Nebraska Cornhuskers women’s volleyball, Volleyball, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, John Cook : John Cook on Huskers' Win Over Maryland

It seemed especially that third set your offense struggled. What were some of the problems that you saw with the way the offense and the high errors that that uh amassed? Tonight we were, we were just a little out of sync and tentative and um uh, you know, but our middle attack was really good. It was just mainly our outside hitters, and you know: uh they’re amped up a little bit they’re a little anxious and they they just uh, get underneath the ball and have a hard time and that’s. Why but they’re trying to hit their shots and that’s? Why they make errors, but we we got it slowly corrected as the match went on and got a pretty nice rhythm, andrew ward, hey john lauren was saying that the the first two sets the energy in the building kind of threw you guys off a little bit. Just with the lack of fans – and you know you could hear a pin drop, i think, is what what you said. Our penny dropped just. What was the energy like in your mind? Well, i think our we don’t know how to play without 8 000 fans and and it’s a this is our first home match. Remember that you know we were in indiana they’re pumping in crowd noise and all that this is our first home match that we’ve played without 8 000 fans. So we probably underestimated the impact that that would have on our energy and and we were just flat – and you know – and they were excited to play.

But they were just flat because i think they’re used to feeding off that energy and so we’re going to have to learn how to play without those fans – and you know this is one of the negatives i guess selling out since 2001. You know with kovit. I guess if he play somewhere, there’s no fans you’re used to it, and that was that’s. Always one of my big worries when we go to some places that don’t have fans as our energy goes down and and uh, i think we’re a little flat tonight. But again we we made an adjustment and pulled ourselves out a little bit. Austin kingsley coach. You served to maryland’s left sides a lot in this match and they made some back row subs as the match went on. How would you assess how well your service pressure sort of threw off their offense? I thought at times it was really good. We stressed them. Um and uh, you know we we had, we followed our game plan really well, they hit it pretty well, and so you know they served us tough at times too so it’s just part of college volleyball, but i thought i thought our serving was was good tonight. I think we got another notch in this still brent wagner, yeah with with lauren hitting 850. How much of that is a a product of some of the things you’re trying to change with your offense, and how much is that, just lauren being a great player, um it’s, a combination of nickelon um being able to find her in a lot of situations.

So that’s the first thing. Uh second thing is lauren’s, been working really hard. I’Ve i’ve seen lauren uh this past year, and i think you guys have seen in her interviews. She loves this team. She’S. A captain i’ve never seen her work so hard since she’s been here and uh. I think uh you know, tyler has helped micklin to be comfortable, getting her the ball and there’s. You know she’s forcing her a little bit, but lauren’s also doing a really good job of managing the game when it’s not there of doing something, smart and again her uh, you know her volleyball iq and her work and watching video and studying great players. This is it’s paid off tonight, lincoln, our neil did you ever consider pumping in crowd noise, or would you ever consider that for home matches uh we’re talking about it right now, they’re talking about it out there, so so yeah we’re going to consider it? We hadn’t to this point because we all talked about it. We talked about as a team and we just thought it might be kind of weird, but now we may they’re talking about so we’ll see the players. The players will make the decision what they want to do so it’s the player’s decision on the crowd, noise or yeah, whatever they’ve, whatever they want at home that’s. What we’re going to do, uh at the end of the second second set uh akano, was back there for set point and got to serve in wasn’t a very tough serve, and then they maryland came right back at her.

What kind of learning moment was that for her, and how can you build off of that um? She, she was tentative and she got tentative as that man during that match. But again she pulled herself out of it. It’S, her first home college match as a freshman and um, so uh i’ve seen her do that before she can pull herself out when things that, but you know, pritchard hit a great serve uh after they saw they made a great side out. I probably now would have called this should have called a timeout right there because they were pumped up, because that was a heck of a kill. Pritchard had down the line on that side out and then she crushed a serve. That was a really tough serve, but we still had a chance to come back and win that game, and just you know you know kind of gave didn’t didn’t take it, we didn’t take it. We were waiting for them to give it to us and they didn’t. Andrew ward, yeah lauren mentioned this as well, but uh ani evans came in at the end of the third set. I think it was and she had a she had an ace in her first time. Just then the bench seemed to just kind of erupt. After that, just what kind of energy does she bring and lauren said that she’s, you know kind of a team player there and the ultimate team player? Well, she is, the team loves her she’s.

She is an ultimate team player and um. We got to continue to look for more opportunities to let her get in there but uh. You know when she first got here. I would kid her that she had a waverly jv’s high school serve and she’s worked really hard on it and she gives us fits and practice. So i was not surprised marilyn, i don’t think passed one of her serves and uh. So you know we see that all the time and and i’m just happy, she had the confidence to come in and the belief – and i think that’s. You know how much that team really really cares about her and supports her and, and she did a really good job – all right. Thank you. Everybody we’ll be back tomorrow.

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Nebraska Cornhuskers women’s volleyball, Volleyball, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, John Cook : John Cook Talks Huskers' Sweep of Maryland