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Friends in today’s video. I have brought you five very good excellent. You know stocks which are new picks and i believe you know they are like – must buy stocks. Currently – and they can turn out to be multibagger stocks and can generate some very good bumper returns so which are these stocks, and why do i think so that they can generate very good returns that we are going to discuss now we are going to analyze these Companies all the five stocks and we will look at the price at which you can enter and how much uh. What are the points that you have to keep in mind before you know investing in these companies? So let’s start the analysis now let’s. Look at the first talk that i have selected for you now. The name of the company is blue dot express limited now this company. If you look at the returns now, it has generated very good returns in the previous few months. In the last six months, the stock is up 121 percent in the last one week. The stock is of 11 percent and we can see continuously. You know the stock has been giving very good returns. Now. If you look at the shareholding pattern, then promoters have a very good shareholding of 75 percent in this company. So that’s a you know, good sign that promoters have majority stake. Mutual funds also have a three person stake in this company and if you do the analysis now blue dot express limited now, this company was incorporated in the year 1991 it’s a mid cap company having a market cap of 10464 crore and it is operating in the Logistics sector now blue dart express, is engaged in the business of integrated air and ground transportation and distribution of time sensitive packages to various destination, primarily within india.

Now, blue dot is an undisputed market leader in the air, express express segment with a dominant market share of 50 percentage. Now it is also a strong player in the ground. Express cargo segment with a market share of 13 and blue dart is south asia’s premier career and integrated express package distribution company. So, overall, you know: it’s a market leader company, a very good stock, very good phone, which is fundamentally also looking great. Now this company, it has the most extensive domestic network, which is covering like 35 000 location and service, more than 220 countries and territories worldwide through group company, dhl, the premier global brand name, the express distribution services, the company. You know it has the most advanced communication systems and it is strongly positioned to offer a consistent premium standardized quality of service. Now the company also has a dedicated aviation system, which is focused on carriage of packages as its prime business, rather rather than as a by product of a passenger airline. Now multiple factors for the stock are bullish. Currently, you know the stock looks like it can go higher from here in the short term as well. Now, multiple indicators like msd bollinger, band, kst and obvi are bullish. Overall, technically, the stock is in a bullish, range positive result in december 20 quarter, so the company’s result, which recently came very good now the stock has generated a return of like 57 percent in the last one year, which is you know much higher than the market Returns, which are where of bse 500, which were like 24.

65 percentage now, if you look at the chart now, the stock is currently trading at four thousand near four thousand four hundred now it is having good support at this level, which you can see. That is near four thousand two hundred now, i believe, in my opinion, this stock can achieve target of five thousand in the next few months, and i think the next one is a by 2022. I think the stock energy of target of 5000. It can give very good returns. Uh company is good. Fundamentally, it is a good company. So do you research in it? It might generate some great return. If there is any correction, also from here, you know you can buy this stock at 4 000 levels and i believe, of course it can go higher from here and generate very good returns for the investor, who would be investing at the current price, which is near 4, 400 to 4 200.. Now this was the first stock which i had selected for you now let’s look at the second company now the second company which i have selected uh first let’s, look at the returns of this company because returns are very exciting. Now, look at the last one year return now this company has given 148.89 percentage of returns in the last one year, which is excellent. Now, in the last six months, the stock is up 76 percent in the last three months. Also, this stock has given more than 50 percent of returns, now it’s a dividend paying company with a dividend yield of 0.

7 percent. Overall, we can see that the stock has been giving good dividend plus very good. You know total written frequency it’s very good for this. For more than average now incorporated in the year 1990, this company – it is a mid cap company having a market cap of rupees 1043 crew operating the i.t software sector. So this is a it company now this phone, it is one of the leading outsourced, product development companies in india and the company has successfully delivered more than 3 000 product releases in the past five years. On behalf of its customers, it has deep domain expertise and more than 9500 highly skilled software professionals working under them. Currently, lately the company has identified smac and iot as the next growth driver and align its organization structure and offering to the next generation spends. Now why to buy this stock? What is so? You know exciting about this company? Well, i believe this company, which i’m going to share the name very soon. Now it is a potential multibagger stock. This can, of course, from you know double now. Management is also very good high management efficiency with the high roe of 15.19 percent. Also it is almost debt free, so that’s, a very good signal company has been maintaining a healthy dividend, payout of 25 percent, so that’s also a good sign. Also in this firm, it has a high institutional holding at 46.4 percentage. Now, if you look at the profit and loss analysis, the sales is near 3566 crore and the net profit is near 340 crore.

Well, the name of the company is none other than persistent system limited. Well, we have actually uh talked a lot about it in the past as well. I have shared this. You know this talk when it was trading near 500 rupees last year it was sitting near 500. We i had spotted it and told you to buy it. So of course uh from that level. It has actually, you know tripled from there like double triple from there. Now why i am sharing with this you uh currently well, you can clearly see how i have mark here some pattern. Now. What pattern is this? Well, this is a flag pattern. Now we can see that the stock has given a breakout of flag pattern now. Currently, i believe, uh the stock. First of all, it is fundamentally good now technically also looks like the stock can rally from here. It can achieve target of 2000 in the let’s say next one year, so you can hold this company, you can buy the current price. If there is correction still, you can buy near 1500. I believe this company can easily achieve the target of two thousand in the coming few months. So do your analysis in this phone it’s a very good stock, it might generate very good returns for you now let’s. Look at the third company, the third stock that i have selected for you now, the third stock let’s look at the return now this company.

Actually, since uh it was listed last four years ago continuously, it has given very good returns. Now, if you look at the last one year return, this stock has given 300 percent like it has tripled in the last one year in the last two year, the stock has given 400 more than 400 percent of returns. Now, of course, the stock is in a very good momentum. It is, it has generated very good returns. Now, if you look at the recent result of december 20 quarter, the net sales grew 76 percent net. Profit also grew to 70 percent. That is very good. Now this company, if you talk about it, it was incorporated in the year 2005 it’s a mid cap company having a market cap of close to 20 000 crew operating in the pharma sector pharmaceutical sector. Now this company offers a broad you know and integrated portfolio of api active pharma ingredients, including intermediate genetic finish, dosage form and contract research and services to cater to the needs of the global pharmaceutical industry. Now for the quarter under 31 december 2020. The recent result in that the company reported a consolidated sales, a one thousand two. Eighty eight point: four, two crew, which is up thirteen point, one three percent from last quarter: sales of one thousand one; thirty, eight point: eight four crew and up seventy six percent. From last year, same quarter, seals of 729.59 crore. Now this company it has reported net profit after tax of 272.

85 crore in the latest quarter and during the financial year 2016. This firm it sold its api 32 countries and the company is also growing synthesis and nutraceuticals analytical ingredient, businesses and further. The firm is increasingly focused towards growing its integrated genetic finish dosage form business in which it has made significant investment over the last two financial year. It is a very good stock um. It can turn out to be multibagger. Now i will tell you the name also uh. First let’s, look at the reasons why you know uh, you should be buying this company well. First of all, it is technically in bullish range. It has very good management, high institutional holding, it has at 27 percent. The company has declared positive results for the last six consecutive quarters, so that’s a very good site like in the last six quarter. The company has been declaring very good result now healthy long term growth as net sales has grown by an annual rate of 29.15 and operating profit at 54.22 percent uh. The profit and loss analysis will look at it. The sales 2832 group and profit near 250 crore, which is like the highest till now well, the name of the stock, is none other than laura’s labs limited well, this company it is, it has actually become a multibagger for us. We are, we have been holding it from since a long time. It has actually given very good returns for us now, i believe, still uh the current price, which is near 357.

. The current price is also very, in my opinion, attractive. You can buy it at the current price and i believe it can. You know this good stock. This company can turn out to be a multibagger in the next few years, so even in the next one year. I think this stock can generate very good returns. So the name is laura slab. Do your analysis? Uh? If you like it? Of course you can invest. In my opinion, the stock can generate some great returns in the coming future. Now the fourth stock which i have selected now, this company has given more than 1 500 returns in the last 10 years. Now that is huge. Now this company was incorporated in the year 1990 it’s a small cap company with a market cap of only 225 crew operating in the chemical sector. Now this company is engaged in one of the largest global manufacturer and exporter of food colors in the world, offering wide range of food, colors lay colors, blended, colors, usfd, certified fdmc, colors and dye intermediates from india. Now the company is one of the major manufacturer and exporter in india offering complete range of food colors like colors all these things. You know uh companies offering now it has high management efficiency with the rca 14.9. It has an attractive valuation. Also. Now, if you look at the profit and loss analysis now the sales is near 182 crore. The net profit is near 24 crore and the name is dynamic products limited now this company.

You can see that in the past few days the stock has actually blasted, and it has, you know, gone from 280 to like 350, above so still in my opinion, it’s undervalued still, i believe, in the stock and go higher from here, so you can buy in My opinion, if you are interested after you’re doing your analysis, you can, you know, enter near uh 350. If there is any correction, you can buy near 350 and this rock you know, can achieve target of 400 and even 500 in the next few years. So it’s a good stock uh. It might give some very good returns. Now let’s look at the fifth company now this company. This stock has also given close to a thousand percent of routers in the last 10 years. And if you look at the shareholding pattern and promoters in this company have 52 percentage of shareholding, and it is the largest retailer and leading manufacturer of footwear in india. With more than 1400 retail store as of december 2019., now today, this company has established itself as india’s largest footwear retailer. Now it’s retail network of over 1200 store gives it a reach coverage that no other footwear company can match. The stores are present in good locations and can be found in all the metro, mini metro and towns. Now this firm’s strong focus on improving footfall along with higher ad spend and scaling up of premium products in the revenue mix, will continue to support revenue, growth and the companies.

You know strengthen its channel focus by rolling out omni channel home delivery, offering in more than 60 percent of its store resulting into improved conversion. Smart, looking, new stores, supported by a range of better quality products, are aimed at offering a superior shopping experience to its customers. The company also operates a large non retail distribution network through its urban wholesale division and caters to millions of customers through over 30 000 dealers. Currently, the company owns brands very famous brands like hush puppies doctor scholes north star power, monthly, ambassador comfort and wind. The shark decline in crude will benefit this industry with reduction in cost, and if you look at the profit and loss analysis, the cs is like the highest till now in march 2020, more than 3000 crore and profit is near 329 crore. The name is none other than bata bata india limited a very, very good company, very good stock uh, currently trading at 1 500.. Now i won’t suggest to buy at the current price because i think um there might be some small correction if there is in correct some correction in the market, this level, this uh this area, where it has good support that is 1400. So i believe you can buy this stock near 1400 and i think it can, if you buy at that level and it hold it, hold it for a long time, it’s a very good company. It can generate very good returns uh in the next few years.

So this company can, you know, be turned out to be a very good uh buy that 1 400 level and it can achieve target of 2000 in the next few years. So today we talked about five companies which are very good, which are looking great in the charts, which are fundamentally also good. I hope you, like my analysis, for watching more analysis. Talk analysis like this subscribe.

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