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There is a background behind them And if we talk about 14 February 2021 means Valentine’s Day Behind this. We also hear some historical events. Remember. This festival is created by the West. It has become a dirty day for the feelings of love, the determination of restless hearts and the pain of emotions.. The concept of Valentine’s Day is understandable to Westerners., But in the East. The trend for Valentine’s Day is un understandable Because the family system is gone from the West, While the center of all happiness is the family Parents, siblings relatives are all members of the family, But Westerners have been deprived of all these blessings. That is why they choose different days to find their happiness. There is no reality behind these days, But still they choose absurd rituals, different festivals, unreal days and commotions to find happiness.. But if we talk about the eastern people, So they still have a family system Because of which there is happiness in every home. Everyone laughs and smiles let’s talk about the Valentine Day, history, Friends, you may have heard many stories and sayings about Valentine’s Day., But the fact that you will hear now. Taken from the Encyclopedia Britannica. This book contains various incidents related to Valentine’s Day. But now we will read its first narration, on which many historians agree. It says that the reality of Valentine’s Day dates back to pre Christian times in Rome.. The Romans of this period celebrate the festival from February 13 to February 15, And this celebration was known as Feas of Lupercaoius.

. They celebrated this festival in honor of their gods to please them.. These deities include the god of nature, the goddess of women and marriage, the Roman god who had love affairs with many goddesses.. On this occasion, the names of all the young girls would be written on slips and put in a pot.

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