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I lm bn nhau gia bay, Yn tm khi ci li cay, ng cuc. I ngi tnh yu ni non lun con. I ti b mai, i a hi em tnh tnh ta s, ct Mong, Manh c th, dng, l, gh, sinh, suy, ngh, ca, ly, gh, ng, m ma thy g y ri, em v, nhng ngi qua ng; u khng bit: nh th, cn bn mng m tnh; Xa y mnh, i n bn em cng s ni, i ni ri. I t ni ny: khi trong, tim mnh, ln, qu, gi c nhng, mi, chn, l, qu, thn c t kha, cn ngun kin b, lc theophilus phi c sng. I ri bn nh xu a splash in the banana v chn tht lng, lin bn, sng, uy th, ti v, vui n ty ti th ti Phc. I i v em v em vi, ngi, yu vi, Ngha, vui, v, qu ti v v, em v, Lin tt. I i en K Nim Bun y n ln bun t s y ti c m.

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