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First time these guys get a chance to look work, see what they have for a long time. Listen to that spotter looking in the mirror all night long! Well, it took alma roller two full laps to eke out an advantage of one karling little three wide action already right here. You heard him lift out of the gas right there, something the runs are hard to explain. That happens so fast and also can go away. Very fast, if you’re not there, for the taking he’s interested in one thing and that’s winning three in a row on sunday, that’s right yeah, you just see he just steps out it’s just odd how far down yeah he’s gotten the grass almost yeah, maybe Music Applause, There’S that that push from matthew, Music so right there de benedetto, was basically driving the car for uh christopher bell because he did not want that car to get sideways and make get that close to the left of the 10. moved up and, as you see, he’s Pulling back to the lead, we got a piece of debris on the grill. Just have a look at the steps here. We got a little bit of piece of debris here, keep an eye on it product to be in the first car in the lead. Yeah scoop up all that debris when you’re leading the race alex bowman, the 500 goal center has dropped back to 20th what’s up there, obviously ripping the bottom Music, and you know you got to protect that race car.

You try to stay up front as long as you can you’ll be aggressive if you think you got a shot at being in the lead and maybe getting in a little bit safer position as soon as you get shuffled out, it’s game over you go to the Back and try to learn what you can or play the strategy game like we talked about guys i’m. Coming to you, you feel like we’re blowing up yeah like it’s laying down. I don’t want to keep running it. Oh no can’t change engines, you know so i i feel for those guys but smart move by alex bowman, just in case that it’s not blowing up. It might be something they could change major bummer, but the flip side of that you still got the daytona 500 to win props, to dave winston and his crew for ty dillon, because he won the open car sweepstakes on pit road before ty dillon is in fifth And the rest of the cars that he’s racing to try to make the 500 well back in the field now and who is ty, dillon’s spotter tonight his dad mike dillon, he was my spot for a long time, there’s, no more fun that can be had on The radio and ty dillon’s got to keep an eye on the mirror two cars back as ryan priests and if priest passes dylan dylan’s out, austin cendrick makes the race all right the white flag waves.

We have one left to go sponsored by one bank, collette jeff off it two getting into three. I thought it might happen going into one, but now it’s gon na happen down the back straight away, let’s see if they back it up. Look at legato back it up, but joey kind of backed up to them. Oh here comes jenny. Oh he’s, getting squeezed by his teammate Music ty dillon, picks up a couple of spots that just took all the momentum away, but i think joey’s still working it. One more chance right here bell goes with him on the bottom side: draft coming from america amarola trying to stall him there it goes here comes his help with the 20 card. Try to put him and it’s coming to the line. They are three abreast: it’s almorolo over christopher bell and ryan newman nice job great job. That was fun. That was a great great battle, yeah great job here’s, where it’s all decided so joey did exactly what he needed to do. Unfortunately, just didn’t quite clear, eric almarola. Oh man, christopher bell, almost got to the wall trying to move to that outside lane. You know daniel with brian newman coming to the outside. Now that i saw it for the replay that was the right move, he had to move up and protect that yeah. He was coming in to fifth or sixth Music. Oh yeah, it is florida all right! Well, we’ve got the covers on the card.

Rain is coming down as you see, track drying. Efforts are still going on out at daytona and listen there weren’t a lot of missteps in duel number one, but take a look at this highlight from track drying. Effort between turns three and four one of the air. Titans goes for a he wasn’t. Maintaining proper speed is what was happening. We’Ll see how this works out. Okay, on the start, he’ll hear tim fedora kevin harvick spotter, as we get ready to go green Music, 2. Applause, Music i’ll tell you what kyle might be struggling but bubba’s, not that thing’s got big speed. We’Ve seen speed out of that car all weekend or all week, Music, the front force of three chevys and kevin harvick’s; four byron, dillon, harvick chase elliott, bush with them; and then ryan blaney in a four otherwise. Two delays in that row up front that outside line just keeps breaking up. Nobody can really get along yeah. I don’t know if chase meant to do that, but you saw he did not get to the door of this. That line on the inside and opened up the door for bubba wallace fella with a drive right now is kevin harvick. He and ryan blaney have gone to the front and noah graveson just displaced cascarella for the transfer spot yeah to me. That was a great job by two people: kevin harvick driving that number four and ten feet of around his spotter.

To give him, the heads up that lane is starting to form in the outside and ryan. Blaney was leading it before kevin harvey jumps up and they went to the front. The first dual race was pretty much a procession. This one is more of a battle here comes his push, hits the bubble’s tail right here and we saw it last morning we saw william william byron, get that shot out there and then bubba wallace got by him and william byrd took it right back. So the aggressiveness started when the green flag dropped with this group so far, and how about this? We might have to ask him about this after this race see they lock bumpers with the nine and the three. But then you see chase elliott jumped out. I don’t know if the car got loose there clinton or what happened. He tried to jump down in front of the one looped up in front of the four, but now he moved out of line and he’s really gon na lose a lot of uh positions. Here’S. What he said, maybe they’ll all pit well i’m worried about drivers like byron and harvick the two who have led the most collapse, you’re out in front you’re, building more fuel than anybody else. Most. Definitely your throttle down almost wide open. Everybody else can save a little bit here and there and the crew chiefs and the engineers straight away Music chase briscoe anthony alfredo, is around the 13 of garrett smith.

You just knew it was a matter of time as aggressive as this group was being and we knew we’re coming to pit any lap right there. It looked like it was up, but it definitely in an awkward position right there, some some. You know what i’ve actually seen in that situation is the right client. I think, tired, but i’ve, seen where you get a little bit of extra air to the nose. Sometimes the way that air comes around the rear of the car can actually put more down force in the front of the car, make the car, pin the nose and turn the car side, especially off the corner. Like that, you got to get an arrow push. You start tight wind, some wheel and next thing you know it catches and away. You go we’re going to find out as we’ll take the green flag with 20 laps to go. Those two found each other right off: the bat, Music Applause, Music, fellaini and harvick, a chevy, a toyota and a four linked up up top Music yeah. That was tight. You know, austin dillon moved up almost too much there. He opened up a situation where he had to take it. Oh here comes william byron, moving up in front of chevy teammate in the three car of austin dillon, doing exactly what i talked about. They’Re gon na have to find one another if they’re gon na use the team austin dillon a champion of the daytona 500 wants the lead from fellow chevy driver, william byron, Applause, Music, i’m.

Not so sure, we’re done with cautions these guys. Making me nervous put him three wide: they tried to make it work. Actually kevin moved up, blaney moved up in uh in front of him jumbled him up just enough that kurt busch got in the middle of him. Put him three wide and look at smith, lee and gregson side by side. There was a little contact there right behind kyle bush from the two drivers trying to race their way in that really cost blaney right there. He lost his momentum. Applause he’s doing a great job as mute. Oh here comes kurt bush to the outside. With the 19 mark, he’s got chase elliot. Oh now he goes to the inside Music. What a change? Oh man, they got. Bubba wallace trapped up high yeah kyle bush kind of hesitated thought about. It was able to go to the middle Music. Hey wayne. Byron is strong breaking smoothly side by side again. That was at the last minute with the three cards that was close, kevin harvick. Looking to the outside gon na make it three wise shuffles back bush. Look at look at him drop. I mean i’m telling you you said it it’s like a parachute on that 18 car right now. I almost wonder if he’s got an issue yeah he’s in the middle by himself, martin truex cannot come down in front of william fire. He needs to cross the strike. Well, that’s what i’ll be curious if he gets this shot, i think he’s going to get.

Is he going to choose to go down in front of 24 or stay in front of the fourth kevin hartman took the words right out of my mouth i’m, not sure mike that he wants to be there Music. Oh there it not. The way is, i thought it was gon na happen. Well, i thought i thought they’re gon na wait a little longer, but kevin harvick took no time to make that happen, but didn’t quite work, but i think this move here. The push from the 24 and the three i think, might give kevin harvard the sole lead of this race. Now he’s back to the front he’s got control, of which lady wants to choose big run coming on the outside, with the toyotas. Now all lined up how’d. They all get together, Music, i’m impressed. You know he he’s been aggressive, but he’s also been patient enough to find his way back to the front here: there’s, Music, Music, that’s a front row starting car guys not anymore nope. So here comes a run off the trial. Where he goes to the middle and brad just comes up, he came down a little bit. I i just don’t think brad knew he was there and gave him enough room all right if they take the white flag under green Music. It’S on the next flag will end the race there’s the white flag, one to go. These guys are running hard, trying to get her kevin harvick pushing austin dillon’s there to second, but well.

I think that’s going to stall things out. Give this to mark church, junior he’s, those guys behind are going to need a lot of help from the 12.

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