Nebraska Cornhuskers women’s volleyball, Volleyball, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, John Cook : Lauren Stivrins on Remarkable Night in Win Over Maryland

That was quite the performance you had out there tonight uh. How did it i mean? Obviously you had a rhythm with nickelodeon. Well, what was it like up there for you, sorry they’re testing, the horn uh. What was it like out there for you on the court and what kind of rhythm were you in um? I mean that was nothing new for us. I think that um, ever since tyler’s come back we’ve kind of had a lot of focus on offense and changing it and stuff like that, and basically what we try and do now is nicklin tries to get me the ball and anyone the ball from wherever and We are always up so um that’s, pretty much how it goes in practice. You’Ll see her flinging it in from 10 feet off the net and 15 feet off the net, but yeah it’s nice to have tyler here to change things up and yeah. It was nothing new for us, it was pretty much what we’ve been doing, so it was a lot of fun. You terminate like that. At that rate, and in practice i mean 18 kills on 20 swings that’s typical for practice. For you, i didn’t even know that um, no, because our block is insane um, unfortunately that’s, where we kind of fell short today but um. No, i don’t terminate like that in practice, but i try to andrew ward, andrew ward, hey lauren uh, just how did it feel playing a match in the vanity center with you know, there were some fans there, but it felt a little weird out there yeah for Sure it’s definitely different.

Um it’s been an adjustment for sure and i think the first two sets we were kind of. I don’t know a little bit quiet and like waiting for something to happen, and i think it was. We were missing our fans, but we finally got it together and figured out how to bring our own energy, which i think is going to be very important. Moving on the rest of the season, but yeah it’s, different and it’s, sad but it’s. What we have to do to play so austin kingsley, hey lauren, you were um attacking from a lot of different spots on the net. I remember in the first set you uh, scored the last point of the set from the left side um and you were hitting in front of the center and behind the center. Did you envision having this big of a roll um in the offense, where you’re pretty much getting the ball just anywhere and still terminating for 8.50 on the match? Um, i think, it’s something that we’ve always talked about and wanted to do, but um yeah, it’s, been it’s, been tyler has brought so many different aspects into the game and we’ve changed so many things and it’s nice to mix things up because ever since i’ve been Here, we’ve pretty much been running the same offense and doing the same thing. So it’s been really nice to switch things up and i don’t know get the ball from pretty much wherever and do pretty much whatever.

I want so it’s kind of nice, jacob padilla, hey lauren. What was the team reaction when uh omni went out there and served up an ace on her first career point? Oh, my gosh ani is such a team player like she puts the biggest smile on my face when i talk about her because that girl gets after it every single day and she is a stud and there’s, not one person in our gym. That is not an ani fan and to see her go in and get that ace. I think that just made everyone’s day just so much better, because she’s that type of person she’s that type of player like she’s she’s exactly what it means to be a nebraska volleyball player, so that was amazing, lincoln our neil lauren. You mentioned that you have to bring your own energy. How do you go about doing that, and how do you go about doing that in a different manner than like you would in a practice yeah it’s, just um, i mean i don’t think it’s any different than we are in practice. I just think that we need to focus on the communication aspect of the game, because there were a few times where between plays you could like. It was silent in the gym there was, you could hear a penny drop and i think that was so different for us being in like game mode and like having all this energy and um.

I don’t know adrenaline and then to just not hear anything is so it’s such a weird dynamic. So i think we need to get better about, like i mean just not focusing on anything else and just focusing on us and bringing our own energy and stuff like that, so i don’t know did that answer your question. I kind of got lost as i started. Talking brent wagner, yeah what’s, uh what’s fun to you about the different ways that you’re getting getting set set the ball this year i mean it’s the same for everyone. Um nicklin has just completely changed her game and she is, i mean, chucking balls in from wherever to whoever and to see her um, i mean it started off kind of slow and a little bit rough um like the previous practices and whatnot, but to see her Get more comfortable with doing that and for us to have that kind of like confidence and like bond to be able to do that in games is something that’s, so special and we were trying to do that against indiana and it wasn’t really working. There were a lot of misconnects, but to see it come like full circle and for us to be able to execute in games is something really special, and i think that she’s going to be an amazing setter this year i mean she already is but she’s taking It to a whole nother level, last question from jacob padilla.

What do you think about the fans that, over there kind of heckle in maryland, during their serving i love it? I mean someone’s got to do it right, uh? No, it was actually so fun and those are most of our friends anyway, and i mean not mine, girl’s, boyfriends and stuff, and so it was just a lot of fun to have a little bit of flavor in the audience. If you will but um yeah. That was that was great. It was. It was a lot of fun, even though there were not many people there, they still made the most of it, and so did we so yeah. Okay, thank you. We will be back in a few minutes with coach cook.

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Nebraska Cornhuskers women’s volleyball, Volleyball, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, John Cook : John Cook Talks Huskers' Sweep of Maryland

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