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Many of you may not know a lot about lunar new year or how it’s celebrated within around the world. So we have invited a few people from the langara community here to talk more about this important festival. Take it away, folks hi everybody so i’m in and i come from vietnam. So today i want to introduce to you a little bit about like neural new here and a ted’s holiday in vietnam, so uh, as you know, in western country like canada. Right now, we use a western calendar in asia. In in vietnam, we have the neural calendar. Uh, our country is agriculture country, so we based on a new kind there to plant the seed and where we will know when you have at the uh, the fall and rice and vegetable and it’s usually come around like the end of new new year, so that’s. Why we have a big celebration in the end of the year and we usually take that big celebration to wish for the lucky year coming up as well celebration transitions varied across china according to the local culture and traditions. In my city canton we are the south. We are in the south of china and we are lucky to have warmer weather, so flower market is a pretty unique thing because most flowers will blossom during winter time um. Instead, in the northern part of china, like the city of harabin, they will have uh the ice sculpture festival during the new year.

Instead, this is just an example to show how people um celebrate the new new year differently across china, okay um so london here in singapore, is one of the biggest festival and there’s two days public holidays, but of course, especially the chinese community. They definitely took more than two two days to celebrate, and one of the main thing that we do is um reunion dinner, so usually it’s with the family and of course, when they go back to workplace, then we do some kind of celebration, reunion, dinner or gathering With the colleagues in the office, the next thing is um. It looks amazing that the way the whole country is decorated based on the the theme of that year. So if it is a year of ox, it will be based on that team and it will be decorated. It looks amazing. I wish i could show you the photos or videos. That would be great. The other thing is the dress. Of course everybody wear the traditional dress, if not then red or the color and the share gifts so there’s. Another tradition that everybody share, gives oranges and, of course, some hong kong. They call it so this is amazing and actually it brings a joy to everyone regardless. You celebrate luna new year or, if you don’t, hi i’m cindy from taiwan and luna new year is our biggest holiday. Lunar new new year is the most important holiday in town. We gather with our families and buying some new calls going to temple to play for having a great year and prepare a lot of all kinds of food for our holidays.

Um in taiwan, red represents uh fortunate in our culture, so there will be a lot of red elements during the new year. For example, we will write our spring tablets on the red paper like this, and adults will give children red parkit with new year money with them. And last but not least, people really like to wear ingredients when they’re playing mahjong with their family because they believe that they will bring them good luck to win their money and, on the other hand, the firecrackers will scare the bad luck away. Hello, everybody. My name is gregory pokorny and i’m just going to give a little bit of information about one of the biggest holidays in korea, which is called lunar lunar lunar new year or in korean solar, and this is one of the two big holidays in korea, along with Chuseok that happens in the fall, but for solar, the koreans usually will make this kind of trek to their hometowns, which is usually in the countryside or small villages. So they will leave the metropolis of seoul and they will go to their home towns and meet with their family. A lot of food is prepared, they will wear the traditional korean dress, which is a hambuk, and they will prepare this food and they will go to the grave site of their ancestors offer this food up and they will have a chance to catch up with their Relatives and also get some kind words from their relatives and also get some uh money, which is like kind of a new year’s money from their relatives as well, so it’s, a very important holiday in korea.

Koreans do look forward to this it’s a long drive to their hometowns but it’s, something that they do each and every year so uh. I would just like to just comment to about that and say that uh it’s, uh it’s a it’s, a very good holiday and one that koreans celebrate widely. Thank you. Thank you. Everyone for all those great information.

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