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Click the link in the description it’s, something of a shame that this part of the world doesn’t have a more unique name: the term indian subcontinent. Isn’T, terrible by any means it just has some issues. Subcontinent is a fine enough term on its own, as is a sub region of the larger continent of asia. In fact, i’ve read that sometimes this area is known as just the subcontinent, though the former part of the name emphasizes just one nation. However india, while india does take up a huge part of this region, other non indian countries are considered part of the subcontinent. I am by no means blaming the people of this land for giving it this name. However, as i’ve read that this name of the indian subcontinent was actually a name of british invention during their rule on this path to land – hmm, the british empire over generalizing, a part of the world like this and giving it a poorly fitting name, sounds about right. It seems that another name is being used for this region too, the simple title of south asia, while this name puts on more equal grounds of other parts of the world like central america, there are still issues with this name, it’s a bit more vague like there Are parts of asia that are more southern than this south asia for the sake of this video i’m calling this region the indian subcontinent, but i wish it had a more unique name like iberia or the baltic does, if you can think of one, let me know Rant aside i’m sure by now a lot of you are familiar with how these videos go, but for the newbies.

Let me explain, i like to take a region of the world and look into how all the nations in that region got their name a log of how their capitals got their names too. We’Ve covered the likes of scandinavia and the balkans in this style. In the past and now it’s the turn of the wonderful indian subcontinent, this is a part of the world of a deeply rich history and a wonderful cultural and biodiversity it’s, also an incredibly populated part of the world. I did some incredibly quick, simple maths, to figure out how populated this path the world is, and my son told me there are roughly over 1.7 billion people living in this region alone, that’s an awful lot of people for sure here’s, hoping at least one of those 1.7 billion are watching this video let’s start with pakistan. This is a nation i covered a while ago in a video unto itself i’m more than happy to cover it. Again, though, as is one of my favorite nation etymologies, while this name may sound ancient and exotic like its fellow stan nations, the name was actually coined in the 1930s. In the city of london, it comes from a pamphlet written by children, ali creator of the pakistan movement. He proposed that the five muslim states of india become their own nation and this name of pakistan. He coined by taking letters from the names of these five states and merging them into the name of pakistan.

It’S believed that the i was added to the name for pronunciation reasons. The name also fittingly means a land of the pure. In persian i’m sure you can gather from the nation’s name origins that islam plays a huge role in the nation, and this can even be seen in the name of the nation’s capital. Pakistan’S capital is called islamabad and the first part of this name clearly comes from the nation’s official religion of islam. The abad suffix is a persian root and means place city, so the name islamabad can be seen as meaning the city of islam, which is undoubtedly a very fitting name for the capital of a nation founded on islam. Nepal is a nation best known for two things: it would seem its uniquely shaped flag and being home to mount everest along with many of the other tallest mountains on our planet earth. This is a pretty ancient path of the world and the name of nepal seems pretty ancient too, so we don’t seem to be too sure as to where the name comes from. In the first place, i have read all sorts of theories as to how this name came to be one interesting, one is that the name nepal derives from two old words, meaning wool and tented house. This name is supposed to reflect on the history of the land. The importance of yaks, sheep and other mammals with their wool and tented houses, in which the people of the past lived in it’s, a name meaning that conjures up a traditional nepalese image that’s for sure.

There are many other ideas, however, including it coming from the name of ancient kings and mythological figures relating to the land. The nation’s capital of kathmandu is named after one building kafir mandap. This building’s name means wooden shelter, and it was indeed a large wooden building within the city within this building was a shrine and many mysteries and stories have been created around it. Sadly, however, this name giving building was destroyed in the 2015 earthquake that devastated so much with the city. However, the building lives on in the name of the city it once resided in over to the east. We have the nation of bangladesh. This is a name that is seemly connected to bengal, the region that the nation is in. Along with a part of india. Both the nation and the neighboring region of india lie on the bay of bengal. It seems that the country of bangladesh and the region of bengal have created all kinds of words relating to them like bengali, bangladeshi and bengalis the differences between all these words and what they relate to is probably out of the realm of this video. But maybe another time i just couldn’t not mention it like with nepal, we didn’t seem to be too sure as to where this name comes from either a lot of sources point to it. Coming from the ancient wenger kingdom that once resided here that resulted in creating the nation’s name and the region’s name, while another idea is that comes from the bordeaux language term, bangla, which means wide planes it’s.

Unfortunately, one of those we just aren’t too sure about the nation’s capital of dhaka has the name of not two clear origins either, but luckily it doesn’t seem to be as confusing as the nations. There are two leading ideas as to where this name comes from. One is that comes from the duck tree, a type of tree that used to cover the land the city was built upon, and the second idea is that comes from the kishwari temple, a hindu temple within the city north of bangladesh. We have bhutan. This nation is small and has a dragon on its flag, which basically makes asia’s whales. I think, though, maybe i’m being unfair on that one dragons aren’t only in their flag, however, as the native name of this country is meaning land of the thunder dragon, which is seriously cool. The name of bhutan, however, is fought to come from sanskrit and mean tibet. End as the country lies in the south of the region of tibet, the nation’s capital of timpu has a name of mysterious origins. One idea i found for this name retells a story of how a traveler met a local deity in the area who proceeded to dissolve into the rocks above him. This is why it’s what the name may mean dissolving from high ground, which is a pretty wild idea, but it’s seemingly one of the few theories we actually have on the name. Finally, we arrive at the big one, the nation, this entire subcontinent is named after india.

This nation is named after a river that runs through it, the indus, which also runs through china and pakistan, though of course there’s more to it than that in sanskrit. This river is called sindhu. It was the greeks who corrupted it into indus. Meanwhile, arab speakers corrupted sindhu into hindu, which gave us that name, the greek indus was used in creating the latin india, which is still used to this day. How the sindhi river got its name, though, is seemingly ultimately unknown. One idea is that comes from the word sintul, a native name for the datepalm, which is found in this part of the world. It’S, of course, also worth mentioning that india is just the nation’s name in english in the nation’s other official language of hindi. The nation is called balat, though this changing name could very well be a video unto itself. Speaking of things with videos unto themselves, india’s capital of new delhi does have a video unto itself explaining why it’s new and where the old one is. We won’t go into all that here, but you can watch that video for yourselves we’ll just look into the name. Delhi for now, while we aren’t sure as to what this name means, an idea is that it comes from hindi and means threshold. This is thought to be a reference to the city’s proximity to the ganges and indus rivers and it being a threshold for these rivers waters as we leave the mainland of the indian subcontinent.

We arrive in the island nation of sri lanka. Out of all the countries covered in this video, this is the only one i’ve actually been to so forgive me if i’m a little biased about this one as it holds a dear place in my heart. Sri lanka has gone by many different names in the past. From cylon tambampani to serendip, however, the oldest known name we have for the island is just lanka. Lanka is thought to just mean ireland in an ancient indian language as to the people of india. Lanka would have just been their most known about ireland over its long history and finally, achieving independence in 1972. The island took on the name lanka. Yet again, though, this time they add a tree to the start of it, this is an honorary title, meaning resplendent. So the name means resplendent island sri lanka has two capital cities, its executive and judicial capital and largest city is called colombo. This name is thought to be a port. This name is thought to be a portuguese corruption of the native name for the area, colon tota, which means port on the river kalani, sri lanka’s other capital is called shri gerard, paula kotter, which thankfully, is often shortened to just a cottai. This name translates into english to mean the blessed fortress city of growing victory, which is a very grand name, that’s for sure there’s, one last nation i want to talk about today and while it is seen as part of the indian subcontinent it’s all the way in The heart of the indian ocean, that being the tiny island nation of the maldives, the maldives, is made up of a chain of small coral islands, and the nation’s name seems to very much reflect the nation’s geography.

As once again it comes from sanskrit with their word. Maladvipa, which means a garland of islands as the shape of these islands are very much like a garland. What a lovely tropical name these islands have. The nation’s capital of malay is believed to come from this same route too, and some sources even say that the country as a whole was named after this city. The indian subcontinent is definitely a huge, diverse part of the world, whether you be trekking in the dragon nation of bhutan or swimming in the garland of the maldives, and this diversity in the land is seen perfectly in the diversity of the region’s names. Thank you to all my patrons who support name, explain on a monthly basis. Patreon is vital to name, explain and donating just two dollars a month allows you to enjoy ad free videos and bonus patron exclusive content. It also allows you to help choose what names get explained in upcoming videos and get your name here with all these awesome people. Thank you so much for all the support you guys give name explain. Thank you. So much reaching the end of the video check out. Another video and subscribe stay in the loop on all things. Name explain you can find me on twitter i’m at name, explain yt, on instagram i’m, also, name, explain, yt and on facebook. Just search name explain anyway.

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