Nebraska Cornhuskers women’s volleyball, Volleyball, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, John Cook : John Cook Talks Huskers' Sweep of Maryland

Uh lincoln our neil stat sheet. 12. 11 888 from your attackers fairly balanced effort. What is your reaction when you see that kind of dis, even distribution across your team, um? First of all, that’s: our goal is to be balanced. Second of all, give nickland a ton of credit, she’s doing on good passes, bad passes, she’s really mixing it up, and it makes us harder to defend and uh, and i think we’re just scratching the surface of what we can do with that. What what? What is their past that i mean when you scratch the surface? What more can you do to elevate that? I think we, when nicklin puts those guys in a good situation that they take really good swings, find ways to kill the ball and we miss. We missed a few out there tonight, so we we got to continue to work on that, but um you know nick nickland’s firing the ball around pretty good and and uh. All those hitters have to be ready. Let’S put it that way. Brent wagner, yeah john, with uh, with riley people are just kind of trying to get get to know her after she didn’t play a lot last year. What uh? What do you like about riley and what she can do for this team? Well, um, she’s 6’5, so size is hard to deal with she’s a huge block. She’S can be a game changer. You know shutting uh hitters down tonight.

Let’S just see. Let me see what uh yeah pritchard hit 138 tonight. So um that was uh. You know riley had her, i think, all three rotations, so she she she she can really make hitters think over there because of her size and then um. You know you got to deal with their size when you’re blocking her too and and again she did a really nice night a job tonight. She brings great energy, so um she’s a fun player to coach, and i think i think, she’s a fun player to have out there because she’s she has really high energy. Why uh? Why have you stayed with riley for the most part through the through the first four matches, because she’s been the best uh she’s been training the best and she’s putting up good numbers? I think in indiana she was our highest hitting outside hitter, so she’s she’s earning it and she’s done a great job of in practice. Jacob padilla kayla had, i think five was in on five year. First, six blocks kind of through the first second half and then the third set she came alive with five kills on seven swings. How was she setting in and what did you think of the way she played tonight? I think she gets better every match every week playing in our system and um uh um, her blocking’s, really improving uh and she’s, probably one of our most improved players and uh so it’s fun to see her get results out there for her hard work.

She’S been working really hard and it’s been. You know, she’s had to make a lot of changes from. You know what she’s done in the past and what we how we train here and uh she’s this weekend. I saw a lot of the things we’ve been working on, come through and that’s why she’s got some really good stats. Ty pedranitz maddie talked a little bit about serving maddie had three aces tonight. It looked like even the balls that that weren’t aces were really keeping maryland out of system. Can you talk a little bit about the conversation that you have with your servers and uh? What that looks like going into the matches uh, you know the thing i’d remind them of just to trust it and and go after it um a lot of times. If you just think about putting it in play, it’s easy or they miss it. Um they’ve they’ve got ta, you know, go after it and we’re just trying to it’s a fine line. You know it’s like driving an indy 500 car. I mean you’re just on the edge of crashing or you’re on the edge of missing it, but you got to go as fast and as hard as you can go and there’s just that fine line and it’s uh. They got to trust their technique and their training and and then uh, and you know, maddie maddie uh. You know we last year she was an awful server, so all year, i’ve been on her about becoming a better server and – and she served really well this weekend – lincoln o’neil.

What was your adjustment that you made from knight to not from last night to tonight? Um? Not not a whole lot, they they changed where they started, so we had different match. Ups uh, our whole adjustment tonight was: can we play with a better mindset and more energy and play like we’ve been training? So a lot of the focus was on our side. Tonight, because we felt you know they’re a pretty simple team, i mean they set a lot of left sides and those left side. Hitters get some really good swings the other adjustment. We we didn’t want any tips to go down tonight. I think uh gardner got one tip on a really nice play, but i think we got all the other tips from the left sides so uh that was that was a big adjustment that we made uh other than that there wasn’t there wasn’t much much else. We needed really needed to do except our side of the net was the was the energy better uh tonight after one night night of getting used to playing in an empty the vanity center yeah no question: they did a really good job and you know uh maddie, Kenzie, lexi and and nicklin who are out there, the most uh brought really good energy and uh so it’s much much improved. You like the music between the points to be honest, uh. They just asked me on the radio show if they were playing.

We were playing crowd, noise or music. I i don’t didn’t, even i didn’t even notice, so i have no idea so i get in the zone. I don’t really pay attention to what’s going on outside. My bubble, one more from ty pedranitz did you feel like i know you mentioned on the radio show last night that that maryland just had a sharp cross really well did you feel, like the the block and the defense adjusted better to that tonight, a little bit It’S still, you know some of those hits are they’re really good hits. I mean you, you can’t block them, you have to dig them and you know they. A pritchard took maddie’s head off early in early in game one. I think it was on a cross court hit, but kenzie dug a few as the match went on and those are just really sharp hits uh. You pretty much have to dig them, but you know i think we we held pritchard to 138 and um wrath to 071 and they, you know, it’s a pretty good job as many sets as those guys get all right. Thank you. Everybody we’ll have the link to this up in the media folder here soon. Thank you.

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Nebraska Cornhuskers women’s volleyball, Volleyball, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, John Cook : John Cook on Huskers' Win Over Maryland

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