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What are the picks? We got to hurry this up jones eric jones. Wait is eric jones in this one. Yes yeah danny squirrels, danny suarez, i oh hamlin, i’m gon na say stenhouse. I got ta say stenhouse he’s, either gon na record he’s or he’s, making it they’re going green holy we’re racing we’re going oval racing in before somebody blows a tire but it’s actually crazy, we’re racing. We have cars on track side by side next to each other. Going at least 150 miles an hour with kyle larson, the best driver in the field. What is that the race for the racing don’t collect anything? Oh my god look at it. It looks so good, so ty, dillon, austin, syndrick or timmy hill are making the 500.. I really want austin centric dude yeah. I don’t know what his plan is here: they’re going in already cedric’s vibing and he’s like what’s this he’s getting shoved out. Oh, my god, look at this they’re gon na wreck right here, it’s gon na be half the field lap. Three! Oh, my god, dude first, three by three arson holy hell, holy dude, they’re three by three by three by three they’re gon na wreck; they’re gon na rack racing and prepare you for playing. Oh, my god, the two nights, two nicest paint schemes in the field – one two there he is are struggling. It looks like can’t, really push it. What a save great save great, save no we’re, not going to point out the 33 just tokyo through there, hello, okay, they’re, about to wreck.

I don’t want to. We know how this works come back, hopefully it’s trying to go to bed! No, no right! Now! You’Re going to bed already, no, i just woke up from a nap head ass, uh! Oh, does this mean he’s not going to be pole, that’s a backup don’t? They just move the whole lane up right, Music. I remember that Music, oh we’re, here this changes. Everything. Oh he’s, going three wide: oh no, no newman! I didn’t like that. He said flip it over yeah don’t say that they got ta go, they got ta; they they got them. Oh, i feel like these. Toyotas are gon na. Try something! Oh i made it. Oh, i went green the whole way: okay, i’m. All looking low 20s, looking, oh god, they’re getting uncomfortable. What are you doing? Walk your own teammate? Well, what run they are going to get a massive run. Ty dylan just made the daytona 500.. You think of a gap eric get back to him, come on block like hell here’s our screen. Oh my god. Oh danny back out wait his quarter panel. All right come on. Oh, he pulled it back all right. He got him. He got had it. Oh yeah yeah he’s he’s out of breath i’ll let up a candle no way, no way really good move by elmer after he almost threw it away. Let’S see that on sunday, yeah let’s kill them look at the move by pulling it enjoy lego dumbassery right there.

I think oh get the hell out of the way there. He is the 500 guy. Thank god. I really wanted him and we’re back again, two and a half hours later, or how long has it been two hours? A minute ish i don’t know i was uh. Is that the pick a wall that’s the kyle version? I don’t want to go with kyle busch, because i want him to get the daytona. Oh my pick, um hurry. I don’t know all right all right, hey no rule! You have to make your pick before they cross the start and finish line like that. I, like that yeah. No. I had no clue. Applause. Music, oh dead, all right! You know what maybe i should have picked him. Guy’S gon na take himself out jesus christ. No dragon is already up like serious rock is already up there. He’S mirror driving oh yeah, already lap one, and he already just pulled the meanest block of 2021.. Oh you’re dead, oh okay, don’t block that okay yeah. You know what this room. No, i like everybody in this race yeah. I know everybody. Oh i don’t know i don’t know they were just viving. I don’t know yeah. Oh don’t tell me he cleared himself, no blue tire. Oh that’s got ta be up on top, oh and then alfredo hit the back of the sixteen Music it’s gon na, make it harder for them, but it’s fixable ambrose. I think the worst damage for the 16.

. This is the caution, though, god awesome dylan’s over the place. Austin, please it’s a straight line, but i know this is a conqueror if you struggle with but it’s a straight line. Smith returned 37 years old four minutes ago, brad happy birthday, bro, oh my god. It became his birthday while he’s on track. How often does that happen? Not a lot right, that’s, pretty cool. I thought he was going to turn him back. I thought smith was about to always play right. They should wreck each other, that’d be cool. Oh side, draft racing each other go bottom smith. Pedal in that thing, unrivaled right here. What is happening there’s too much going on. I think harvick should go up. Tippy top oh yeah, oh he’s, run by barton fire huge run, holy run, come on get in there and huge running bro huge run, byron stayed exactly where he was that was on kissonski. Really i played it during the ride. So i heard it almost looks: like bread came up that’s what i don’t know we’ll see i totally forgot start recording but i’m. So sad, bro, let’s, just watch the recording and fake react to it. Yeah! Well, hey that’s! What we’re gon na do? Oh god, have you not? Okay? So you just missed it right. Oh i’m, pretty good at acting excited but i’m not excited. Here we go yeah we’re, never holding the road ready! Oh it’s, in slow motion weirdly enough shut up.

Oh oh good, that’s that sucks man! I haven’t i haven’t seen this before. Oh thank you huge wreck. Oh my god watch over byron, wow deja vu right. I think eric is definitely on the front row. Now yeah yeah poor dragon who’s going to make it in. I think it’s going to grow up whose fault was that i don’t know it looked really close. So i saw it again and then it just looks like i’m looking at it. Smithy made the move, but then keselowski kind of like came up a little bit, but it almost looks like smithy just thought he had more room there. Oh no, the game was really drunk it closed. I thought he was there, but damn bro that’s got to be a backup for the 24.. Oh brad’s, coming up there. I don’t know he’s, cracked, Music, really quick, no quickly made his decision and then brad started no oh he’s, pretty oh he’s. So happy look! He’S celebrating you hate to see it for brendan gone, though using the credit one bank, oh like one to go. Oh dad, he’s going he’s taking it. Oh what’s, he gon na. Do no, oh, what a breakaway! Oh, oh brad! Can i let’s get something like an arc boys learning his place? This do look like arka right now: okay, what’s gon na go happen here. They’Re gon na end, like this you’re gon na pick up big time and a half a last year.

All right! Oh hello, maybe smithy’s close enough here we go here. We go. I don’t know what they’re gon na do. Oh hello, harvick, oh boy, oh no, don’t tell me he’s there. He needs something. Please don’t! Let her explain it. Oh here comes the rest of the pack. I would weigh with them this is way too far out. There come on big run to the outside big run. Huge, oh big, push big push big push. Oh, i do not give a the sentiment of that. Also something so stupid. Let’S just keep austin dylan trying to wreck somebody else put that out there oh shut the up: okay, okay, this guy’s such a waste dude; okay, okay, all right here we go yeah. This guy needs to get the off the track, though, that that is. That is not good. Would you believe me if i told you, i didn’t even see him because he was going. What are you doing like if you had somebody get shoved under the yellow and he’s there, and they don’t see him they’re dead, that’s 190 versus? If i had to guess 80., not even he’s, only 45 miles an hour he’s a dead crawl yeah that block you weren’t, going to be able to block that is way too much. Oh ain’t, car outside dumbass. You need to shut up blind ass piece of about it. 17 austin dillon is the second biggest waste of space on the track all right.

Well, what do we give ratings duel 1 and duel 2.? I think duel. 2 1 was a 9.9 for undisclosed reasons and bill 2 was a 0.1 disqualified. I want to see this on the back strategy. This was oh jesus uh. I give dual one a seven four.

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