Meek Mill, 6ix9ine, 69, Nine Trey Gangsters, Hip hop music Kodak Black CONFIRMS to the World He's Not a CLONE! (Why He Seems Different Now)

Now they are calling him kodak jackson, because the fans are loving. His return now it’s, like he’s some big pop star now plus kodak black’s first cousin, speaks and addresses the clone rumors on kodak black now you’ll be surprised what he had to say, plus i told y’all that junebug challenge was going to get someone in trouble. Now this time casting over two times is about to get thrown under the jail for doing this junebug challenge on camera, while locked up now, i can’t believe this now let’s get into the news now casanova’s in big trouble again now. This time is for doing the junebug challenge during a video chat visit, while inside the joint. Now for those who don’t know, the junebug challenge has been running social media. Now it pretty much made that song beat boxed by the rapper spottom got him go viral and made him very famous, so anyway, casanova performed the video, while imprisoned in his state oranges were federal oranges. Actually now, according to the reports, now casanova had his visitation privileges revoked and is facing additional disciplinary charges for not wearing a face mask during the video visit. Now, on top of that, have you ever seen someone post their friends while they’re locked up on social media? Maybe post a picture or video chat, that’s actually illegal and prohibited, so it looks like since casanova didn’t get that bill. He doesn’t care and he’s, making himself comfortable and having a little bit of fun while at it now here is the video rolling.

So hopefully, casanova can get his life together and hopefully his legal team can pull through for the rapper, so he can come home to his family. Now, once i hear more information about this case, you’ll be the first to hear from me now, as for a rapper who’s been home we’re talking about kodak black now not only is kodak black a real one in these florida streets he’s. Definitely a man of the community. Now we have learned from kodak black’s legal team that kodak black is looking out for two families, so long story short recently, two fbi agents passed away in broadway county and those agents had kids. Now kodak black actually sent a letter over to the fbi director in miami to offer his money and efforts to pay for those kids college tuition going forward. So, like i said, kodak black is looking out for the people and paying it forward. I know i got a lot of gangsters in these comments, so tell me this: do you think this is a form of kodak black working with the people or is it not the case at all? Let me know in the comments below now. Everybody knows kodak black is in tampa florida for super bowl weekend and everybody wanted a glimpse of kodak, while he’s in town now here is a video of kodak black, while driving to the club looks like he’s with his entourage and he’s moving around like the president.

Everybody wants a picture. People want to touch him, see him now. I want to ask you guys this: do you think an artist actually going to jail? Does it help his celebrity in his marketing? It seems like we’re always getting praise for the things that we do wrong. I mean we’ll get welcome home like gucci, mane, nba, young boy, all of the rappers that go to jail. They come back. It seems like they’re a little bit bigger but roll it Music. Three now here is kodak black doing his thing in the club now keep in mind. Kodak was the first rapper to wear iced out face masks. Now they are saying that kodak black actually refused to perform, but he showed up for her appearance but say the less kodak black was in the building and he was drinking water. Now i respect this so much. Hopefully, these just can take heed sober, healthy and picking up a bag, while at it there’s nothing wrong with it. Now, when everybody on social media was saying, kodak black was a clone. I wasn’t exaggerating now kodak black’s, first cousin had to get on his instagram page to clear up the rumors that his cousin was being a clone or been cloned. Like i said yesterday, it looks like kodak black did a complete 180.. He seems humble sober and aware of his surroundings, which i commit nothing wrong with growth roll it you ain’t, gon na win with internet.

You feel me a little cut came home, moving different thinking about every step. He doing checking his surroundings, everybody think he’ll clone. Now you know what i’m saying can’t win. You feel me, you got ta stand dog when you live a fast life before you went in and you had to go sit for a year, not two three months but a whole year, and you think you was about to do two three years and you got Spelled think about it, man, since man, that boy was in that thing hurt boy. You know what i’m saying listen: i’m being locked down. So after the day you know i’m sad. I came out different. I went in that long held past my waist. I came out two five brush ain’t think i will clone them. It’S the game boy now let’s talk about this. In the comments i mean kodak black is trying to make it right and everybody’s trying to clown him, but deep down inside we know. Kodak is right around the corner and just in a minute or just a second, he can snap back and be in the kodak, so let’s not provoke him or make him go back now, thanks. So much again to the end of this, video today is super bowl. Sunday now comment below what team do you think is going to win? I think the tampa bay bucks are going to win it and bring it home. I mean they’re in the hometown of tampa florida and how can you go against tom brady? Let me know in the comments what team you got hop in the comments box.

Let me know what you think i’m in the news with it, and i will catch you on the next one. Happy sunday happy super bowl sunday i’ll catch you tomorrow. First of all, if you’re a black man amen, we’ll never give up on our black knees. Remember you always a king, and this is a new shot. Please do what you do and still continue to be great and i got ta hug.

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