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One to watch starts off with the largest threat ryan belanian, the 12, who is very strong on the super speedways watch out for denny hamlin, starting alongside him. Hamilton’S also going to be very strong. Will he have a shot for today’s race, win we’ll find out, but another driver who won last season’s, daytona 500 kyle bush and the 18 starts further back off the front row, but still with a good chance to win the race? How about kyle larson in the five car, though he’s going to be strong, this season we’ve seen what he can do well see if he can win here in daytona and rookie chase briscoe, just because he’s, a rookie in his first race does not mean he won’t. Be a threat and of course, kurt bush in the one always want to look out for him on these super speedways. He won the daytona 500 in 2017, and now we are ready to roll off and go through our starting lineup on pole position. It’S ryan blaney, aka, miner, niner, 69 and denny hamlin kevin harvick starts alongside kyle busch aka trevor bonanno, 2, 4 1. Eric jones and austin dillon are in row number three and in row number four it’s going to be eric amarillo and matt di benedetto roll number. Five chase elliott, aka big trust, 24 and kyle larson, which is actually minor. 969. I made a mistake there: um brad keselowski and joey logano in row.

Six seven is stenhouse and reddick row number eight, william byron and martin truex jr row number nine. It is going to be timothy, tacos ak cool custard, the other way around and the 48 of alex bowman row 10 daniel suarez and ryan newman roll 11. I believe we’re going on to would be chris busher, starting alongside rookie chase briscoe well in row number 12. We have the 20 of christopher bell and the one of kurt bush and row 13 rounding out the field it’s ross, chastain and ty dillon. As you can see, the field working under caution here on the pace, lapse it’s going to be a 15 lap race. We have to watch out for the big one, because we all know what’s going to happen here at some point today with this crazy pack, racing and ryan blaney right there on screen has pole position as we get the green flag, we’re underway in daytona. Good push kevin harvick gives ryan blaney blaney out to the early race lead now hamlin on the outside gets the race lead and bellini gets shuffled into the middle line, rough for ryan delaney as they work down the back stretch, bush and hamlin down to the inside Line now to block that, as they come out of turn four to complete the first lap harvick to the race lead with help from de benedetto a huge run, there dylan pulls down into p3, headed back down into turn number one.

Kevin harvick leads matty, benedetto in front of austin dillon eric amarola we’re on board with him there. He jumps down to the inside line. Harvick still leads these front. Few are going to try to stay single file and try to pull away from this crazy pack. Probably so they don’t get involved with it, but now denny hamlin jumps out of line with kyle bush and they try to make a move at the beginning of the third lap that’s going to change everything as we come around here on to the back straightaway in Trouble huge hit for kyle bush in the big one: oh, my goodness, kyle bush was upside down into the wall. Heavy damage and the red flag comes out. Stenhouse chastain also involved in their new rides rookie briscoe blaney, the favorite eric jones in the 43 austin dillon. In the three and, of course, the big story is kyle bush, who has the roof ripped off of the car. He hit that wall so hard kind of weird we’re going to have to see what happens here. I mean that was just a crazy, crazy accident for kyle bush who flew into that inside wall upside down and it somehow ripped the roof off. Kurt bush and joey logano will continue on as we are under red flag conditions here in daytona. Let’S. Take a look at what happened here. Look up in the top right, kyle bush, the pink car chase elliott in the blue car bush just went up the racetrack and wow hard hard hit full speed here, wow and here’s the hit for kyle bush.

In case, you were paying attention to other people involved, but yeah, just kind of weird how the wall ripped the roof. Apart with the angle, he hit it at just a huge wreck, as we see the restarting order here, harvick and hamlin on the front row with d, benedetto and reddick in row. Two that crash had nine cars involved in it. As you could look out for your favorite driver here as they go on by through this restarting order, we’ll have 18 cars still left in the races. The green flag is back out here on lap six di benedetto to the race lead. He hops up into the outside line, and already only five cars on that inside line and fading back is that inside line is matty. Benedetto now tries to get this field single file, he’s succeeding now there’s, only three cars down there, mandy benedetto, leading this race jumping down to the inside there’s larson and byron in front of their teammate, alex bowman. Now reddick drops down, harvick tries he fails at that and gets caught in the middle line as they’re wrecking again another big crash, hamlin and larson involved among some of the drivers newman hardened to the inside wall as well. Let’S see what happened here, bringing out the second caution of the day. Oh and reddick got hit below the yellow line. He tried to come back up, but was not clear and larson just trying to get out of the way got turned and harvick’s involved.

You can see newman larson, hamlin, almarola, kozalowski, harvick, bowman, byron and reddick and i’m losing track of who’s in this. But you could just see some of the damage. There got a few cars continuing on including kevin harvick in the four who was running up at the front. You could see him there not much damage. Of course, he really only went around in that crash trying to avoid it all william byron there. He is we’ll. Also be continuing on and these crazy big wrecks have been happening, a lot that’s, two big wrecks and we’re only halfway in this race and there’s alex bowman in the 48.. I keep almost saying jimmy johnson because of you know they changed everything but here’s. The race recap now presented by absolutely no one, of course, on lap one. We got the green flag to begin this race and ryan blaney got that good jump out into the lead. Harvick took the lead, though, by the end of that opening lap, denny hamlin got on past ryan blaney, of course, early lap. Three kyle busch had that horrifying flip. He is okay, however, and matt di benedetto on that restart, took the lead and almost got them single file, but on the very next lap they all got messed up again and another nine car big one happens. That was a race recap presented by absolutely nobody and we get ready to restart with five laps to go. Mandy, benedetto and tyler reddick will be on the front row.

We have, i believe, just 12 cars left in the race as matt di benedetto pulls away with the race league christopher bell, pushing him now bell gets caught out on the outside line. They’Re three wide here comes. The 17 busher tries to block he’s loose he’s sideways in a big crash. Again upside down is martin truex red flag comes back out. You could see all the cars involved. A huge huge crash 12 cars involved in martin truex jr is upside down two flips in this race and they’re, both by joe gibbs racing drivers. This is the biggest wreck today, three more cars than the other two 12 involved in this one out of i believe, 13 left in the race yeah, the first two wrecks you could see there each had nine cars as martin truex jr is upside down. He got forced into the wall so hard. It flipped him over here’s. Look at what happened. Just a huge push suarez in the 78. Who was who was involved in that crash because he did start it. He just gave that 17 car a big push. You could see how truex flipped there just a huge impact: manti benedetto the only car not to be in a wreck yet in this race. I say yeah because who knows what’s going to happen at this rate as we’re back under caution, flag conditions. Now, after the red flag, but yeah suarez just kept on pushing the 17 and even when busher almost lost it, the first time suarez just kept pushing him and eventually wrecked him.

So you could see it there at full speed. Five cars left two laps to go. This is not overtime, because it’s only lap 14 of 15, so we’re still in regulation as the green flag is now back out two laps to go. Five cars left in the race file. You can see de benedetto, bowman, suarez, bubba, wallace and kevin harvick racing down the back straight away now, headed for turn. Three oh bowman gets trapped out on the outside. Harvard goes up to help him now they’re three wide behind them and suarez, pushing mandy, benedetto pull away white flag at daytona. I think it’s just going to be between these two now. If they stay hooked up, if they pull out now, i think it’s pretty much impossible for anybody to catch him entering turn three. When does suarez make his move as they’re headed for home suarez jumps out. They hit too close to call it’s saying daniel suarez wins, and, oh, my god, the closest finish ever. You can’t even tell who won but daniel suarez wins. I mean the naked eye cannot see who won that race, but daniel suarez is the daytona 500 winner and he’s in the playoffs here’s a look at the finish in full speed. Wow, you can’t even tell who won. I mean that is absolutely crazy. What a finish as you could see the results here: suarez de benedetto, bubba, wallace, kevin harvick, alex bowman. Your top five here in the daytona 500 6 10 is christopher bell chris busher tyler reddick, joey, logano and cole custer 11th.

Through 15th. We got kurt busch, william byron, martin drewicks jr, eric amarola and denny hamlin favorites all taken out in wrecks here today i mean pretty much everybody was taken out in a wreck. Then we have kyle larson, brad, keselowski, ryan, newman, austin dillon chase briscoe 16th through 20th 21st through 25th. It is eric jones ryan, blaney, ross, chastain, ricky, stenhouse, jr and kyle bush with chase elliott finishing in in last, but yeah. Thank you all for watching this season. Premiere of the nascar napa cup series – next race is still to be announced. The date for it is still to be announced. Please ask to use the clips for this race if you want to use them for like compilations or anything i mean i’ll say yes, unless you don’t ask, then i’ll probably be mad because i’m, like that, but anyways daniel suarez is the winner. Thank you for watching.

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