Ryan Newman, Daytona 500, Daytona International Speedway, Ryan Blaney How Denny Hamlin lost the lead to win the 2020 Daytona 500 | Reverse: Episode 2

Perhaps what got lost in that was denny hanlon winning his third daytona 500, becoming only one of four drivers to win the great american race in back to back years. 25 years, since they went back to back 25, how did denny pull it off? How did he get to the finish line? First, let’s. Take a look at that overtime, restart in reverse a race that started on sunday and finished on monday and prime time under the lights. Here we are the second overtime attempt the final restart of the daytona 500, the outside denny hamlin ryan blaney, the inside roush fenway, teammates, ryan, newman, chris busher, who gets a better run, who gets a better push the outside much more organized, and for that reason, danny Hamlin will easily take the lead in the middle of one and two have one top side in the toyota. Here they come off turn number two hamlin to the lead: danny hamlin controls the race with delaney in tow. No real momentum from behind the lights are on the energy’s. Picking up, everyone knows the chance to win. The daytona 500 is less than three miles away now. Danny has a large lead two by two behind a run’s going to come two by two they’re, both picking up hell. Two back bottom is the tightest denny hamlin has to figure from where it’s from ryan newman a big block, denny moves to the top and protects the lead. Looking top he’s in line with you top is the tightest top, is the tightest he’s still uncovered 12 shoving him white flag, one more now, ryan newman, with a veteran move.

As the leaders see the white flag, he connects on the bumper of denny hamlin newman, pushes denny out to a huge lead and then drags himself back to pick up the energy of blaney. Well, he’s gon na lock, with you he’s locked up with you clear when you get to him clear when you get to him here comes blaney, he pushes newman and here’s the run. Danny hamlin controls the race down the back stretch. Now, if we pause danny hamlin has a decision to make, do you block or do you let the guys go after the race, denny hamlin said his only chance of winning was to let ryan newman pass. Think about that. The only chance to win the biggest race of the year was to perhaps give it away one mile from the start finish line. He allows ryan newman to go by to the inside newman to the front nothing denny hamlin could do but then stop the tape. This is the moment: denny hamlin knows that his only chance to win the daytona 500 is to go from defense to offense. The six has gone by the 12 has gone by. The 12 is the toe. The 12 is the friend he has to connect with ryan blaine 11 is going to hook to a 12. you’re on fire by two getting low behind the 12. 11 is going to push you stay with the eleven. Let us go, but in the top level’s gon na send the top.

He knows they have momentum. He knows they have the run so as they come off from turn four and we freeze the tape right here. Denny has to make a decision. Is he pushing ryan blaney to the win? He knows ryan blaney’s, going to make a move well, when blaney makes his move left hamline holds his line. He knows this is his chance. That’S it that’s the opening that’s what denny hamlin needs. He takes that momentum side drafts to 12 and beats him by mere inches to the line scoring unofficial, danny hamlin ryan blaney too close to call, and there you have it danny hamlin, a daytona 500 champion, get behind the twelve and push it with the move. You did it, that is, your call. You’Ve had a hell of a run at these places into it. Magic to watch over the history of nascar we’ve seen the biggest stars find a way to win and win consistently at super speedways. The king, the intimidator jeff, gordon dale, jr, frank, kuzlowski, joey logano all had their signature now it’s denny hamlin.

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