Earthquake, Japan, Tsunami, Fukushima Minami-Sanriku Tsunami Japan 2011

The city had perhaps the greatest tsunami defense system of any place in the world. With the 26 feet. Sea wall barricading the majority of the city from the pacific annual tsunami. Drills has prepared minami san rico’s population, but the disaster plan was designed to protect the city from a tsunami. Less than half the hate of the 2011 event as in most areas affected by the greatest wave heights, the tsunami in minami san rico did not develop into a boar and instead traveled inland as a rapidly rising flood. Around 3 45 pm the water in the harbor. Slowly began to rise port side buildings and ripping boats from their moorings, the city seawalls the turbulent ocean back from residential areas to the north. Within a few minutes, however, the ocean began to rise more quickly and soon the freezing herbal waters overtopped the city’s defenses Music, Music, uh loud warnings broadcast from the city hall to the area as the tsunami ripped apart, buildings nearest the sea wall, temporarily clogging the streets With debris as the water continued rising at greater than 10 feet per minute, the debris dams gave way and massive front of water bulldozed through the city. Applause Music. The speaker system fell silent at the tsunami, swallow the disaster management headquarters, killing dozens of town officials, including the 24 year old woman in charge of the disaster announcements, rainforest steel gates more than three feet thick were ripped from the coastal defense wall, allowing the tsunami to Sweep inland unimpeded a government official in minamisanriku snapped this final photograph at the tsunami.

Over top the roof of the disaster management headquarters located 43 feet above street level moments later, the building was completely submerged. The photographer and the towns major were briefly held under water, while gripping a railing at the base of the building’s area of the 30 people. On the roof, only 10 survived mikko endo. The 24 year old woman in charge of the speaker announcement was among the fatalities. The average inundation, the height of minami sunrico port, was approximately 45 feet and the watermark 67.3 feet above sea level was measured. Just southwest of the city center, the final that, though, was difficult to ascertain but ranged between 904 and 1100. Several dozen residents survived atop the rule of a 50 ft evacuation shelter on the shore from thought: the water completely submerged the building by two feet. More than half on minami sanriku’s buildings were swept completely away. Erasing old traces of the city. Love lying areas had left extreme building damage in minamisanriku. The three story: building reduced a red skeleton at left center in the remains of the disaster management headquarters at right. Most of the area was sweat bare, including half of the city’s tsunami shelters. Thanks to the courage of miki endu who, despite the deadly danger, she consistently continued broadcasting to city residents. She saved thousands of lives from certain death she paid for her heroic deed with her life. On april 23rd, mickey’s body was found in shizugawa bay about 700 meters from the coast.

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