Priyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas fesses She and Husband Nick Jonas Hate to Cook

m. Well, between noon and 8 p.m. Obviously, there’s a million zooms at the moment you know there’s a multiple things happening with my book um, my movie, the white tiger and anomaly um my hair care line, so it was just all of that, but all of it on zoom, obviously, and by 8 pm. I try to have dinner so it’s sort of early and i eat two meals um, you know uh. We both don’t cook, we both love to eat. So we we love donations. If you love us, please send us food because otherwise we’ll starve, but a lot of our family cooks um. So you know we’re always and we order in a lot so it’s great and my mom’s actually become a recently um. She never could cook. My mom was always like a working girl and never really took to it, but during quarantine she started cooking and has been doing a great job, and i love how you speak about your mom and your aunties and your grandmother and how they exhibited a wonderful sense Of independence – and it made you think about, you – know kind of how you are as a woman at work and in relationships like i can totally run my job and when it comes to my personal life, i feel like everything is like animated and kind of disorganized And my ages and my life are never really at the same place in time and you know it’s all very whimsical, but i don’t feel like i can harness it the way i can my professional life um.

So i agree with you this, but it took me a long time to get there as well. I think i spent a lot of time in my 20s trying to control my personal life as much as i did my professional life. I was immaculate at my professional life, i could compartmentalize. I focused, i was 100 and everything you know. I ran at the speed that was required and i tried to do the same thing, but the matters of the heart they don’t listen to a schedule now. Do they um, and you know you i it’s only in my 30s that i came to a point where i realized that it’s, okay, it’s okay, to ride the wave when it comes to your home life and it’s, okay, to be a completely different person and focused In your professional life, but you know you’ve just got to sort of, let let it organically happen and not give up that control, and i remember very clearly sort of choosing myself and saying: okay let’s take stock of what i need. What do i need to feel happy? What do i need to feel productive? What do i need to be able to go to work and feel inspired and it’s such a simple answer, but you need to feel happy and that happiness cannot be dependent on someone else. It can’t be someone else’s, validation or you know in in everything, so i started bifurcating my life, you know this is home and this is work.

What i feel at work will not come back home and what i feel at home will not go back to work and that really really helped me find a sense of balance in both, and i think it just comes from like first of all, also maturity by The way all of us, i think, when we’re in our 20s, are like okay, you know i got this and i am under control and i can handle all of it, but it’s really not. I think when you get to your 30s at least my experience. It really helped me find a sense of balance. It was so much more stable than my 20s were and you know you met a prince. You met a man who was confident with his own life and his own world, and you could be the full light that you are, which brings me to 10 p.m. What are you doing so 10 p.m is usually like. This is a work week day. Okay, so – and this is outside of you – know my husband being home right now, but usually this would be a time when we sit together. We both come back from our work. You know we have a good meal, we hang out together, watch a movie or i’ll. Read a book or it’s just my decompression time. I need to be able to have before i get to bed some at least two hours of being disconnected from with the day and just being with myself and it’s.

Usually, when dogs are around – and you know i play fetch with them or just something really simple – which helps you decompress and then then it’s off to bed, and do you feel that way with nick like now, you get to be the fully realized person that you Are and it’s appreciated and welcomed completely i mean nick is an extremely secure self assured man, and that was the most attractive thing about him and you know that’s not very common with most men um, so it’s really nice to have you know he just he’s. My biggest cheerleader and my biggest champion – and my father was like that my father was my loudest cheerleader and you know now i’m married to one so it’s it’s, really wonderful to have a partnership where we both um, are each other’s champions, but also at the same Time you know, we know what the other person needs to fly and that’s just beautiful. Well, your life really inspires me. Priyanka chopra, jonas’s, memoir unfinished is out now, and it is so wonderful. Please run out and grab your copy. Thank you so much priyanka.

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