Priyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas Spied on Nick Jonas Using a Security Guard

It doesn’t matter. Okay, ‘Cause! My guest tonight has it on lock.. She is my friend like a big sister and happens to be one of the biggest superstars in the world.. Give it up for my favorite desi girl, Priyanka Chopra Jonas What’s up Hi.. Thank you so much for being on my show. Pc., I miss you so much. We haven’t talked in so long. I’m, so proud of you.. I haven’t had the opportunity I mean I’ve texted. You and everything but I’m so proud of you.. I mean look at You’re, pushing the goalposts you know further and it’s so great to see. That. Thanks, bhanji. You’re, the best. Bhanji Bhanji. Deedee., both grunting We’re. Already this is us.. This is us. Get used to it. As a viewer. This is what you’re gon na see for the next laughs. What have you been up to during quarantine? I finished writing a book.. I shot two movies., I released two movies. laughing. I moved into a new house.. I adopted a new puppy.. Most of us are just doing this., But you shot movies. ‘Cause most of y’all are doing that I’m back at work., laughs Somebody’s got to make it.. You know what I’m glad that my laziness has helped your career. I’m, really glad that that’s. Thank you. Darling. Thank you.. Have you been bingeing any shows Like have you had time to binge any shows? I have actually., I mean come on that’s. What everyone’s really been doing.

? I may sound like I’ve, been super productive, but there was a lot of time for bingeing.. I watched like everybody quotBridgertonquot, which was a lot of fun.. Did you watch it? I watched it in two days the entire thing. I did too.. I know you’re a married woman, but the Duke. I mean listen. I can read the menu. I don’t have to eat from it. laughter, So …. I will do that for you.. I heard you were so impressed by the Duke that you may have sent an email to someone. Did my producer tell you this Email? I’M, your big sister.. I keep my eyes on you., Okay, deedee I’m sorry.. Who did you send the email to Lilly? I’M. Sorry. I’M sorry., I tell you right, now., Okay, this is what happened.. Let me just set the record straight.. What happened was my bookers often send these emails about our broadcast calendar and they were like quotHey. So you know, do you want anyone from the cast of ‘Bridgerton’quot And I responded to the email, ’cause I’m cool with my crew – and I responded saying quotI watched ‘Bridgerton.’ quotThe Duke, is talented, quotbut he’s, also very very hot, and I am attracted to him and I Would like him on my show.quot And I realized that it was to the entire NBC network. The email. And I was like quotOh noquot laughs. We’Ve been friends., We’ve hung out.. I had the honor of you know going to your wedding.

. We’Ve spent a lot of quality time together, but there’s some questions, I’ve, never gotten the chance to ask you., And I was like quotI’m just so: curioquot chuckles They’re, not they’re, not That’s, terrifying.. First off I want to ask Bollywood or Indian cinema. I know there’s some debate over the label.. Do you have a preference? Well, Bollywood is the colloquial more common name for it, but I personally feel it sounds like a MeToo of Hollywood, which is not what the Indian film industry or the Hindi film industry is. There’s. No place called Bollywood. There’s a place and it says it in big letters called Hollywood.. Bollywood is a fictitious thing.. This has been a geography lesson with Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Lilly Sing.. Do you think I feel strongly about it? There’S been a lot of talk recently about just some of the hurdles like there are hurdles in every industry. In the Hindi film industry. There are some issues of favoritism and people having a hard time breaking through and getting the opportunities because those slots are being taken by family members and friends.. Have you experienced anything like that? Yeah actually I’ve written about it in my book? Quite a bit.. I was once told And favoritism you know what it does. The terrible thing about that is: … that’s, it’s okay.. Everyone wants to take care of their families right. We all want to take care of our friends. Our families create opportunities.

I want to do it., But I think for people who have you know a large table wouldn’t it be better if we just start extending the table instead of just monopolizing it And that’s kind of the thing about favoritism is it lacks giving other people the opportunity To also have a seat at the table. Yeah, and I love what you said so much. It’s all about extending the table so that you can take care of your family, extend the table and then the people you extend to can also take care of their family And then the table keeps extending.. Every industry has issues. Like I don’t want to at all paint this, like you know, there’s only issues in Hindi, cinema. Every industry has issues.. Have you faced similar issues in Hollywood Hollywood? My personal experience was not being able to see the parts that I wanted to do written for someone who looked like me.. You know we’re 15 of the world’s population, South Asian people and Indians actually I’m, not even counting South Asian., And when you think about English language, global entertainment, you don’t see a representation of that. You’re. The first brown late night TV show host.. I was the first brown girl to headline a network TV show in like 2015., So I think that was a big hurdle and it took you know digging in and people like you, Mindy Aziz, Riz, Kumail there’s. So many well, not so many, but like few that have actually pioneering you know this creating opportunity for normalizing minorities or normalizing different ethnicities on entertainment and I’m really proud to be a part of that.

. There was a moment when I was in New York and there was a bus with my face on it and next to that. Bus was a bus with your face on it and they were stopped side by side and Mindy had a billboard in the back., And I remember standing there being like quotWow.. I have never seen this.quot And this is so motivating for me because I want to see more of that.. You make me so emotional by saying that, because you know I wish that when I was in high school as a 14 year old girl, I would’ve seen something like that., I feel like we should cry.. I want to cry., I feel, like crying. laughs, It’s a proud moment.. I know. I’m, like quotAm, I gon na cry. Is this mascara waterproofquot I’m like trying to go through it in my brain.? I hope the next generation of brown girls that come into entertainment don’t have to fight this battle.. That is truly my wish. For every moment and I’m sure you can relate that I’ve gone into a room and been told that, like this story, is not that relatable or this story, you’re trying to tell is not that relatable and I don’t know if there’s an Audience every time I’ve been told that I hope no one else has to hear that.. I completely agree.. What do you mean? It’S, not relatable? I’M, like literally my sister’s wedding, my sister’s wedding had enough people to like make this movie a number one hit.

, My sister’s wedding. Alone.. There was 5000 people there.. What do you mean Let’s get to the reason we’re here, though. I’m, so so proud of you.. You have released your memoir quotUnfinishedquot, which is incredible and I’m so so proud of you. A book is very hard.. A memoir is very hard to do.. It is funny.. It’S revealing. And what I’m most taken aback by is, I feel like you’re, a pretty private person generally, but you reveal a lot in this book.. So was that horrifying Yeah something must’ve fallen on my head., I don’t know what I was going through.. I think, First of all reading your book, you know kind of reminded me of being a boss a little bit because you know it’s so cool to actually see the pages. There’s such a permanence to a book. It’s like I have books from like hundreds of years Ago and it’s like quotOh, my gosh, that could be my story.quot And when I started writing, I always had a writer’s block too in quarantine. There’s a lot of stuff. I pulled out of the book because I was like quotOkay all right, calm down.. This is too much.quot: I’m terrified., I’m terrified.. Well, you shouldn’t be because I feel like those vulnerable stories are what people really relate to.. There was one thing I really related to in the book, and that is when you tell the story about sending a security guard to take a picture of Nick Jonas and your mom having lunch.

, Can you tell that story real, quick? Well, this was Nick’s. First trip to India – and I was freaking out about that anyway, ’cause he came for ten days and I was going for work.. So I was very curious that either one is gon na say something wrong. You know. Somebody’s gon na embarrass somebody., I mean it’s, my mom., She doesn’t know him., And this is a new boyfriend. I’Ve. Never really! You know it was just all too much. And they were sitting on Juhu Beach.. You know it was very like a quiet contained area.. I was freaking out though., So I send my security guy and I was like … quotWhy don’t. You just go to the hotel and just call me from therequot And he goes to the hotel and he calls me from there and I was like quotTake your camera. Take a picture of where they are and send it to me.quot. He didn’t ask me any questions.. I was like quotJust, take the picture., Send it to me now.quot So wait. Have you ever told before writing it in the book? Have you told Nick the story? Did you show him the picture? Oh yeah. Yeah, I told him later. And he was like quotAll right.quot laughs. I know who I married. I guess. First of all, there’s goals, all around. Goals in terms of being a control, freak goals., But then goals of also Nick being like quotYeah that’s cool.

quot. I need to find someone like that: that’s totally cool with me, just stalking them and taking pictures that’s goals right, there. Incredible.. I was gathering information. Excuse, me., Sorry., It’s, very important for a woman to gather information. Knowledge is power. There’s, a lovely picture here. It says: quotAt the reception after the Indian wedding quotI danced the night away with my forever Bollywood hero.quot And it’s you and Nick. It’s right here.. I remember this night.. I remember how beautiful you looked.. Do you I do.. I do.. Are you sure you remember this night Lilly Who told you to have so many open bars in one location Who told you to take your face there? Honestly, I think you did., But the thing I want to fact check about this picture is I take pride in knowing deedee that I was the last person on the dance floor every single night at your wedding.. In fact, one of the nights – I was so the last person that I helped the DJ pack up., So I really want to fact check because I don’t know how you danced the night away.. I think I was the last person on the dance floor. Every night. You did do well, but I don’t think you stayed up till sunrise..

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