Tết, Chinese New Year, Student, Lunar calendar brating Lunar New Year with SF Ballet 2/11/2021

Then four san francisco valley artists will share their favorite holiday traditions. Different asian cultures have different names and customs for lunar new year, like tet in vietnam and salon. Korea raise your hand if you’re ready to learn more let’s go is vietnamese for happy new year. My name is sage, and today i’ll be shopping for tet decorations. Apricot blossoms are popular in the south of vietnam, where my dad is from oh. Can we get this? One are traditional vietnamese dresses every year i get a different owl yeah this year. I got this one listen to some vietnamese music. While we eat some yummy tet snacks. This is bun ba and these things are coconut strips Music, hello, everyone. This is katie student from san francisco ballet school and i’m, going to show you how we celebrate lunar new year’s during the pandemic. Usually, we call our relatives and we have like a huge dinner together, but since it’s kind of different this year, it’s just going to be my family and i at home and we’re just going to eat a couple dishes that we typically eat on lunar new year’s. The thing my brother and i look forward to the most in the mornings from our relatives are red envelopes because inside they can have five to ten dollars. When you receive red envelopes, you have to receive them with both hands and you have to say, or just any greeting um a less common one here is sentai king hong and a less common one is on one of my favorite new year.

Tradition is after the countdown well go outside, usually in the snow and light fireworks, it’s so much fun. For me, the most important tradition is having the whole family get together. We make dumplings, we sit at the round table, stay up all night playing mahjong and, of course, receiving the red envelopes is the word for luna new year’s day in korean, probably one of the most exciting things for my kids on solai is doing this hebei, which Is taking a bow to the elders so to your parents and grandparents? What is your favorite holiday food for lunar new year? One of my favorite tradition for new year is making food with my family. We make dukguk in korea for new year, which is rice cake soup with dumplings, so we make dumplings as well as some korean pancakes for side dishes. My favorite new year food, it got to be a whole steamed. Fish with sauce, fish and mandarin is also sound. Like the word spare, it means not only having enough wealth, health and fortune also having lots to spare my favorite food is my grandma’s handmade dumplings they’re so delicious. Today we learned about just a few of the many traditions and customs for celebrating lunar new year. All around the world, and here in the bay area from all of us happy lunar new year Music. Now that you got to meet a few of the dancers from san francisco ballet to hear how they celebrate lunar new year, let’s learn some ballet from principal dancers, wei, wong and esteban hernandez start by putting your arms in a round circle to make the letter o.

Now put your heels together, open your toes and make the letter v with your feet. This is called first position with our feet: follow esteban and way: lift your arms to the middle up high open to the side; hands on your hips now bend your knees. So your legs make a rumbus shape. This is called a plie in french, which means to bend now draw a line with your toes stretch to the side and close stretch. The other leg side and close – this is called tong, do, which means to stretch next rise up on your toes by lifting your heels rise up heels down rise up heels down. This step is relative means. Rising. Next move is a jump in first position: bend jump, bend two more plie jump plie last time, bend jump, bend now, freestyle dance any way you want to be creative and safe.

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