Phuket, Thailand, Chinese New Year, 2021

And what i wanted to talk about is that that’s, a big part of thai culture, um bigger than in the west in the west chinese new year, is something that happens in chinatown yeah here, it’s very much it’s celebrated all over thailand by most thai people. In some respect, um yeah a lot of thais have a a an association with china through their heritage through their family through their Applause. Genetically you know, they’ve come from china way way way back sort of thing. Um yeah it’s that the same race of people to a certain extent, if you go back centuries, um but yeah, so most thais will celebrate chinese new year um. You know gifting each other. You go to a shopping centre at the moment. They have all the red. Little cakes on being baked that you give to each other all the gift packs. All of that and and people end up doing this, which is the um yeah i’ll until the food is laid out, um yeah. All of this food laid out and it’s sort of an offering to the parents that have passed away yeah. So at the moment, these little cakes are on being baked at the bakeries. All these sort of things are being sold, which are you know things you give to each other. These sort of gift packs are for sale, but yeah all the food. Yes, all this food is laid out and the little chinese gift packs and the whole thing is like an offering to ann’s, mother and father who have passed on years ago.

So every year you come and you lay out food for them and light incense and say a prayer and the whole thing and as fireworks, you know everyone lets off the fireworks to ward off the bad spirits and then all the shots will have that um dragon. That goes in and out of the shops, you know with all the everyone’s inside the dragon yeah and it goes in and out of the shops for good luck and yeah. All of that sort of thing happens and, as i said, it’s, not just something that happens in chinatown. It happens all over thailand, so it’s um, yeah it’s. Quite interesting and people don’t realize the association of china with thailand yeah. It goes back centuries. Most thai people have some sort of chinese ancestry, chinese yeah to the point where it’s a standard joke in sitcoms, um thai movies and sitcoms, and things there’s a standard joke where they have. The grandmother sits in the corner. Who can only speak chinese and one of the kids has to translate for the rest of the family, yeah it’s, a standard joke or a standard premise, that’s in thai movies and thai sitcoms, and things see there’s the fireworks they go off about every five minutes at The moment yeah, so you know every house in we’re in just suburbia. Here every house has these fireworks. You know you like the string of fireworks to ward off evil spirits. However, that works so yeah it’s, not just it’s, something that happens all over thailand and it’s huge it’s.

They probably celebrate chinese new year, probably more than western new year. If that makes sense, western new year is celebrated in nightclubs and bars. Chinese new year is celebrated. All over thailand, as as a family event, yeah it’s, all very interesting, Music. Okay, this is the whole setup, so we’ve got all the food doing this mom and this dad so their picture and all the yeah so light incense and food for mum and dad. I even donated a cigarette so there’s a cigarette for mum, because mum used to enjoy a cigarette um. I think there’s, even a bottle of whiskey comes out because dad used to enjoy a whiskey, yeah, so there’s drinks for mum and dad yeah it’s it’s. Quite the tradition yeah we come up here every year and do this so it’s actually sort of something i’m quite used to doing. I don’t mind doing it, but some, but, as you can hear, you’ll hear while i’m making this video all the neighbors and things are setting off the fireworks, the big long streams of fireworks right to ward off evil, spirits etc. But for some reason we don’t have fireworks and i think it’s because they don’t trust me with fireworks. I think the 12 year old kid in me will come out and want to start blowing up letterboxes and stuff. Um yeah or i’ll burn myself or something will happen so yeah. I think the fireworks have been taken out of the equation, but um they’ve assured me next year, we’re going to have fireworks as well, so Music.

Now so yeah that’s, the um, the the formal part of it, i suppose yeah, you just say a quick prayer for mum and dad and and offer some food, and i sort of by default include my parents in this proceedings so yeah. I repeat what anne says in thai, but she sort of just says mum and dad we’re here on chinese new year to make an offering for you here’s some food, yeah, it’s, all it’s, all quite good, it’s, it’s thai’s. Have this thing. You know they have that um and then you have the spirit. House thing is where i’ve explained this before what the spirit house is: um that’s, where my mom and dad live in, that little house right, you know their their spirit lives in the spirit house. In the property where they used to live, that’s a whole nother explanation, but yeah it’s, all very much they’re, still part of your life they’re still part of they still have an essence. They still have a being every year. You do this and again this is very much indicative of thailand. Yeah, you have buddhism, you have ancestor worship, you have chinese sort of philosophies, feng shui, that whole thing comes into it, it’s, a combination of all of them and that chinese thai belief system, although it’s buddhism it takes on aspects of chinese feng, shui comes into it. Ancestor worship comes into it so yeah. It is a bit of a mixture of a whole lot of belief systems, but predominantly it’s buddhism, it’s, a thai version of buddhism plus a whole lot of other beliefs get added in so it’s very interesting.

So you see the dates here and its mum passed away 2558, which is the buddhist calendar. Yes, so that’s the buddhist calendar right. So two, five, five, eight one and one passed away. Uh this current year is two five six four so 564 years since buddha, passed off or completely different time flies. That’S, not anne’s mum passed away, not long after we met wow, so yeah. I just realized that six years ago, it’s like wow, so the tie in here is anne’s mother had uh chinese grandparents or chinese parents yeah. I think her either her mother or her father, so anne’s grandparents were chinese so and that’s, a hell of a lot of the thai population, see mom’s even enjoying this. So the good thing is now we get to eat all this food in a minute and there’s. Even spaghetti and bacon, especially for the fulani it’s sort of traditional truthers chinese new year, is the older family members give gifts to the younger. So you know uncle would come over and give all the kids money right. So yo so i’ll have to make sure i give um ann and big i’ll have to give them 20 baht each for chinese new year that’s. What it’s called yeah that’s like a gift? Yeah from old to young Music, okay, i’m worried they’re discussing another haircut for me so i’m, not up for a haircut today. I have to sit too long in the one place Music.

So, as for the um update on the haircut salon, he’s doing quite well he’s sort of officially open now he’s got signage out the front as you can see the actual shops. Looking more like a shop, i think you’re still gon na move this lounge out of the way to a couple other things but yeah it’s. Getting there got a regular stream of customers now so yeah it’s, all working, quite well: Music, yes, that’s! Looking quite um and we’ve done what we’ve done now: there’s a man who needs a haircut Music. So this is some of the stuff he does there’s these sort of vintage cuts yeah. He does quite a few of that, quite quite a big part of his business. Okay, they’ve um talked me into getting a haircut. I did on one condition that it’s not going to take two and a half hours, yeah i’m. Getting the master is cutting and the apprentice is watching. I think so they’re doing it as a bit of a um training exercise, but yeah it’s, all still very long on top from when and cut it, so we’re gon na get i’m getting the short short version. I think um foreign Music, um i’m getting bored, um there’s a biblical character here that, as he gets his hair cut, he loses his strength. I think i’m, like that. As i get my hair cut and the longer it takes, i think i lose the will to live it’s like please get it over with okay.

I’Ve, never been good at getting haircuts at the best of time. I just find it sitting still for so long. It gets so boring, but i’m seriously. Gon na have no hair live. Okay, okay, that is really short. The summer cut wow very short, yeah Music. I won’t need a haircut for another year or so it’s good two months. I bet you’ll want to cut it next week, that’s, my bed, i give you one is okay. This is quite the haircut that’s, pretty short. Actually i quite like it. I like having it this short, especially when it gets a bit hotter. I enjoy it yeah. I don’t mind being the crash test dummy what i like. What i do mind is when the wall that we’re gon na run into is two hours away anyway, it’s all good i’m happy. I have another haircut and yeah by this wreck. My reckoning it’s a good two three months before i have to go through it again, but i bet you next week. Anne wants to trim it. Okay, guys um that’s, our chinese new year done and a haircut as you can see. I’M sporting, a very, very short haircut now um we’ll sign off here, head back home, all right, we’ll catch you guys! Next, video signing off.

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