The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Kathy Wakile, Bravo, E! News Melissa Gorga Reveals She and Joe Are ‘Struggling’ in Their Marriage

I mean. Obviously you were home and you know you had to um. You know homeschool your children you’re with joe 24 7.. I mean what was that environment like for you guys different. It was different. It was like i i like my space i’m, very independent. I love being a mother, i love being a wife but like come on. We all just like, like i wake up in the morning i’m like. Why are you all here, like i don’t understand, like i like to have my coffee in peace i like to get everyone ready, it’s send them out first, and it goes to school and, like everyone was still here all the time – and i know i’m, not just Speaking speaking for a lot of moms out, there it’s a lot it’s a lot and, on top of it, trying to do school with them when you’re a working mother and also trying to do my own thing and like helping them. I it’s like gibberish to me. I’M, like i don’t, know what is happening here so um. It was definitely rough and with joe – and i you know it’s like you realize, like we’re, both very workaholic, so we’re working all the time and then but now we were both home 24 hours a day and i was like we started to look at each other Cross eyed i’m, like what did you just say like it was like it’s a lot of time together, and i think that it’s just a reality of it for a lot of people.

Listen, we had some great times. We played board games with our kids, which i feel like never happens because they’re always blue through their phones. I feel like we watched movies. We did have a lot of great family time, but it was also it brought some tensions, especially for us and you’ll, see that this season it’s very raw it’s, very real it’s, very different, this season for joe and i what you’re going to see – and i think That we’ve done very good for 11 years we’re a great couple. We try really hard. We fight really hard for our family and it’s, not easy to be on reality, tv for 11 years and still stand strong and i will say, we’ve done a really good job. Yeah and we’re so open and so honest about our last our struggles. The last like, i would just say it started happening within the two. It got a little hard for us and it’s because of my work and the reality show and um just it’s, not just the reality, show it’s it’s, envy it’s, bringing me out the door so much just my independence and my work independence. He struggles with. He always struggled with, but i think the last couple years got harder and i had a lot more going on and um it just all came out it just it comes out this season, it’s it’s, real, we didn’t, even you could tell it wasn’t planned it wasn’t.

Even like meant to be talked about, but i think the passive aggressive comments here and there and i just exploded and i’m just like you’re talking about me again right like me right right here yeah, so it was like it’s just it. We just exploded, and i maybe does have to do with um the quarantine and just like a lot of time and i don’t know. But i will i have to pat us on the back at some point, because i don’t know a couple who has stayed this strong and stayed. You know keeping their family together and happy. We really have been happy for so many years and we’re hitting a little point here, especially over the summer um and you’re gon na see that i mean what what is his because jackie said that yesterday too, like i think she said that you know joe struggled With that you’re not the same woman that he married because obviously you’re doing so many different things, you have so many different businesses and you’re kind of pulled in all different directions. I mean what is his biggest struggle with that with you. I think he does not like change. He doesn’t want change. He doesn’t want to see change. He likes things to stay the same. I think he likes that you know and it it goes a little deeper like i i’ve been with him since i’m, 24 years old. You know i’m, 40 now so it’s like it’s it’s, i’ve changed and i feel like this is a scary part of marriage, because you’re either i’m growing so it’s either you’re gon na grow together or you’re going to grow apart, and i think we’re fighting really hard To grow together, um and it’s, not easy and and we’re just being super honest about it, it’s not easy we’re struggling we’re struggling, but i i’m not sitting here telling telling you that, like i’m moving out of my house today, um, but we were struggling and we Show it are you still struggling? Are you guys in a better place? Do you feel, like i think, we’re we’re fighting out of it we’re we’re working on it and we’re working really hard and it’s? Not what we really want is each other so um and we love our kids and our family and there’s just so much history.

I mean it just take a little give and take i’m, not the same girl. I was when i was 24.. You know i gave up a lot to to stay home and to take care of my kids um and now my kids are more independent and i want i want things back that i had um when i was in college when i was working three jobs when I met joe, i think he forgets who i am deep down inside, like the reason joe fell in love with me is because i work three jobs. You know so little things like that, but you’ll see that throughout the season yeah i mean. Was there ever a point that you thought? Oh, my god, this relationship might be over or was that just never even an option for you guys because you’re like i’m fighting for this, for my marriage, no i’m, not one of those who’s in denial? I’M. Not one of those who will say like no matter what we’ll stay together, even if we’re miserable no, i don’t believe in that. I do believe in fighting hard if you’re in love with each other, and if you can, if you have, you know, you have memories you have. You know i do believe i’m. Not like you, don’t, throw something out the window. You work hard for it and that’s.

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