Valentine’s Day, Love, Self-care, Emotional well-being HOW TO LOVE YOURSELF// 10 TIPS TO BE SINGLE ON VALENTINE'S DAY

As always, i am very excited for today’s video and this one is going to be valentine’s day inspired because by the time you’re seeing this valentine’s day is going to be in two days. Some of you may have babes or booze or wices or whatever the hell. You want to call it, but there are many of us single pringles still out here. So i just wanted to do a quick little video on how to help you guys out have an amazing valentine’s day, just loving yourself, not worrying about anybody else or anything like that. So this kind of goes into the emotional and mental aspect of health. If you’re into my channel hi, my name is samantha or sammy for short and i am a certified personal trainer. So i do a lot of health and fitness content and this again happens to be in the more mental aspect of health, which i think is just as important as the physical. If you are interested in anything like that, then please make sure you hit subscribe and hit the notification bell. So you can inform when i upload my next video and while you’re at it please go. Follow me on instagram samantha5 underscores and yes, it is five underscores because my name is very popular. You can also follow me on tic, tac sammy for short now, with all of that being said, let’s get into the video. So the first thing i want everybody to keep in mind straight off the bat it’s that valentine’s day is just another day, like somebody just decided that that’s the day that everybody is going to be loving on each other and hooking up and going on dates and Doing all these big romantic gestures? Yes, it is sweet and you know whenever i do get to celebrate a valentine’s day with a significant other.

I know i’ll enjoy it. I feel like it’s a little less special, because it’s kind of forced, like it’s a day that you have to do something, because, if you don’t you’re more than likely going to get yelled at by your significant, you know what i mean so just kind of remember. It’S just another day you don’t have to let it affect you if you don’t want it to. If you really think about like, i was mentioning earlier with the pressure put on it. Just remember that you don’t have to worry about getting anyone anything you don’t have to worry about, messing it up or not being good enough for this or that or things going wrong. You just get to chill. So just keep all that in mind. Number two is to pamper yourself. This means get your nails done, get your hair done, get the facial. Those are all things that i’m actually gon na do friday, night i’m, getting my nails done and saturday i’m getting facial i’m. Just really excited to like look my best for me, nobody else, but me and that’s such a huge, i don’t know. I just love the idea of doing things for me and not having to worry about anybody else. This is the day to be selfish. If you don’t have anybody, obviously, if you have somebody then there’s an issue, but if you’re single you get to be selfish, as so take this time to spoil yourself number three is to dress up so on the actual day of valentine’s day don’t just lay around In your sweatpants, because guess what that’s not gon na make you feel sexy, that’s, not gon na make.

You feel good about yourself unless you love what you look like in sweatpants, but i for one do not so dress up. I already have a really cute outfit planned i’m gon na be wearing these tights and a skirt with this little bow tie pink top and a big black sweater over top, but i’m i’m super excited just dress up as if you’re going to date, because that’s going To lead us into our next hit, which is to go on a date now hold up. I know what you’re thinking didn’t you just say that we needed to be single living our best life. Yes, i did, but take yourself on a date or if that is too depressing or you don’t have the confidence to go out on your own. Invite a friend do a galentine’s day. If you have kids go on a date with your kids that’s. Actually, what i’m doing i’m going to take him on this really nice day, i’m gon na try and get us to do indoor mini golfing. If we can going to his favorite place, called the jumping place and then go to his favorite restaurant, which is red robin, and i think we’re gon na have a movie night that night i’m just so happy to like take him out and just do it. I love doing things for me and him i’ll be honest. I wasn’t gon na do all that stuff, but i just got really excited at the back, knowing that i don’t need anybody to help with him, and i don’t need anybody to help with me.

I can do these things and have a great time on my own and just kind of making an empowering thing. So, whatever works for you, whether it be going on a date by yourself going out with a friend you spoiling a friend that makes you feel good. Do it boiling your children, whatever the case may be, you go on a date and if you’re scared about going out because of povid, i get it give yourself a nice little date night at home, dress up set some candles get some lighting watch a good movie. Do something at home that’s for you treating yourself to a date or a good time. Number four is to try something new, so this could be in the date category whether that be indoor skydiving. Maybe you go to a bookstore for the first time, because i actually met somebody the other day that has never gone to a bookstore. Obviously this is going to depend on the area that you live in because of the restrictions and rules and what’s open and what’s. Not open but go to a new restaurant go to an escape room. Watch that new movie you’ve been wanting to watch or read a new book or try something completely wild that you’ve. Never ever ever done before. Just pick up a new hobby do something new that’s going to excite you and kind of take your mind off of things. Six is self care, so after the day’s over you can take off your nice outfit.

You can take off your makeup and give yourself some nice relaxing self care. I personally don’t like baths, but i know a lot of girls do so if you want to run a bubble bath with whatever lovely bath bomb things are, i don’t know exfoliate relax in the tub. Do a hair mask do a face, mask foam, rolling, a good skin care routine, do all of the things that you need to do only physically but mentally. Keep you at your best and just make you feel good there’s. Always that phrase of like you need to love yourself before you can love anybody else and that’s. True, if you potentially want that future valentine’s day, then you need to be your best valentine’s day now make the best of the situation and give yourself all the love in the world so that you are able to receive that and give it off to somebody else. Your next habit is to read, get your mind off of things: either read something that is going to allow you to escape your reality or read something that’s going to help. You fix your reality or grow as a human being and learn and become more knowledgeable. So one is to either do some yoga or workout. I prefer yoga on a daily valentine’s day, because i think it reflects that self love. I think yoga is one of the biggest components of self love, because stretching is something that many of us do not do enough.

I’Ve been putting off yoga for about a month and a half now, maybe even two months and that’s, not good at all. It’S not good, for my mind, that’s, not good for my body and if you haven’t tried it before. I would really try this valentine’s day, because it makes the world of a difference and it gets you in tune with your body. If yoga is not your thing, maybe a nice little workout doesn’t have to be anything too intense unless it’s something you’re into, but just getting in touch with your body will also help you get in touch with your mind and vice versa. Next is to cozy up, you finished your night routine. You finished all of the things that you need to do and now it’s time to cozy up just relax, get back in those sweatpants be as comfortable as possible. Get a fuzzy blanket, get some comfort food put on a movie, or maybe this is when you also decide to read that book or something just make sure you are your absolute most relaxed best self. You are done the day you made it, and hopefully you had a really good time. Our tenth and final tip is to remember your self worth you and your happiness is so much more important than any relationship you could have, especially if you’re young, but really at any age. You have so much more to life than somebody else and caring for somebody else and worrying about somebody else.

I kind of am going back to this point. Like i mentioned earlier about being selfish, not all the times when you have certain responsibilities like yes, i can’t be completely selfish, because i have my son, but to an extent i am going to be selfish i’m, going to be selfish with my time that i do Have when it’s me time it’s for me it’s not for anybody else, i think a lot more people need to realize what they’re worth realize the value that they have use their time wisely for them stop worrying about what other people think stop worrying about. Oh, no one loves me and i’m gon na be lonely for the rest of my life. That’S, not true that’s. So not true. If you keep telling yourself that that maybe because it’s thoughts like that, that are the reason that people are getting a bad vibe and a negative energy from you and they don’t want that they don’t want to try and fix somebody all the time. So take this day and take the next couple months couple years, maybe to work on yourself realize your value and try to build yourself up so that somebody is better able to love you and be there for you in the future. Even if it’s not right. Now we all have somebody there’s somebody out there for us, and we have to put trust into the universe, that we are worthy of somebody’s love and that we will get it.

We just have to be patient. I know i kind of went off on a couple. Tangents here i hope that all kind of made sense and corresponds together in the end i’ll guess i’ll figure out when i edit this video but that’s all i have for you today. So if you enjoyed it, please give it a thumbs up and comment below what was your favorite tip in this video? Also, what are your plans for valentine’s day? I would love to hear it please. I would like everybody to be a little bit more engaging in the comments. It would kind of help me out a bit more also.

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