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Friends today is going to be a very exciting video, because today, in this video i am going to share with you six talks, which you can do as ipsip means systematic investment plan. That is, you, can, you know, buy these stocks each stock, which i will be sharing with you today. You can buy every month slowly, you can accumulate these companies and i believe, in the next eight years you can build a huge wealth of 8 crores. Now, that’s a huge return. Now you can like invest only like you know, ten thousand rupees per month, so you can invest like uh, two thousand or three thousand per stock per month, and i believe you know these companies are very good companies which can become multibagger, which can give very good Returns in the next eight years so which are these stocks and why have i selected them let’s do the analysis. The first talk which i have selected for you now, this company, the name of the company, is jv chemicals and pharmaceuticals limited now this company. If you look at the returns of this firm now, in the past 10 years, the company has given more than 1000 returns and that’s really great returns, and in one week we can see that the stock is up 19 percent. Previously, it was up close to 10 percent it’s the dividend paying company with a dividend yield of 1.02 percentage. So, overall you know the company has been uh in a strong momentum continuously.

Giving very good returns. Plus dividends are also very good for the firm. Now, if you look at the shareholding pattern, according to latest data promoters, have 55.91 percentage of shareholding, so that’s a good site because promoters have the majority stake in this firm now this company, if you talk about it, if you do the analysis, it was incorporated in The year 1976, this firm it’s a mid cap company with a market cap of close to 7 300 row. It is operating in the pharmaceutical sector. Now this company, it is engaged in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical specialties in various dosage form. Herbal remedies, diagnostics, generic drugs, active pharmaceutical ingredients apis. Now i believe the firm would register 12 percent to 16 percent revenue, pat cagr over fi 2122, driven by its sharp focus on the domestic market and backed by greater field force productivity and its emphasis on other key markets which are south africa and u.s. This company, you know it is ranked 35th among the indian pharma firms. The company’s four brands bring 80 percent sales to its domestic businesses brand, which are like silica red tech. Metro, grand nicardia contributed 2 billion 1.8 billion 1.2 0.5 billion to financing consolidated revenue respectively. Now what uh is good is that, with its better field force productivity, all india, we can expect a 15 percent c asia over rfi 21 to 22 in its home business revenue as well. Now the company also undertakes contract research, cr, ams, crams, uh, manufacturing services for companies in the us, europe, australia and south africa, and plus this company is almost debt free, so that’s a very good signal.

Now this company has, of course, you know, it’s in a very great uh, it’s, a great stock in a very great strong momentum, looking great for the future. Now why to buy this firm while it has high management efficiency, the management is good. With high roe of 16.28 percentage, the company has declared in a positive result for the last seven consecutive quarters. So previous seven consecutive quarters have been very good for the firm and the stocks. Macd and kc technical factors are also bullish and also it has high institution holding at about 21 percent. So, overall, you know the stock looks very good and if you look at the profit or loss analysis, the sales is near 1643 crore. The net profit is near 193 crore and now, if you do the chart analysis now, if you look at the chart of this company now gb cam, now it is trading near 1192. The current price is near 1192. Now, of course, uh. We had talked about this for many times and i still believe you know for long term like every month you can buy slowly accumulate this stock every month in uh, whatever price like the current price is 1192. If you can, if there is correction you can, you know, start accumulating at one thousand one. Forty now, if there’s some more correction in the coming month, you can buy that, but the customer goes up there. Still, you know you can buy it.

You can buy every month slowly. You know you can accumulate this no stock. You can do sip in this company and i believe in the next few years this stock will generate some very good returns. So do your analysis in this company it has actually recently given a very good breakout with very good volume. Rsi also is looking very bullish, so overall for short term, as well as for long term. I am bullish on this stock and, i believe, it’s a stock in which we can do monthly sap. You know which can generate. You know very good returns in the coming future. So this was the first stock. Jb came uh chemical pharma now, let’s, look at the second company now the second stock uh, the name of the company, is sinchin international limited a very you know, fundamentally very good company. Now this company uh, if you look at the returns it has given close to its name, personal requests in the last one year and a shareholding pattern. If you look at it, then promoters have seventy point. Five, nine percentage of shareholding in this company funds also have close to four percent of stake. Fis have close to fourteen percent of stake in this company and if you know the detail analysis now, this firm, it was incorporated in the year 1993 it’s a mid cap company with a market cap of close to 22 000 crore and it is operating in the Pharmaceutical sector now this is, i know this firm – is engaged in providing contract, research and manufacturing services from lead generation to clinical supplies to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide.

A company’s services include integrated drug discovery and development capabilities in medicinal chemistry, biology in vivo, pharmacology, toxicology, custom, synthesis process, r d, cgmp, manufacturing formulation and analytical development along with clinical development services. Now this firm is one of the leading india based contract research organization, which is offering a suite of integrated end to end discovery and development services for novel molecular entities across industrial sectors, including pharmaceutical biotechnology, agrochemical consumer health, animal health, cosmetic and nutrition companies. Now the firm’s service offering also support the development of biosimilar and generic molecules, and in the near term, it intends to forward integrate into commercial scale, manufacturing of enemies, it’s, a very, very good stock. Fundamentally, it’s very good, and i believe you should be you know accumulating this company in every you know: correction, every dips and every month, if you, you know, accumulate this talk in my opinion, you will make some very good returns. If you look at the profit loss analysis, you can see that the sales has been increasing continuously currently this year, 2000 crew. The net profit is also continuously you know every year it is increasing and currently near 400 crore. Now, if you look at the chart now, this company is currently trading near 580 rupees. Now i believe every price, like the current price, is also good for, like you can buy first a small quality this month and then you can buy next month at whatever price. It is available that if it goes up you can buy if it goes down you can buy, and if you accumulate this company for the next few years, i believe it can.

You know it can achieve target of from here from thousand and even about that in the next few years, so you should be accumulating this stock. I believe you can do sap this every month you can invest small amount and i believe this company can generate very you know good retards for you, so this was a second stocks engine of fundamentally great stock. I love this company it’s a good company and i believe it will generate very good returns in the next few years. Now let’s look at the third company now, third company. If you look at the shareholding of this phone, the promoters in this company have about 50 percentage of shareholding. Now it was incorporated in the 8000 it’s a large cap company having a market cap of like more than one lakh crew. Now it is one of the leading life insurance companies in india that offers a range of individual and group insurance solutions, and this company is virtually debt free. It is expected to give good quarter. The insurance industry of india consists of 57 insurance company, and this firm is one of the top. I believe it i can say it is a top private life insurance stocks available in the market. Now it has strong distribution network lowest cost player, lowest acquisition cost strong trusted brand name. Everything you know makes this stock very attractive. Now this company fulfills all the parameters of a quality which is which are clean management, very good management.

It has that it is debt. Free balance sheet is clean, that free run away for growth sector leader free cash flow, generating business decent promoter. Holding all these things, like, i know all the check marks. Are you know we can, you know, say uh it is. It is a you know, a very good company. Now the name is hdfc life insurance company limited. Now, if you look at the chart of this firm, it is currently trading. The stock is trading here. 713. Uh once it, you know, crosses about 730. I think you know you can see some fresh rally as well, but of course, uh trade stocks all are for sib, that is per month. You can invest small amount. Whatever you can, you can, you know, invest in each of the stock and i believe uh. They can generate very good returns in the next few years now this is uh this third stock. Now let’s look at the fourth company now the fourth stock, which i wanted to share with you now this company. Now, if you look at the returns of this company now it is continuously, we can see that it is in the momentum continuously. You know the stock has been giving positive returns the previous day. It was about close to 11 percent. Up now, the dividend yield is 1.87 percent, so that’s a very good dividend yield and for the quarter the latest quota, which under 31 uh december 2020, the company reported a consolidated sales of 85.

23 crew, which was up 20 from last quarter. Sales of 70 crore and a 42 percent from last year same quarter sales of 59.68 crore. Now this company has reported net profit after tax of 58.14 crude in the latest quarter. Now it is uh. This firm is engaged in power exchange licenses by the central electricity regulatory commission for sport trading in power, electricity and trading of renewable energy certificate and essert. Now this firm is the first and largest energy exchange in india, providing a nationwide automated trading platform for physical delivery or electricity, renewable energy certificates and energy saving certificate. Now the exchange platform enables efficient price discovery and increases the accessibility and transparency of the power market in india, while also enhancing the speed and efficiency of trade execution. Now companies are profitable, remember, it’s, a profitable monopoly business and can be a good wealth creator in the long term. Now, if you look at the profit and loss analysis, the sales is near 257 crore net profit system, 178 crore, which is like the highest till now, and the name is indian energy exchange limited iex. Now this company, if you see uh we had first, i had first quarter – is talking. You know, suggested to you very early. Last year i told you to buy this company when it was trading near. You know 170 200 level and you can see that how much you know it has gold. Now it is currently trading at 300.

So actually it has given us like close to 50 percent of returns in less than one year now. I’D. Be still believe. You know in the next few years this company can still from go from here, go higher. So if there is any correction, you can buy it if it goes higher still, you can buy it. Every month, small on a small quantity like uh, two three thousand rupees worth of stock – you can buy every month and i believe this stock will generate very good returns for you in the next few years. So do your analysis in this company? The name is iex. A great company, a great profitable monopoly company, which can turn out to be a multibagger now let’s, look at the fifth company, the fifth stock, now the fifth stock. If you look at it now, this uh, the name of the company, is central depository services industry. Now this is also a company which has a futuristic business which uh i have been sharing with you many times, and i believe you know this company can be a very good wealth generator. Now this company was incorporated at mumbai on december 12 1997. It operates as a security depository in india. The company offers service for range of clients such as db, participants and other capital market intermediaries, corporates capital market intermediaries, insurance companies and others. Now the company started fi 21 on a positive note by gaining almost 100 percent market share in the opening of new investor account.

Now, as per cb net, beneficial owner accounts increased to 21.8 million in the month of april 20. Addition of 6 lakh accounts compared to end of fy20. Now it has a strong long term fundamental strength, so that’s a reason why i believe you should be buying this company uh. The company has declared positive results for the last few quarters. Company has high institutional, holding institutional holders, have much better research than regular investors, so high international holding means uh this company. They love this company, so that’s a positive sign, it’s a futuristic business share market. If you look at it very low people invest in it currently, but it has a very great potential to grow from here, so every new in gmat i can open this company will benefit. So now, if you see at the chart of this firm, it is currently trading near 517. I believe you can start accumulating from the current price as well and in the next few years, this firm it can generate some very good returns. Now this is the fifth stock, so it’s another stock, which i believe in which you can do sib, in which i believe you know uh. You can generate some great great returns now. Cdsl was the fifth uh company now let’s look at the sixth stock. Now this company it has given like five hundred percent of those, are the last five years: uh it’s it has a dividend, yield of 1.

03 percentage, and if you talk about the latest quarter, which ended in december 2020, this company reported a sales calculated sales of 1643 Crore, which was up five percent from last quarter, sales and 17 percent from last year same quarter, sales of 1’9 crore. This company has reported in profit after tax of 483.19, the latest quarter, and it is one of the leading gold loan nbfc in india and is well diversified into other business segments like housing, loan vehicle loan and micro finance, with a branch network size of around 4623 Spread across the country, the company has been consistently making profit and paying dividends from the very first full year of its operation. Now, if you look at the profit of celsius, revenue is near 5400 club, which is like the highest till now and profit is. It has crossed one thousand crore for the first time and the name is manapuram finance limited now monopoly finance. If you look at the chart, uh it’s, it can be a good short term trade as well. I believe you can buy as a short term trade as well, but still you know if you want to do a safe if you want to buy every month. I think this can be a good pick, because i believe in the next few years this stock can uh generate very good returns. It can achieve target of 230 to 50 in the next few years, so that’s a very good price level.

Uh current price is also very good. Any correction, you can still you know, accumulate this company every month. Do sap and i believe, if you do sap in all the six stock that i mentioned today, sib miss systematic investment plan. So, every month you will systematically invest a small amount in each of this company. I believe it can generate some very good returns in the next few years, so i shared with you six multibaggers in my opinion, which are multibaggers, and i believe you will do your own research and today’s research helped you about getting some new stock ideas.

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