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So i have to be up at in the morning for australia in the daytime. For the uk and at night for the us, like, i it’s just the requirement of the job, so what has really helped me is compartmentalizing. I think, instead of compartmentalizing the various kinds of jobs, i think compartmentalizing work and home. So i dedicate say, 12 hours a day to work after that, when i switch off from work i’m, not available like i need to you know not available. Even for the pressures of my work like i could have, a movie could have done terribly or i could be feeling really crappy about something, but i don’t feel that pressure. I in fact try to disengage with everything, and this is not something i knew all my career by the way. This is something that i’ve just about you know come to terms with and and realized in the last few years that it really helps you be so much more productive, yeah. Well, i was going to say it’s amazing that you’re able to disconnect like that it does take a lot of work. I think it has to be a choice. It has to be a choice. You have to choose your health and well being, and you know, unless you can’t you can’t do anything about it once the work day is over and except just fretting and fretting is just going to eat away at your well being so it has to be a Choice to start fretting tomorrow morning, after your first cup of coffee, totally um and one of the really fun parts of the book is when you, when you discuss both the miss india and miss world pageants that you won um.

It feels like a whole other world right now, especially um did any did any, especially like funny or surprising memories come up for you when you were writing that just all of it and how did i do it like i it’s insane, i was literally in november Of 99, i am in high school in a uniform in army school, barely and november of 2000. I am in the millennium, dome being crowned miss world 2000 at 18. um. When i was writing about it, it was just like the experience and the absurdity of it, and how did i navigate that as a teenager who didn’t know any better who didn’t know the difference like it just made me laugh so much at how enamored i was With everyone else in the room and the glitz and glamour of it all for the first time, it was really funny yeah, yeah um, and you write a lot about your parents and their marriage in the book. And one thing that stuck out to me is how you said that they’re that they were really equal in all regards in their marriage. What did you learn from them that you’ve brought into your own marriage um? Having an equal partnership, i think, is very important. I’Ve always seen that with my parents and i’ve, seen that with mixed parents too, actually giving credence to each other’s intelligence and feelings and not putting your pride before the other person like your pride doesn’t come first, your partner does and also being the other one is Cheerleading, you know knowing when you have to pick up the pieces so that somebody else can fly um, so your partner can fly.

I think that’s really important. I saw a lot of that with my parents, like my dad, would take on my mom’s work when she needed to do something else, and vice versa and um that’s, something that you know naturally me and my husband sort of gravitated towards, but also we were blessed. Having seen um, our parents have a marriage of equals in both our lives, yeah it’s, so cool that you both came from that same place, yeah for sure, and something that was really unique about the book. I thought was that you don’t you don’t shy away from describing experiences that weren’t as successful for you like trying to launch a music career in the us um, and you don’t like try to put a rosy spin on it or even like paint a lesson from It or anything like that um, how did you develop this kind of like level of comfort with, like quote, unquote failure? I hate failure? I’M, just you know, but i think that in my job bob, which is so transient when it comes to sinking or swimming i’m, always going to be the one who tries to swim um, you know until i can’t, but so i think, like you have to come To it’s, you have to come to terms with the fact that failure is going to happen and the mainstream limelight and that’s what i did as an ep that’s where i came in using netflix.

This is large reach global reach. It was my my job to make sure that you know it is seen by most people to promote it day and night and i’ve read that you’re working on a buddy comedy with mindy kaling, for example. Yes, um, that’s also so exciting. I love mindy and i’m. Such an admirer of hers and um, you know i just called her one day and i was like you want to do a movie together. It’S amazing and she said let’s meet for lunch. We did. We talked about the kind of movie we wanted to do and she got really excited and she said: she’d write it um and now we finished right doing it and i’m just i’m filming to the end of this year, so i’m hoping to be able to shoot It next year, but it’s very, very exciting – that amazing book called oh untamed, was great by glennon doyle, which i’m sure most people have read. Um homegoing is this book which i’ve discovered these days again, the oscars are coming up and screening. I love the screeners that come um, but also i watched the undoing, which was amazing, um bridgeton, of course, uh and one question i’ve been asking: everyone is who’s: uh who’s, the woman who’s been most inspire operational or influential in your life. I have a cliched answer, but i have to say my mom yeah. You know my mother is such an amazing cool woman.

When she’s such an overachiever lessons, my mother told me was you’re going to be financially dependent. It doesn’t matter whose daughter you are it doesn’t matter, who’s? What life you will be never ever doing a zoom call again. Thank you next do it.

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