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I would like to extend my great thanks to all my fellow asians, who are getting ready for the chinese new year 2021 and by the way i’m. Mr kram, oh and i’m from the philippines i’ve been teaching here in vietnam for almost three years now, and do you know that lunar new year is not just about chinese new year? Vietnam celebrates its new year as well, and they call it that holiday in this vlog. We will be reacting to the vietnamese lunar new year celebration, customs and also i chose this video because it has 100 000 views. I will also be sharing to you. Some of my personal experiences, because it’s my third year here in vietnam celebrating the lunar new year, so let’s get right into the video hi. This is anna from xt every year after the fight of christmas and the january first holiday passes by the real excitement begins in vietnam. The people of vietnam would then start getting ready for what is a much more important holiday for them. So true business, that holiday is a big deal, for them is a real deal. It is like christmas, new year’s eve, easter and a big birthday party all worldwide before they officially start Music in their celebrations with things number one. One of the first preparation steps to welcome date holiday is cleaning and decorating the house. Houses are often cleaned and decorated before new year’s day it’s, a common belief that cleaning the house would get rid of all the bad fortunes associated with the old year.

Some people would paint their house and decorate with festive items as in most asian countries. The luckiest colors are red and yellow that’s. Why i’m wearing bread, the traditional decorations for this people, would decorate the inside and outside of their houses and businesses adorn their shop front windows, public plants, lanterns and other knickknacks fill the market to the friends weeks before, most importantly, every home and business. You need a big tree it’s, like the vietnamese version for the christmas tree in the south trees with yellow blossoms. Are they more oh yeah that’s? So i notice a lot of them here. Oh yes, um with the first one like it’s for real. I used to live in a hotel before with my company first paying for the rent and what the owner did in the hotel like it’s, a total makeover, not just paint, but everything is fixed. Everything is ready for the 10th holiday, which is so nice because you will see all of the houses are like uh it’s. It looks new but it’s still getting to the higher level of that newness. All right so it’s a very good thing that they have that practice here and it’s nice. This is probably the most exciting part about completing the sooner new year amongst teachers, parents usually purchase new clothes and issues Music. Oh, so you can wear those things it’s, like the philippines. You know, like you, always buy new clothes on the new year, but there’s no specific date, for example like we don’t, actually wear it the next day or day during the day like we buy clothes, but some people they wear it on the 31st or even the 30Th, you know there’s no specific date for that to wear, but here you have specific day that when can you, when are you gon na wear the new clothes that you just bought seven days prior today, each vietnamese family offers a farewell ceremony for oath now, the Kitchen got to go up to the heaven palace.

His talk is to make an annual report to jade amber about the family’s affairs throughout the year. An interesting vehicle for odell is catfish. People said that the bigger the carpet is faster. Oh that’s, why? I saw a lot of sellers outside on the street, like they actually have a lot of fish, and then i thought it’s just a regular day of selling fish, but oh it’s really part of their culture. Oh i just i just knew it now. In my third day, because last time i didn’t know much about the i just celebrated them, but they didn’t know more about secretary. Why they do that or this okay number, four Music, the plate of five types of fruits, is on the ancestors outer in every vietnamese home during day holiday. The fruits are powerful and meaningful. They make new year more lively and sacred in asian mythology. The world is made up of five basic elements: metal, wood, water, fire and earth. So the plant fruit is one of the several ways to represent this compact. It traditionally contains five to eight types of fruit: a bunch of bananas, pomelo buddhist hand, fruit, lemons oranges, tangerines, apples or brazilians. People would only choose the best looking fruits and then arrange them in a pyramid. Yes, uh. There are really a lot of fruits going on. You know it’s, like the philippines. We also have that belief with fruits during the new year and like it has to be circles that kind of thing and must be arranged like in the philippines.

We have. We need to have these 12 of them, and here in vietnam, like five as mentioned, they have five elements or something like that and yes, during this time the fruits are so expensive. So if you want to celebrate the dead holiday with a lot of fruits, you better start planting the beginning of the year so that the next the following year, you have a chance to get your own fruits. You know cheaper and then free. So yes, zaful is the most sacred time of the year. Therefore, the first house gets to offer the first greeting is very important, since the vietnamese people believe that the first day their family receives in the new year determines their questions. So people would never enter a house without being invited. First, the act of being the first person to enter a house is called according to vietnamese tradition. If good things come to the family in the first day of the lunar new year, the entire following year will be full of blessings, so usually a person with good temper, morality and success will be invited into the house. First, however, just to be safe, the owner of the house would leave the house a few minutes before midnight and return home, just as the clock strikes midnight to prevent anyone entering the house first, who might potentially bring any unfortunate events to the household, oh really that’s. Why um the owner of the hotel before in my apartment, she went out and then, like i mean the hotels at the apartment she went out and then right after the 12 midnight et cetera, something like that.

Then she came back and then we all gather like after afterwards we followed her and kind of thing. Oh, i just knew now that they knew that. Why so the proverb of nearby stop urine by lung appreciation, traditions of vietnam ending a year to move to the new year? Many people, often shout and couldn’t help, but my effective soft and wishing relationships are salty strong and tight. Nice nice, nice for the relationship. This is a cultural practice that has been maintained for generations. The ritual is called lisi or, with soy it’s, very common, to see older people giving away red envelopes to younger people. The red envelope. Symbolize luck and wealth, however, always remember to give an amount of money that ends with an even number, because ox number would be considered in the new year since they’re traditionally reserved for fuel. Oh that’s, why? Oh i got it now like i i got. I received money from my previous uh holiday and one year and then it’s. It always ends with zero yeah yeah. It really ends with zero, like five hundred thousand or two hundred thousand dong, and then fifty thousand dong that’s. Why? Because it’s really neat, it has to be the end number would be like even number. Was it even or zero yeah, okay, so it’s also a good thing because, like you, will have a lot of money and you will receive a lot of money with those red envelopes.

If you’re a teacher, the schools are giving you money during the 10th holiday and then yes, especially if you’re a kindergarten teacher, then a lot of money right, that’s, gon na be a thing but i’m, not saying that. You just have focus on money: okay, but it’s. Really part of your culture, so you will earn much, not earn you won’t have much money. This is also one of the best times of the year for the vietnamese people to spend time on their spiritual life and to pay respect to the religious institutions. Visiting pagodas on the first day of the year has long been a deep breeding tradition in vietnam. The custom is called lithuan in which lei means not only visiting but also showing respect in austerity to the buddha and god of the temples and pagodas mixing. One’S soul, with the spiritual spaces and breathing in the aroma of the burning, incense and flowers, have demolishing all the stresses and worries of the previous year. Well, so those are the most common customs that you’ll see in vietnamese lunar new year. I hope you find this video helpful if so don’t forget to like share and subscribe that’s all for today, i’m anna from xt pagoda. As i told you on my previous vlog there’s, a lot of pagodas here in vietnam. So after the following day of the new year, for example like midnight and then in the morning, they visit pagoda and you can also join with them and they really pay respect to what uh their beliefs are or what they believe in and yeah.

You can also like go with them and it’s it’s, a good actually it’s, a very nice tradition to witness too and yes, that holiday that’s a 10th holiday in vietnam. So in this year that holiday is like in 2021, they’re still covered 19, so it’s quite difficult for them to have a lot of activities going on, so they canceled it, and i i hope that coming 19 is so going to be over soon anyway. Some of my students as well that she did not mention it. Some of my students as well, are off already so, if you’re, a teacher, the schools are off from like some schools before when i was teaching kids. Some schools are off already a month before before the celebration, so it’s like if the celebration falls on january 23rd, last um, that was 2020, the school already is closed on january 5th or january um. First, i think or two and then it opens two weeks after the that holiday, so it’s gon na be like a long month celebration and also some of us some uh, some of the schools. They are closed for two weeks and some schools are close only for one week so good for you. If you’re the school, where you’re working at is only closed for a week, and you still have time to earn more more money, okay, but during this, while the that holiday, all the stores are close. I mean like for three days the most like 90 percent or 95 of the stores are closed.

But even right now like that holiday is a third uh two days from now. So the schools are, the stores are closed and then you have to buy things because after the 10th holiday it’s gon na be back on the fourth day i think or the third day. So you have like five days in all to store food, because the food right after that holiday is not gon na be a good price or prices. So you have to get ready on that, so that holiday here is like in the philippines uh. Christmas is like four months from september october november december. That holiday here is a big deal for them. So you know, if you want to experience that here and if you want me, you will be coming here to vietnam during the 10th holiday. You got to be ready because things is, things are totally different as what they are used to be during those days. You know months, previous months, uh, no ted holiday.

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