2021, February 13, Utica When Will Utica's Uniqueness Stop Assaulting Us?: ⭐️F&[email protected] Ruview S13 E6

Five joey j was sent home um the girls walk in after the lip sync candy is mad that her boyfriend left uh joey j’s lipstick messages, i’m, a gay ass, which we know. Oh, i love how like when candy’s talking like you. Just see tamisha in the corner, like glaring at her that was like the best untucked ever episode, like i’ve ever seen like there was so much drama and we’ll get to it later, but i’m so upset with what happened to this episode, and so i love la La brie is confessionals in this episode are killer um. This, like it’s, like an atlanta strip club like bottles flying everywhere. So then they’re all sitting on the couch and olivia is like the prompter, so she’s, just like how’s everyone feeling about that thing now. So roo comes in and does walk, arounds um. So first is denali and rose and they’re like weird dancers and then denali’s like i used to work on a cruise ship and dance and ice skate. While the boat was rocking like that ship was sinking and i was in charge of entertaining everyone. While they were dying, i guess rue asked rose like why she hasn’t won yet and rosie’s just like well, i feel like i need to like break down my barriers, so so roo gives her a pep talk and be like people aren’t going to fall in love With you, when you’re perfect it’s, also like um sorry like violet like and like miss fame she’s like you need to show some vulnerability, it’s like one of those again um, so lala and simone didn’t know what disco that their theme was disco sucks.

They didn’t really know what that meant, which i had only heard of this, because i watched this plugging the studio 54 documentary on netflix um, it kind of says, like everything that goes on this video um but anyway. So this episode is like super educational. I feel like about the disco era and like everything that happened in it, and so roy tells them how everyone got together in like a ballpark in chicago and just like, burning disco cds, which is like a little strong like. I would probably do that for country records, but disco it’s like just don’t, listen to it. If you don’t really like it, i don’t know canned butt, mick um. They say how oh bruce just like asking tina questions like tina is the type of queen you think would like know all these and have studied like everything when she gets like all these disco songs, wrong and like bruce. Just like you don’t know what you’re talking about um and then she has got mix she’s like do you have three like disco, songs, you like she’s, like yeah they’re in there somewhere and then candy. She asks candy something she’s like no yeah and then roo’s like what no like. Yes, no like yeah, no, no, no yeah, all right. So next we move on to the choreography segment, also got mix just like she has like the second best confessionals. I would stay next to lala, so elliot and tamisha goes up and it’s supposed to be like the sexy number and then like the choreographer just gives them hula hoops, which, like does not scream like sexy to me and it’s like i get it like.

They were. Probably trying to accommodate to misha, but, like i mean you could see she did the lipstick like she could note some stuff. I feel like the hula hoops were just like, like what’s unsexier than a hula hoop like that screams like middle school like child. To me. Oh and then we also find out how tamisha has a colostomy bag, which i had no idea. I don’t really know even like where it is because you can’t even tell like apparently like no one even noticed because she would like blend it in. But that was like amazing that she was there and like doing all that and like no one knew she’s like. I really hope she comes back for all stars, oh and then denali and rose go up and you think they’re like setting it up for something like out of this world dance, because she’s denali’s like like. Do you want this to fan or break so like yeah everyone’s, like oh, my god, they’re gon na be amazing, we’ll see um, so utica is terrible at dancing. She’S like throwing a piece of piece of fabric. La larie says something about how like she’s, letting that piece of fabric like get to her like own her or something so then they’re all in the work room, they’re starting to get ready and then tina like. I forget it was tina and candy, but like um canned butt mick is together and they they all do like a like, a cheer or whatever, and i think tina calls them, like the mean girls, clique um.

But if you see, if you watch it chloe, you see mixed like rolling her eyes and doesn’t say it like. I feel like she doesn’t want to be known as a clique, like i feel, like god, makes the alaska i just get candy, but candy’s not really like detox detox is like on another level and tina’s, not like roxy, but you know what i mean so here’s, Where they start having some heart to heart, olivia talks about how she used to be really fat and dropped a lot of weight. And then she tells a really sad story about how she couldn’t get on rides at the amusement park, which must have been really like. Sad when you’re that little um candy talks about her heart upgrading to me, she talks about how she grew up in the projects. So i feel like i feel like when candy and tamisha, like heard each other say that i feel like they gained more respect for each other um all right. So now we get to the runway. Um rue walks down and starts talking. So lonnie love is the guest judge um second time as well. I think right um. She was great okay. So now we move on to the musical. So again, very educational. I feel like this is like on reading rainbow or pbs or something so canned. Butt mick um goes first and they’re doing well. They do some like shady noise sounds like candy’s dancing, candy’s, like kind of some stuff up, tina’s really into it.

She has really great dresses like moving like flarey, like stringy things. Also, i felt like it was weird because i was expecting them to be like lip syncing, because there were words, i think too, but they were just like dancing and just smiling. So it was like weird because you think, like oh drag queen they’re gon na lip sync, but they weren’t and i feel like they could have because the words weren’t that like complicated, i don’t know it was just weird. It was tamisha and elliott um. I mean tamisha looks like she’s doing good, but you can tell like, when they’re setting her up to be like not good, because they play like the symbol like the shade symbol like so they’d adapt like some of her movements um. But i thought she was pretty good and i liked her outfit then utica goes with um, i think it’s with is it with olivia um or no? No utica goes with someone simone. I don’t know anyway, and i like i like her hair. They hated her hair, but i thought it was. It was good it wasn’t disco, it looked like um like a girl in a library. It was like locked in there forever in her character that long um, but it was good. I like the outfit she was making. The faces which we’ll get into that, but um so denali and rosago, but it was very, like i don’t know it was because the choreography they gave them, but it was very like yeah.

It was good, but it wasn’t, like you guys, are trained dancers and have been doing this for like on cruise ships. Good, like i don’t, know, just very underwhelming and so like at the very last number. They all kind of they’re, all kind of just like standing in a line after they were gon na. Do like the tunnel, like you, know, like they kind of walk down two by two and just like dance, which i think they should do the limbo or something is that disco i don’t know all right. So next we move on to the runway and the theme is little black dress, which i thought was cool, interesting um. So tina comes out um and you see a reveal coming from a mile away because she’s wearing like a poncho with a big zipper in the middle and it’s, not black, so i don’t know, but she like takes it off and it’s just like something with like. Like hands on boobs and hands on her butt but it’s like no one’s touching your boobs, so candy goes and it’s kind of, like. I remember milk’s dress from like all stars it’s very that with like the cut out and like it’s, like very seen that before um, like those t shirts, with like the the bikini bodies on them um and like the grease in her hair, it looks like she Literally, like face planted into like the curb with like a pile of mud like it was, it was gross she’s way too much.

I think i don’t know so got mixed is a very like valentina, like detox thing, where she just walks out naked with the little dress on her her crotch area and butt um yeah. I liked it. I thought it was inventive, but again because it does, it did feel like we have seen it a little bit, but it was a little cool twist on it. I guess um, but i would like her to see like it feels like she hasn’t worn anything like really made like huge and like amazing, you know, like cos big costume, i don’t know so. Then elliott comes down the runway and he, like basically does the assignment um, but i don’t know if anyone else caught this but like during his confessional like describing, he was like yeah like um every once in a while. Someone like on the street goes like. Is that a man or woman like every once in a while girl like yeah, when it’s like pitch black and foggy so tanisha, comes down? She does like a classic classic drag look um, but if you have, if you’ve seen um what to pack in, she says that, like she forgot to put on like the jewelry and stuff which, like i totally can relate, i like, if you watch the first like Two or three videos i don’t have like on any jewelry um super, embarrassing um, but i think it was good like i thought it was great um she made it herself i mean so olivia comes down.

I thought this was not great, like the hair was good, but i thought the dress was just so basic and i thought it like it struck me as like ill fitting, but then she in her special she was like fits me like a glove i’m like yeah, Like oj’s glove, so utica comes down and it’s very similar to like one of her last runways, where, like she had the earrings like the lives, manelli bob. I think i feel like it’s like the same hair, and she just has like a gold lemay like bodysuit, with like a dress over it, and then i didn’t. I still didn’t understand this even after she explained it, she was her earrings. Oh, i think i just got it didn’t make sense, because i don’t think her earrings were like had gold skin. I don’t know it just didn’t make any sense because they couldn’t even see her earring. So denali comes down. I didn’t like this. I thought it was. She needs to either go farther with it like the spider thing or just not do it at all, and she had the weird like it reminded me of widow von do’s um runway, where she had the black eyes and then the gown, but this one it just Didn’T make sense because it was just like a spider. I don’t know i, it was okay, but i wouldn’t have said it was, and i think it like ultimately prevented her from being in the top teeth.

Um but rose comes down. She wear is this her? Like? Fifth outfit, with like tulle like every one of her outfits. Has this like roughly tool or like something roughly um. I think she looks like a swiffer, so la la re, um, lala re comes down and she it’s good, but she has this like jewel like dripping. Like shoulder neck piece, i just felt like it didn’t really fit well, because it was like kind of like getting caught on like the front of her dress um. So i feel like she could have either had a different dress with it or had somehow had a different top. I just didn’t think they went together, um and then simone that hair. That hair was so good. It looked like sonic the hedgehog rings, but yeah simone. Another killer look so now we move on to the critiques. So i love like denali’s face when she’s safe, like she’s just like so they announced the top stir. They announced the six that will get rid of critiques um, so there’s tina, candy um, elliot tamisha, olivia utica, so like i’m kind of thinking, olivia’s like in the bottom – and i think i was thinking like tamesha well, i knew she was gon na be in the Bottom two i don’t know, but anyway so tina, they like the performance, um candy. They like the look, but they also critique like her hair, look kind of a mess. Um.

The outfit was a little plain. She also gets red on the dancing and stuff um so elliot, like so michelle says: it’s like a basic dress um, but that they like the dancing essentially to misha. They love the outfit but didn’t like the dancing which i was like girl like. They know that she she couldn’t, walk since monday six months ago, like i know that you should judge everyone to the same standard, but at the same time it’s like that dress was amazing and she made it herself like, i feel like she should have gotten prop Credit for that um, so olivia, i was gagged at the olivier commons because they like the hair, which i was like. Oh it’s, just like a big, i don’t know it didn’t strike me as anything crazy and they loved they liked her dancing, which i i get it like. She did the smile. You know she was very into it. Um and her dress was great during the dancing. So i i get that um, but i don’t know i just didn’t think i thought they would. They would have critiqued the dress but yeah. So utica it’s like when you have to explain the look they’re like um, so utica like explain what is going on she’s. Like i’m, my earrings they’re, like what she’s like you, see these like two inch like they look like nutcrackers or something, and i was just like and then her hair was like a hook or her her like hat.

If girl, it was just so it didn’t make sense. It was like tammy brown moment. Oh, but i love like after i think, carson called her like eleanor roosevelt with a low pony. I love carsman carson carsman, so the lip sync song is hit. Him up style, hit him up style, love that song all right. So now we move on to the lip sync it’s, candy muse versus tamisha ooh drum well yeah. I mean we kind of saw this coming um, so i don’t know i think. Well so candy was doing a lot of. She was really emotional. You could see it on her face. She was doing a really emotional lip. Sync uh tamesha was kind of doing like a classic lip sync with like a little dancing. I thought it was good, but i think you could tell that candy. She like really wanted it. She like really wanted it, and i think she wanted it even a little bit more than tamesha did and i think they saw that and that’s why i think she won. So i ultimately do agree so also candy’s like punching, and then she like shows the leg on the back, which i feel like wasn’t melissa, edwards, the first to do that. I don’t know um. So after like i was expecting because this was before untucked, where they kind of like hashed out, but i was kind of expecting them to like. You know it to be like a fifi moment which is like no don’t hug me um, but they hug um and then candy stays um and then tamisha to me.

She has to sasha away just and she’s just so like she’s such a classy like like classic queen, and you could tell like.

What do you think?

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