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I had no idea that you were so badly bullied in america. Essentially, you had to go back home to india to continue your education. It was. It was a pretty miserable time, wasn’t it. Well. You know high school is hard for most people, lorraine, um, first of all, you’re wonderful and thank you so much for what you do. Every morning it was so nice to hear you um make sense of the world right now, but you know: um high school is hard for everyone, but for me i think being picked on for something that i didn’t have any control over or um could change at That age at 16 17 really defined me, but i was lucky that i had a home to go back to. I could get out of the situation which troubled me so much a lot of people who get bullied don’t get that luxury. So um, i you know lucked out exactly but to be bullied just because of who you are and the colour you happen to be and where you’re from is just you know, i would like to think that we’re getting better, and i think that we, i think That we are, but it was also interesting in this. It was your little brother. That said, you should go in for miss india, and that, of course, was the the massive breakthrough wasn’t it. You know it really was his devious plan um at 10 years old.

When i came back from india, i mean when i came back to india from america. He was kicked out of his room and he was 10 years old at the time because i was 16. My dad said i need to have my own room, i didn’t argue, and he just wanted to get me out of the house, so he suggested to my mom. Why don’t we send her to the miss india pageant that way. She’Ll have to go to mumbai and my mom didn’t put two and two together, but you know he eventually got his room back. He sure did he got his room and then it was the start of an incredible incredible career for you now the front of the book’s, a beautiful cover, you’ve also, you can see daddy’s little girl, which you’ve got. I know you’ve got that tattoo on on your hand, and you do talk very movingly in the book about your dad and the death of your dad and what what a very special man he was it. You know my father was my greatest cheerleader. He was the loudest person in the room yeah exactly that picture he’s, the guy who would you know, scream the loudest. That was three months actually before my father passed away and um, and it was his last way of sort of standing up and cheering for me again whether it was a consolation prize in school or best actress. My dad would be the loudest guy in the room.

Oh, that is so lovely and those memories are so brilliant to have, and we can see that you’re in london and you’ve been here in london during during lockdown haven’t you i have i’ve been filming in london. Actually the uk government allows us to shoot. So i finished a movie i’m starting a new tv show now um and you know i’m just grateful to be back at work honestly, i think everybody’s exactly the same. Everybody just wants to to be. You know you’re a creative person, and you want to do that and if you and you and your husband did you manage to get some good time together. Is that one of the one of the you know because we’re always trying to look for light and and positivity, and did you two because you started traveling all over the world all the time you managed to get some time together? I mean that was the that was the silver lining of quarantine is to be able to have six months together, which both of us have such crazy careers that that would have. I don’t think i’ve been at home for six months in 25 years, so i was very grateful for the time we moved into our new house and got a lot of time with you know each other, our dogs um. It was very productive, no it’s, really good, and you need to have that time together. I love the fact that when, when he asked you out, you went on google to find out about him isn’t it handy that you can do that, like every self respecting girl.

I mean i, google everything you’ve got to find out. You’Ve got to know what’s going on. Of course i have to congratulations on the white tiger, absolutely fantastic. I know this was a passion project for you. You worked really hard. It took years to get this on screen didn’t it, but you were determined. I was very excited when um, you know the white tiger was being adapted by rameen barani. It is such an incredible novel. I will definitely recommend people to watch the movie but read the novel as well arvind. The liga’s story is about ambition about you know, pulling yourself out of the circumstances that have been defined for you and it’s such a provocative piece, um so i’m, very proud of being part of this movie it’s the number one movie in the world on netflix and With an all indian star cast, you know that’s historic and i’m very, very happy to be a part of that. It is hopefully well the first, but hopefully not the last that’s for sure i just wonder yeah. I just wonder with you. You know. Obviously you you, you sort of travel the world at the moment, it’s very difficult, but what feels like home to you is is home back in india. Is that where you feel that you’re you home will always be india for sure, but i live between la and mumbai. Now that has i’ve been doing that for almost 10 years now.

So it feels like my adopted home and my native home kind of combined in the middle. Oh, my is an extraordinary city. Hasn’T i’ve been lucky enough to visit a couple of times and i just i can’t wait until we’re allowed to to go back, because i mean india is such a rich. I know don’t, you miss it so much. I miss it so much. I mean as grateful as i am to have the technology with zoom, where we can do this with each other, but you know i mean it would have been so nice to be sitting on your couch and actually having a real conversation and a cup of coffee. But look lots of exciting things are coming up because i’m i’m beside myself about this, the matrix four amazing we’ve been waiting for it for years and years and years that’s happening and lots of other lots and lots of other projects. I bet you just cannot wait to get back to be doing these i’m very excited. I just finished filming a movie called text for you and the matrix four and text for you is celine dion’s acting debut and it has sam hewin in it, which is um a really fun movie and now i’m starting one with um, which is called citadel for Amazon studios it’s with richard madden, and we start filming that i think i go back to studio tomorrow, actually and so very exciting. Oh that’s, brilliant! Well, you enjoy enjoy everything and the the book is quite remarkable, you’re, an amazing woman.

I wish we’d had more time to talk to you, because i could talk to you for hours hours. I could talk to you for hours. Thank you so so much for joining us this morning. I really appreciate it and priyanka. Thank you for giving my book a chance. Thank you unfinished is out on thursday and i can highly recommend it.

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