Valentine’s Day, Love, Self-care, Emotional well-being Miracle Moment – What Valentine's Day Teaches Up About Self-Love

I am one of the co leaders of your year of miracles, where we teach thousands of people around the world. How to live in the miracle zone and today’s miracle moment is about self love and what valentine’s day can teach us about self love? And you know we know that it’s valentine’s day coming up, because if you go into any drugstore, you see entire aisles filled with boxes of chocolate and pink and red fluffy, pillows and teddy bears and all sorts of advertisements that give us ideas about what this day Should be like, and it’s it’s wonderful to have a day that is dedicated to celebrating love, but the challenge can come if it creates certain expectations in our minds about what love should really look like you know, should our lovability be measured by whether we have a Partner or by how many boxes of chocolates we get or about how many valentine’s day cards we get. Of course not. You know if we aren’t showered with the affection that we’re hoping for or the affection that we’re expecting on valentine’s day it can. You know we can end up feeling, disappointed or or feeling that we just aren’t as lovable as we or as loved as we want to be, and i know also, if we’re not in a primary relationship, it can be. You know easy to create a story about our lovability, especially if we start to compare ourselves to the images that we see everywhere in the media.

So our first invitation to you on valentine’s day is to drop the expectations on other people to shower you with the love, because the truth is you are that love? Your core essence is love, it is the it is the essential nature of who we are, and the next invitation that i have for you is to treat yourself the way that you’d, like someone else to treat you on valentine’s day. You know what, if we gave ourselves the that level of love and attention and appreciation that we expect from somebody else. You know the same thing happens. When someone treats you wonderfully your heart opens, you feel relaxed. You feel happy well that happens when we also give ourselves that gift there is. There is an energy of receiving love that that we can experience whether that receiving of love comes from someone else or from ourselves. So how do we do it? We can do this in really simple ways being our own valentine. You know do for yourself. What you’d want to have? Somebody else do for you on valentine’s day. You could prepare yourself, a nice meal. You could get yourself some flowers, you could write yourself. A love letter or a valentine’s card. You could tell yourself everything that you love and appreciate about yourself, and i know that this can seem a little uncomfortable. It can seem hard. It can seem awkward like oh come on that’s, just corny or weird yeah.

It could be uncomfortable because you’re not used to doing this, but i invite you to just try it out and see how you feel. Truly, you are worthy of receiving that kind of loving care and that kind of attention and it’s a very powerful way to show yourself that you are worthy when you show up for yourself in loving ways, so it naturally actually builds up your love for yourself when You treat yourself in loving ways and when you start to know and believe and feel how worthy and valuable you are unconditionally, not because of something, but just because of who you are. Your life begins to open up in new and miraculous ways. So i invite you to leave a comment below and let us know how you’re going to shower yourself with love this valentine’s day and then make sure that you go. Do it, and i want to end with this quote from oscar wilde. Who said to love oneself. Is the beginning of a lifelong romance? So i wish you a lifelong romance of self love.

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