Entergy, Winter storm, Power outage Sound snow tapers off as freezing temperatures return

Today, with the drone that we’ve got, you may get even more snow, there tomorrow looks pretty good right now. Beautiful scene, we are tracking the latest conditions for you all over western washington tonight and a live look here at everett, tacoma and olympia. The south sound really got buried by snow today and a live look at downtown seattle. More than eight inches of snow fell in seattle today, that’s a record for this date. The most we’ve ever had on february 13th, our meteorologist rebecca stevenson watching all of this very busy tonight in the weather center, hey rebecca, oh hi, there, steve jessica it’s, been like you said, a very snowy night and travel is almost impossible in some of our side. Streets and now temperatures are dropping to freezing, but let’s talk more about the record snow at seatac today. Not only do we have high temperatures and low temperatures well below the average for the date we have a new record snow of 8.9 inches at seatac boy. That shattered the old record, which is only one and a tenth of an inch. 1986 was the year that that was the record set now, as we move on to what we have ahead for the the track for the total top six snow days at seattle, you can see that our top six well number six that’s what we tied with the Year 1965, at the bottom of the list, there 8.9 inches now definitely in our record books, so let’s go ahead and move ahead to our current i’m just having problems with the snowed in computer here as we go to right now at seatac, with that record, snowfall 30 degrees – currently east southeast winds, 13 miles an hour.

So we still got that very dry light snow, just very light, we’re not expecting any more accumulations because largely we’ve wrapped up the snowfall. You can see olympia sitting in the snow with the snow laden streets anywhere from a foot to even 14 inches of snow reported around parts of the south sound. But yes, it is drying slowly what to expect temperatures in the 20s and that just makes those snowy icy roads frozen for the morning hours we’ll get a brief morning break but more on what’s to come after that, your full forecast all right rebecca. Thank you. So we saw the radar we saw the graphics now let’s see what’s happening on the ground. We have live reports from seattle and edmonds all right, let’s start with michael crowe at the alaska junction in west seattle, michael on a scale of one to frostbite. How cold is it a little a little cold, that’s that’s, how i’m gon na put that you can see a little snow in the air and that is coming off the building next to us. It has stopped snowing here for a couple hours now, mike’s going to zoom out and see what is left, which is the classic mixture of exhaust fumes and snow along the side of california avenue here we’re in alaska junction. You can see the road here behind me. Mostly clear a little bit of slush enough that you could get yourself in trouble if you’re following someone too close, but nothing to really get too concerned about the side, roads, a different story, completely snow covered.

You know it takes the plows a while to get out there and we’ll show you a little bit of video that we shot earlier today hanging out out down around lincoln park. We have some beautiful shots of the snow falling there. There were some people out skiing, enjoying the weather. We also saw some folks shoveling their sidewalk, which is your obligation to do to make sure it’s clear for all of your neighbors uh, but mostly we were talking to this gentleman that was taking care of it. For someone else take a listen, but is this your place on the corner? Here i own it you own it i see tenant, then in it or yeah it’s nice of you to come shovel uh they’re gone. I wish my landlord would shovel for me. Well, yeah it’s, all relative isn’t, it that’s a good answer. It never ceases to amaze me how, after you shovel your driveway for the first time in a year your back hurts just as much as it ever did, and you think i don’t really love shoveling. That much uh we just had some folks pass us by here that are actually wearing snowshoes and crunching along so good to be safe. But, as you can see, the buses are running they’re, making it around town. Here the mayor, of course, in a press conference earlier, did ask folks to limit their travel, be aware of the weather and make sure you give those plows space when they’re out working, because the temperatures have dropped with the sun going down and all that slush and Soup that comes out in the road when it gets salted certainly has the potential to freeze and get pretty icy by the morning so that’s.

What we’re dealing with here in town be careful now i’m going to throw it up to tony black, who is in edmonds, taking a look at conditions there, hello to you, michael. Thank you very much. You know i haven’t seen you in a while because of the coronavirus, but i certainly hope that your beard game is still going strong. We are here in edmonds tonight where it is basically the scene of an aftermath of a big snowstorm. There is still a lot of snow all over the place here, including on the sides, still a lot of compact snow that’s on here as well. In some of these parking lots as well. We’Ve also been watching. This crews have been coming up to try to plow some of these streets, but you can see this street right here still has a significant amount of snow on it. Highway 99 is down there at the light that also still has tons of snow everywhere. We saw a lot of people out today, but now most of them have gone home. You know after the sun went down lots of people called it a successful day and went on inside to get warm, but we did catch up with people that were sledding and also some crews that were out clearing out parking lots like one at the walgreens. That was up on 145th on shoreline. We spoke with one of those gentlemen, robert price, who says he has been busy all day.

Helping people get unstuck from all this extra snow that we weren’t supposed to get up. This way is what he said, but now that the snow is done. Hopefully the cleanup that comes from tomorrow and monday after everything starts to melt will be significant, especially for any of you who didn’t leave today and your car is still buried under the day’s snow. Now my friend vanessa, who you will see here in just a few moments, sent out a lovely pro tip for anybody that needs to know if you have snow, that is on your car, take advantage of the opportunity to get it off of your car so that It doesn’t turn into a big, solid piece of ice in the morning. I believe she said it would be wicked hot i’m still working on that accent, but we’ll come around back to that, but that is the latest update. We have for you here in edwards. Right now, i’m tony black king 5 news we’ll confirm that here in a moment with vanessa all right, tony thank you live look now. At seatac airport, more than 400 flights were canceled. Today, more than 150 delayed you know, conditions should be improving slightly tomorrow. We still have snow in the forecast, though, and a few rough days to get through so a reminder to check in with your airline before you head out to the airport and the snowstorm set the stage for some dangerous conditions on the roadways.

Westbound interstate 90 is open again after being closed east of north bend because of 15 different crashes, three of them rollovers and one trooper’s vehicle was hit twice another one hit once trooper rick johnson spoke with us and he urges drivers to please slow down. Hey i’m vanessa here at the breaking news desk, covering social media and yes, that is true: i’m, a new englander, so i’ve dealt with snow and ice and it’s always a good idea to clear it off your car tony, however, we’re going to have to work on That boston accent, okay let’s go to some of your pictures because they are cute. Okay, we have been emailed a picture from bailey stockwell. This is from graham, and she says there is a ton of snow there and that little cutie is having a grand old time and then speaking of little cuties, we got this picture from shivani kaplan saying two year. Old max is loving the snow today and i am loving max’s onesie and mitten combo i’m gon na see if they have that in an adult size because uh that is adorable and we have some kids on a snowboard going down a little hill, foley tweeted us Saying the kids are loving, the snow stay safe on the roads, and that, of course, is a big message, especially because the sun is down, and you know it can get quite dangerous out there.

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