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Speed weeks are here and what better way to get us kicked off than the drawing for the starting positions of the bush. Clash i’m going to be welcomed in here now by my co host my partner in crime, my good friend chip, wild who’s, the president of daytona international speedway chip we’re drawn for a starting position. It’S here, are you ready? I’M ready, listen, race fans? This is going to be a great way to kick off speed weeks, presented by advent health. We announced last year that this event was moving to our road course. We’Ve had the opportunity, because of kova to see these cars on the road course in 2020. I think 2021, under the lights tomorrow night is going to be spectacular. So just to get you excited here’s a little preview Music about ready to make history at the daytona international speedway road course. Music checkered flag in the air well exciting things in store for tuesday night chip. We have all 21 crew chiefs on here, but before we get started with the draw, i want you to break down the rules you’re the keeper of the rules there in your hands. So let me know the shakedown for how things are playing out tonight. All right. I got the rules well, first off race fans. How you qualify for the 2021 bush class are as follows: you had to be a 2020 bush pole, winner cup series, playoff drivers, race, winners and stage winners, that’s a change this year also past bush clash winners, who competed full time in 2020, daytona 500 champions who Competed full time in 2020, along with former daytona 500 pole sitters, who competed full time in 2020.

. So a lot of drivers that will be uh eligible for tomorrow, night race and now i’m, going to walk through with these crew chiefs. What the format’s going to be to select their starting position for tomorrow, night’s bush clash at daytona. So, gentlemen, 21 bush beer cans are sitting right here. Underneath there is a number that number will correspond with where you start we’ll start with uh driver point. So hey g, you’re gon na be the guy that gets to lead us off here behind those cans in the middle of the table. There that’s tomorrow night pal that’s tomorrow night, not tonight, that’s, okay, my bad so yeah give me the uh i’m gon na go d for the double let’s take d. All right here we go with the first pick: you’re starting number, seven starting numbers number. Seven. Lucky number: seven: middle of the pack, all right number: two brad keselowski’s hero crew chief, mr jeremy, bollins jeremy, which one do you want? My friend, oh let’s, see here let’s uh. We got the money line forward this week, so let’s uh let’s go with the m for money line. Okay, let’s see where we get here old, vanna white number, four number: four: you will start number four tomorrow night under the lights, picking third for joey logano, mr paul woof, paul about it. Chip let’s go with s yes, okay; here it is starting 10th starting 10th. Okay, with the fourth pick in tonight’s draft uh, we will go with mr chris gabe hart: hey chip we’re, going to take h for denny hamlin, okay, you’re gon na be starting third inside of the second row for tomorrow: night’s race, okay, fifth, now mr rodney childers, Let me go with k: okay, you’re starting 17th that’s, not good 17th.

Okay. Next, we got uh mr greg ives i’m gon na go with a for ally, okay, you’re starting outside the front row in the second spot: martin sherex, jr’s crew chief, mr james small, sir what’s. Your pick, hey chip, uh let’s, go with uh! Oh please! Oh yeah! Okay, you’re starting 18th day tomorrow, night, okay, uh kyle, busch’s crew chief, mr ben b shore go ahead. Sir gotcha hey uh let’s, go with uh b, all right b we’re starting 16th tomorrow night 16th ryan, blaney’s crew chief, mr todd, gordon yeah chip, uh let’s, see what’s left there um how about uh, how about a p for roger penske? Okay, starting on the poll tomorrow, i’ll take that all right now, you’re starting on the pole for technically the first time we’ve seen cars on track. Does that make you a little nervous? No, not at all what a better place to start a short race and uh? I know ryan’s been awesome at road courses. We uh we’ve done some work since the race that we got to run last year because we weren’t as good as we needed to be but uh. I felt like we turned some things around with rebel and uh. Looking forward what we do here, all right chip keep us rolling, all right, curt, budget’s crew chief, mr matt mccall. Well, since he took one i guess i’m going to take the let’s see what we got left go for.

Fifth here let’s take uh q. I think 15th, mr mccall, oh close, all right ads crew chief, mr justin alexander you’re, your choice, sir yeah let’s go uh c. Is that still left season? Yes, sir let’s do c all right, you’re starting 19th, 19th tomorrow night, great all right, mr greg irwin! Yes, how are you chip good, sir um heck, let’s uh let’s go let’s, go e, okay e e starting 12th 12th spot tomorrow night, all right, all right, all right new to the 24 car, mr ryan food. What do you got there? Sir? Hey chip? Um let’s? Go with uh let’s go with r starting fifth fifth one. You can see the front all right. We still got. Some still got a couple top tenors here. So we’ll see all right. Number. 10. Mike ravage. What do you got? Sir t? Yes, sir t isn’t tom starting 21st, all right cole, custer screw chief, mr mike shiplett. What do you got? Sir uh let’s let’s go with f. There f is in frank, you’re, gon na start, eighth, eighth, tomorrow night, all right, there’s, one top ten, no two top ten spots left. You got sixth and ninth all right eric jones uh, mr jerry baxter. You got the next choice. Sir i’m gon na go with jay all right: jay jay, all right, you’re starting – ninth, oh yeah, starting ninth – all right recruits you for the number eight mr randall burnett. Yes, sir, you got a couple left here.

How about uh we take l, okay, you’re starting sixth. Sixth, all right all right, so everybody in the top ten has been picked. So we got 11th is the best. We got left all right, mr luke lambert. What do you got? Sir let’s uh let’s go with. I looks a little bit like a one, even though it’s gone all right, you’re starting 13th tomorrow, all right. Thank you all right, sir. All right, mr brian patty, you got three left, which one do you think yeah and chip i’ll take uh g, okay, you’re starting 20th, perfect he’s been dirt racing all week. I feel like he’s, ready, yeah yeah he’ll be ready all right. All right, then uh. Mr scott graves ryan creature for mr ryan newman, which one you got in and you left well. It looks like a sign that ends still there so i’m going to take in okay, you’re starting 11th, all right all right wheeler, which one do you got bud. I think i’ll take the: u good choice: good choice, starting 14th i’ll, take it that’s, fine, all right, gents, well, here’s, the starting lineup for tomorrow, night’s bush clash under the lights of daytona on the road course alex. What do you think chip looks pretty good ryan blingy on the pole, eric amarola, bringing up the rear? What do you think well anything can happen, especially on the road course we’ve seen that chase elliot’s, one of those guys that knows how to get to victory lane on our famed road course, but starting up front, i think, is going to be a big advantage tomorrow.

Night, it’s only 35 laps, so we’ll see if the guys can get from the back to the front in that short period of time, regardless it’s going to be an awesome awesome race. Make sure that if you’re in the area you want to come watch come to go to daytona international right now to get your tickets, so you don’t miss the 2021 bush clash on the road course all right race fans, a couple, important dates and times to Remember for these speed weeks, you first want to tune in to the busch clash tomorrow, night tuesday night at 7 pm on fs1 and then on sunday it’s. The 63rd annual running of the great american race tune over right now to the e nascar coca cola.

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