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. Oh look at the contact, whoa gracie trotter gets into her teammates derek griffith. Then he goes around and they continue crashing greg van alst, mick sanchez, scott melton. The 69 car also involved look at all the damage to derrick griffith’s car. He had just gotten in the lead. Had the three teammates around him: Music gracie made contact and i didn’t. I don’t know, if maybe derek griffith was on the on the brakes, trying to control that car, but she couldn’t she couldn’t get away from him, ran top five yeah, just a horrible end to this day. What’S so happy talk to him in the garage here this morning that look at all the damage to griffin’s car derrick had a great run just started, leading scott melton and bill kimmel’s car he’s gon na back into the box field yeah. As long as you get it right there, it doesn’t matter did that a couple years ago and it was impressive. They just went ahead and pitted it that’s. What i love when the pit crew is so heads up, they can pit you backwards. You see the radio, the denzo that’s, the radiator, obviously pushed back there’s, no there’s. No doubt it’s destroyed Music. Well, we were just talking about derek griffith and that new sponsor he brought on car looked so clean unfortunate for him, Music that’s. What grace sees let’s drop in and hear what she had to say about that contact everything looks good check.

It out, shake it off anything. I could have done to avoid that happen with him shoving from behind. So just shake it up chase. Could she have done anything different? I mean let’s, see here so she’s just trying to help her teammate here um, you know just in the corner, it’s so hard to bump draft, and just the biggest thing is just never doing it. You know it just gets him a little bit squirrely and then you know at this point it’s really hard for her to not hit him just because the the speed difference now and she’s trying to not get rain over from behind, and you hate doing that to Your teammate but it’s a learning lesson: she’ll keep learning they’ll continue to clean up. We’Ll have plenty more from daytona after this. Thank you for watching us here on fs1, Music, well we’re under caution. For the second time today, let’s look back at what led to the yellow flag, eric griffith, the 55, the 25, but gracie tried to get in the background, gets them sideways, and then i guess maybe he lost a little bit of momentum and gracie looked like she Was just trying to stay in line but made more contact there’s the initial contact right there. It gets him sideways and that slows his momentum and then she just couldn’t stay off him right there and around he goes. He makes a little bit of contact with his other teammate drew dollar, then greg banal.

Nick sanchez come along with absolutely nowhere to go tough, tough break for derrick griffin, who had such a good car watch. How about brett holmes on the outside getting by here let’s? Take a look at his on board while he gets through here, he gets through there check up holmes had 19 top finishes. Top 10 finishes in 20 races. Last year, heads up driving like that six cars involved dollar was our pole. Setter sanchez, trotter van ost, griffith and melton they’ve got him off of pit road now cleanup continues. I think it was minimal damage to gracie’s car. I think just she just just touched him enough to turn him around and then i don’t think there’s any more damage to her car. What great pictures here awesome job at 35, 23 right in the middle brett holmes, just waits and waits and waits till the track clears. Is that what they call threading, the needle the eye of the needle the eye of the needle? Now we just need a camera. Looking back, i love seeing the eyes in situations like that. Look at that slow motion 73 get through right here too, if so, that’s that’s really threatening yeah. That may be. That may be my early that’s, the yeah, the sweet early leader for the reese’s lead move right. There, yeah that’s a situation too on that wreck. You know the the 29 of lancaster was trying to get to the right rear of of uh, derek griffith and gracie’s.

Just trying to help push her teammate along to to not be able to lose the lead, and you know just a tough situation there getting into three that’s, probably the hardest spot. I feel like to even help somebody out and i just gets them a little bit. You know squirrely and from there you just can’t check up quick enough i’ll get those cars fixed up, get them back out there and see where they shake out. We’Ll continue. We’Ll drop that green flag.

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