Los Angeles Lakers, Denver Nuggets, Anthony Davis, LeBron James, NBA c Vs. LeBron James. Nuggets Blow Out Lakers!

If you have not yet subscribed hit the subscribe button hit. The logo let’s continue to build this community together. So i just got done watching the denver nuggets playing against the la lakers on february 14, 2021 and the denver nuggets throttled beat destroyed. The la lakers 122 to 105, and all i got ta say is: what did i tell y’all? What did i tell y’all at the end of our last video, i told you, the denver nuggets were gon na beat the la lakers i knew it was coming. I knew it was coming nicole yokish tonight he had a triple double by the three minute and 30. Second mark in the third quarter nicola yokish tonight in the first half against anthony davis, lebron james mark gasol, montrez harrell in the first half nicole yokic had 21 points. Nine rebounds and six assists jamal murray tonight, 25.6 rebounds four assists. They just played a great game. Espn won’t tell you fox sports won’t, tell you if they do tell you they’re gon na make up an excuse. The denver nuggets put 73 points on the la lakers. In the first half the ln lakers boasted number one: defense in basketball, anthony davis played for a majority of that half the nuggets had 33 points in the first quarter. They had 40 points in the second quarter and they put up 73 points against the league’s best defense, because nicola jokic is that dog nicole jokic is like that jamal murray was like that tonight you could tell jamal murray was motivated.

He was ready to go. He was ready to play jamal murray, shot 4 10 from the three point line: that’s. What we need from an all star point guard that’s what we need the nuggets came out and they was hunting. They shot nicola yokish. The first quarter had 12 points. I believe came out hunting. There is a period where a.d was mashed up on jokic and jokish, took him right to the basket hook, shot over the left shoulder what a game, what a game! This is the kind of things that the nuggets need. The nuggets are now 15 and 11.. They have three bad losses to the los angeles kings that the sacramento kings, rather that they shouldn’t have. They had bad losses to the utah jazz and they should have won the game. They had a bad loss to the phoenix suns when they should have won that game. They had a bad loss against the dallas mavericks when they should have won that game. The nuggets could easily have anywhere from six to four more wins on this season, and this season will look radically different nicola yokus came out against the number one team in the nba today and put up a triple double by the time the 3 30 mark was In the third quarter and anthony davis was on the court, mark, gasol was on the court and lebron james was on the court and they had no answer for jokic and yo could stop scoring at some point in the third quarter.

You could say i’m just going to die i’m just going to share the ball. I’Ma share the wealth and the nuggets blitzed them here’s the quarterback. Now it was 33 33 in the first quarter. It was in 73 61 in the second quarter and then, by the end of the third quarter, it was 103 to 85. y’all. They went off the dimmer nuggets went off today. They decided that they want to play a complete game and that’s what they did. They decided they want to play a complete game and that’s what they did. Y’All. The nuggets scored 30 points in the third quarter tonight, and they only gave up 24 points. So again, those third quarter woes last couple of games. They ain’t been there, they haven’t been there. The nuggets had 33 points, 40 points, 30 points and then 19 points in the fourth quarter. When the game was already blown out and the youngest were in the game. Y’All man let’s talk about the youngins let’s talk about the youngins uh. I said we said that zeke nazi looks like he can be a player when we started the season off. We said zeke naji looks like he can be a player six foot, eleven switch ability. Great form: defense, zinc dodgy tonight, 24 minutes 16 points three rebounds, five of seven from the field. Four of five. From the three point line he was a plus, not ah zeke naji has made some shots.

Lately, zeke naji has made some shots lately, y’all. Let me make sure cause last game. These 90s didn’t play well against okc, but he hit. I think, three three pointers the game before y’all man, zeke nazis played nice man he’s playing really well. He played again it’s lebron james you’re, not going to stop lebron lebron is a legend he’s, the first second or third, i think he’s, first or second, first second or third, michael jordan, lebron james karima, julibar, whoever you want to put there he’s one of the greatest Players of all time – you’re, not stopping him, but zeke naj got in his way. He got in this way. He played hard good, contested defense tonight, zeke naji played well man, 16 points on four or five from the three pointer. It changed the game because, once they were spaced out like that in the third quarter it was a wrap. Faku kampanzo might have played his best game of the year. Faku compasso might have played his best game of the year tonight. 26 minutes 15 points. One rebound. Four assists four of eight from the field: three of six, from the three point line, four or five from the free throw line, two steals and he was a plus ten tonight, baku compasso. We even got that vaunted faku compasso versus alex caruso matchup, and he actually stole the ball. He fouled, but he stole the ball from alex caruso. Making a hustle play so faku man he came in he played well mate morris.

Hurt is elbow mate, more started today. By the way, let me go ahead and work through the stat sheet with the starters again, nicole jokic, if you didn’t already hear 35 minutes tonight, 23 points 16. Rebounds. 10 assists 8 17 from the field 105. From the three point line 6 6 from the free throw line, one block – and he was a plus 16 tonight – jamal murray 34 minutes 25 points. Six rebounds four assists seven of 15 from the field. 4 10. From the three point line, seven of seven from the free throw line that’s more like it jamal murray, 25 6 and forge maul murray plus 27 team high game high plus 27 best player on the court tonight and plus minus michael porter. Jr only had he had 30 minutes had eight points. Three rebounds one assist. He was only 311 from the field. 107 from the three point live one or two from the free throw line, and he was a plus nine. He hadn’t shot well again. The last seven games, or so y’all, but again that’s what happens sometimes shooters are getting in the slump he’s in a slump, but he will get it back better. Believe world class shooter like that he won’t get it back soon paul millsap. Tonight he clank knees. So he went out, i believe, in the second half second quarter and didn’t come back in the second half michael green started. Paul mills having 16 minutes had 10 points.

Five rebounds two assists four or five from the field two or three for the three point line. Oh one from the free throw line and he was a plus five – the starters played well jamal murray was the best player plus minus nicole yoko was just going off. The starters played really well lebron james tonight again he played 31 minutes, 22 points, 10, rebounds and nine assists and he was a nine of 18 from the field of five. In the three point line, four seven for the free throw line – and he was a minus seventeen lebron james – was the third worst plus minus of the day for the la lakers, a minus seventeen and then anthony davis, like i said, went out in the second quarter. Have fifteen and four and one but the nuggets showed up and they played well man jokage, eight joker’s, eight m, a d at some point: just murdered him on the block. Zeke naji faku compasso was making crazy pass today. Jamal murray managed maul murray had some pull up threes man, he had a great step back. Three just walked right into it against the 2 3 zone today and it it was a great shot. Man murray, looked fluid. He got to the basket, he attacked the basket and again it just goes to show you that jamal murray is healthy, he’s, a problem which maul murray feels good he’s, a problem when jamal murray doesn’t have to be inhibited by a shoulder injury, elbow injury, hip injury, Ankle injury when he’s good he’s on he’s money, he’s, unstoppable and small murray, looks like what we expected jamal murray to be again last game: murray, 22, 5.

5. This game, jamal murray, 25, 6, 4, 25, 6, 4, that’s jamal that’s. All we need. We don’t need jamal to be all nba at age, 23., he’s still 23 years old, he’s about to be 24.. Jokish is 25 about to be 26.. Porter is 22 bout to be 23. they’re. Young nuggets is young r.j hampton just turned 20. zeke naji is 20. I believe we got a bunch of babies on the squad, y’all a bunch of youngins, but they hungry the nuggets are hungry. They haven’t played well every game, we already went through the games, they should have won, but the nuggets are hungry and they got what it takes to be successful again. The roster doesn’t look like a championship roster right now, but when you got nicole jokic, who again i have been saying, we have been saying on this channel best player in the nba this season, nicole yokic, i regen again, 26. Basically, 27 12 and 8.6 8.7 assists the game and he he’s had. He has a uh on basketball reference right now. He has the best box plus minus in the nba, with a 11.0, which is almost three points ahead of the next best player, enjoyal embiid, which will put him on pace for a top 15 all time season. When you have him, you can basically be in any game. All people have to do is show up and do their job, and tonight they showed up and they did their job as a unit.

The denver nuggets were 46 from the field. They were ‘ 85. They were 40 from the three point line: great shooting day: 19 47. They shot 34 free throws 74. The lakers were 46 percent from the field 40 of 87 21 from the three point line only six of 28 and they were 66 from the free throw line. 16, 29 – and i i tweeted this out today, the nuggets were getting calls today from the referees like they had lakers on their chest. If you watched the playoffs last year, the lakers were getting every call imaginable, broad a.d didn’t matter and was getting hacked no foul. Yokish was getting hacked no foul it’s a day. 34 free throws man that’s what it takes, but you see y’all that’s what happens when you’re aggressive when the nuggets are aggressive when they’re attacking the paint when they’re attacking the paint kicking out going to the basket mp3 nbj tried to dump three times today, he tried To bang out on martin gasol, he tried to dunk on kyle kuzma. Do it jamal murray, went to the rack hard against lebron james, get there and won yokish was attacking and jokic. When he does interviews he he says he never takes. He never really considers a one on one matchup. He just takes what’s in front of him, but a part of me has to think again. I can’t confirm this, but part of me has to think that jokic, who historically has struggled against long defenders and not just a singular individual defender but a team full of defenders.

You know rudy gobert and derek favors, anthony davis and lebron james and dwight howard that’s. What gives him problems, but not one on one matches, but it seemed like he made a point today, so the only game this year he doesn’t, have a double double allegedly is when the nuggets played against the lakers in la and he ended that game with a 13 10 stat line, but the lakers at some point. In time they took away the officials took away a rebound, he had 13 and nine that’s the only game he didn’t have a double double this year, so that means out of 26 games this year. At a 15 and 11 record, only one game – he doesn’t – have a double double y’all. Yokes is playing out of this world right now. Man, i want to give a shout out. Man, faku compasso played a great game hitting three pointers. He was flying around playing good defense, blacco chanchar got in the game tonight. He hit a three pointer hit a hit, a rebound tip in bucket rj. Hampton just looks good r.j. Hampton just looks good rj hampton had 20 minutes tonight. Four rebounds four points one assist and he was a plus two michael green. Only played 14 minutes tonight. Foul trouble three points: two rebounds two assists plus four bobo’s, only player that didn’t play marcus howard got in the game. Isaiah hardenstein got in the game just the overall team effort, y’all 122 to 105.

that’s. What you need man, i told you, the denver nuggets was going to win this game. I told you the denver nuggets was going to win this game. You could see it happening. You can see that they’re starting to develop chemistry, they’re getting more confident, but you see this is when you start to figure it out 25 games to the season 30 games to the season. This is where teams start to separate themselves. You see a lot of teams that are playing well they’re. Getting worse. You see, teams that weren’t playing well they’re, getting better that’s. Just what happens y’all. The nuggets are currently 15 and 11. that’s great. They start the game the year off, one and four. If we didn’t have that slow start, we’d be eating better place and y’all it’s, even better because wednesday night or to what tuesday, night rather tuesday night, the next play the celtics. They play the celtics in boston. So we have another great opportunity to go out against a great team watch. Yokish put up another triple double put up. Another dominant performance, jamal murray gets to go against kendall walker, jason, tatum, jaylen brown yo. The nuggets are moving y’all that’s three games in a row. A triple double for jokic: 25, 6 4 for jamal murray. That is how you beat the la lakers i’m, proud of them, nicole, yokish, mvp, best player in the league. This is swiper cam. We out, i will be back on tuesday night after the denver nuggets play against the boston celtics.

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