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Yet even then, the number of houses adorned with the traditional decorations seemed to be fewer than in previous years. Meanwhile, few people have turned out to the bucho shrine and soybouton off ranang road in phuket town, to observe annual blessing ceremonies and to make merit for more visit. The thailand has recorded its lowest ever level total fertility rate, the tfr signaling low birth rates. Now health officials are looking at campaigns meant to stimulate more than the economy. The tfr is the average number of children born to a woman over her lifetime and the world health organization. Along with the world bank. They say that if any nation’s tfr goes lower than 2.1, then the proportion of elderly will surge and problems and problems associated with migrant workers will rise. According to the bangkok post, thailand’s tfr, which at one point was 5.1 it’s now a paltry 1.51 and the birth rate late last year, dropped to below 600 000. According to the royal thai college of obstetricians and gynecologists, they say that, since nothing is being done to fix the problem in thailand, the tfr could fall to 1.3. In the coming years. The public health ministry has taken notice and say they have launched two activities aimed at promoting dating among singles, as well as fertility health among married couples, who want to have a baby for more visit. The, the man behind one of thailand’s, best known child modeling agencies, nene modeling, he’s, sitting in thai jail right now after a raid by the department of special investigation, saw them seize over half a million photos of child pornography.

The biggest lot of child poor picks found in any one raid to date in thailand, yesterday’s raid conducted by thailand’s, dsi and supervised by the australian embassy in bangkok. It took place at the office of nene modeling agency, located at a housing estate in patumtani province. During the raid they arrested dhanudej sankayo known as nene, who claimed to work as a child model agent, but police say the whole thing was a front to produce and distribute child porn. The dsi also found over 500 000 files of pornographic photos of boys showing molestation of thousands of children. This whole thing started last year when australian federal police notified thai authorities that they believed a major child porn business was being operated in bangkok by a thai national. Although at the time, the dsi only had one photo to work with the dsi enlisted photo analysis help from operation underground, railroad, our a non profit organization that works with law enforcement agencies to rescue human trafficking victims, particularly his children. It was traced back to another man, takon atapton chai, and he was arrested last year that led to more information that led to this week’s raid and arrest of nene, who is now facing a litany of charges, including sexually abusing minors, who could actually break back after This Music welcome back to phuket extra. The investigation into an mp’s poultry farm in kanchanaburi is now done, and the national anti corruption commission found that palang prachara politician parina krykup guilty of serious ethical misconduct over land encroachment.

The case is now headed to the supreme court. It all began in late 2019, when another mp made allegations about her land and the nacc. Well, they began their investigation. Mp parina is from the palang prachara party. The ruling party controlled by the military and her poultry farm is a massive 711 rye or 113 hectares in ratchaburi province. Much of the land was formerly forest tracks owned by the state and were designated as softball coal land, which is meant to be distributed to poor and landless farmers to plant crops. It’S illegal to sell this land. Still many people buy and sell this type of land. In lieu of the laws the nacc says, parina was not a poor farmer where she became a politician and member of parliament in may 2019. For this they found she committed acts amounting to gross misconduct as a lawmaker which is a criminal offense here in thailand. This particular case will now head to the supreme court’s criminal division for politicians and if they take up the case, she’ll be suspended as an mp. Until there is a ruling and if the court rules guilty, she could be stripped of her mp status and banned from holding political office for life. On top of that, the nacc is still looking into whether she made false declarations, saying they don’t believe that she extended a personal loan of 7.7 million baht to a certain individual. Nor were they convinced that a buddha amulet she supposedly obtained from her former husband was worth two and a half million baht leading to questions about how much land she actually owns on her socials parina insisted.

She did nothing wrong paid all her taxes and also appealed for mercy from the court for more visit. The phuket news, dot com, two massive pieces of historical artworks dating back to the khmer empire in what is now territorial, thailand. It was stolen over 50 years ago. Well, this march, those two massive carvings will finally return home. The two handmade carvings are large architectural lintels, each of which weighs off 680 kilos. The pieces were stolen out of the kingdom more than 50 years ago and were later donated to san francisco county in the united states, and they placed them in the asian art museum. Where they’ve sat for years, the artifacts will now be sent back to thailand after they were tracked and identified by the thai fine arts department. They notified their american counterparts in 2018. The pieces will finally be exhibited in thailand after they arrive this coming march 175. New covet 19 cases were confirmed in thailand today raising the total to 24 279 for the nation. Since the pandemic began, the death toll is still 80. just over 83 of total patients have recovered. Thank you.

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Phuket, Thailand, Chinese New Year, 2021

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