow down just started. Locking those front tires up. Clint yeah a lot of wheel lock up. I actually thought it was enough to probably have to pit but he’s still running, but now watch when he comes back on the track gets in the side of the 19 of mark tricks. Junior said right front damage to that 19 toyota. Quite a bit of damage. Further back kevin harvick went off track in turn number one and, as you saw, he’s made a pit stop for repairs, but it’s still on the lead, lap. Well, there’s a lot of things that are going on right there. First of all, you got one guy that overshoots the corner, but when he came back on you can’t go through three wide through that section mike it just doesn’t work plenty of time for him to get that car fired before the field comes around and they might Have to toss the caution flag once again at the entrance to the the front stretched chicane Music, it didn’t have any. I wonder if he had some kind of a power issue that caused that, because i mean we didn’t see any lockups something yeah definitely have.

He did put it in gear and start his brakes are on fire yeah. He had an issue all right: Music, jamie yeah. He said i have power. Oh gosh yep there’s flames coming out there a lot of smoke. He said he had power, but it just wouldn’t fire, but he’s got fire in the wrong areas. Now i think he just lost it, so we listened i’ve done all of it. I’Ve done all i mean got power it’s, just one fire. Next thing you need to do is get out: yeah there’s, no fire on the inside, but there’s fire all around it. What next it’s the class we haven’t seen it all tonight, but we’ve seen a lot of them sure hope. Not no caution is out for cole custer. Amr safety team is very quickly on the scene to get that extinguished and cole custer climbs out denny hamlin is your leader we’re under the third caution flag of the night, for this caution is out for martin truex. Oh no it’s, just not meant to be boy i’m, so curious to see. Was this him racing with his teammate did some, maybe some dirt? Oh that’s right. He had gotten by him. So is there but did maybe somebody lay some dirt? He just ran it kind of loose through there exactly like kevin harvick there’s, an old saying in road racing. The leader cleans the track for everybody. He gets to drive through all the crap that was put down by every other car, the last lap and that’s heartbreaking crushed what a drive you got: one more lad, that’s, what you got: yeah white flag, one lap to go sponsored by credit, one bank you’re going To see some dive bombs, i can promise it’s not from a lack of effort here, big dive bomb right there i think ryan blaney knows he’s got the grip.

He’S got a fast race. Car just can’t make any mistakes, but chase elliott stepped up the aggressiveness. I think if chase can stay close, oh that’s, a mistake, that’s mistake you were talking about if he can stay close to him in this bus. Stop chase is faster better getting into the bus stop than blaine right. There is where blaney made his move. The last time by and now you can see he was able to stretch it out there again all right off to turn five, which is the western shot, really carried a ton of speed in there, for whatever reason, blaney cannot get in the corner anymore, yeah when It’S, weird right, when he’s behind chase ellie was able to get them by two or three car lengths got ta, get set up here and get a little hot by the nine. I think huge dive bomb opportunity coming getting into the bus stop in the back straightaway. All right, what do they bring back besides the steering wheel? Here we go to the banking for the final time case of beer, Music that’s, too much gap jeff. I agree. He’S gon na have to close up the gap enough here and then get close enough to him out of the bus. Stop for the chicane on the front straightaway. How much is it too much or just enough? Oh he’s in trouble, laney’s struggling a little lock up there. Pressure chase is what he needed right here.

Chase has a chance. Blaney has the acceleration they’re up in the east banking for the final time, it’s gon na all come down to this breaking zone. Try to force a mistake, that’s all chase haley can do push him. You know he’s going to push him hard. Man he’s got break, look how the brakes are. He gets there. He’S there brakes are elliott inside in the chicago pounds. Ryan blaney here comes couples and it’s a drag race to the line. Kyle bush is gon na steal. The bush clash that well. I did not see that one hey, i think they were buddies. I thought they were not anymore, not tonight. Anyway. I just knew to keep my head down and keep keep focused ahead and just seeing if i could hit my marks and get close enough to have a shot like that, if something like that were to materialize and uh, fortunately it did for us. You know i can’t say enough about ben b shore and this whole m m’s team: everybody over the off season, a new m m’s team and appreciate what all they do for me. Everybody at joe gibbs racing toyota, trd, it’s um, awesome to to start off a year with a win um. You know nine points win, but would love nothing more than to be right here this sunday you talk about crew, chief ben bay shore, first race with him. As your cup crew chief seems like a pretty good start right, there yeah not too bad.

I mean um i’ve been through a couple crew chiefs, anyways and it always seems to kind of go well for a little while and then it kind of fizzles out so um. You know it kind of just is what it is in the sport of racing but um. You know we had a great car here tonight. We worked a lot over the winter time and focusing on what we could do for this race to know that we needed to get better.

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