Los Angeles Lakers, Denver Nuggets, Anthony Davis, LeBron James, NBA HIGHLIGHTS Full Game | NBA February 14

I want to let you guys know about this new jersey website called A couple of my friends just grabbed a few from them, because their sale is still going on. If you guys want to take a look at these jerseys, the link will be in the description. Don’T forget use code sdl to check out for an extra 10 off conference finals, anthony davis drives. This is the first one. The follow is good thanks. Jamal murray murray was questionable with an ankle injury. He picks it out to milsat and no sees or something happens with a referee. Ultimately, your message to the guys is like okay. Well, we have to have referees trying to sprint with the fastest athletes in the world. So they thought if they go to four jokic against gasol, two old fashioned, big men and jokic – gets that i wanted you to play one on one against him and he’s. An amazing one. On one player, schroeder drives down goes coast to coast, schroeder, shot won’t go, but james right. There they were running on, makes and misses that’s something the very very different from them. What has to improve from them? Well, i think they’re they’re timidity to all of their success, uh that that special player he’s, the anthony davis you’re right for the for the lakers he’s, just davis davis played him well murray, flips it up and hang on. Maylyn horton tucker’s come on into the game.

That’S him right there, nice reverb by 20. it’s been an issue for them recently, as milsap knocks down yeah. Well, you know to whom much, but not good enough for our expectations. Tucker another drive spartan, not here pj dozier, also still out with his hamstring injury. So they’re short handed davis looking finds in the corner, kyle kuzma and kuzma schroeder walks into the three dennis schroeder, from denver nuggets to eliminate just a walk up. Three and great cut five point: laker lead lakers have been their last eight shots, oh block with a goaltend, the top just such a great advantage to have that on your offensive end, you’ll catch left, open and you’ll. Get danish on the drive well knocked out of bounds growth by all of the young players in phoenix so far tonight that he did in the entire game against the lakers knocked away all over the place. Horton tucker gets it inside and james campazo picks it out. In the corner, good open, look, compazo, three pointer, Music, green gets a good look james quickly down the other end. Horton tucker, with the pass kuzma a little side step distance james drives the rim left handed shots good out of transition. Here. Look at the defense is set, but if you don’t show him a wall, you look there’s a lot of things that are said about lebron james, but my favorite thing about him is he’s out there. Every night yeah.

Well, i don’t know if you saw the uh, the flowers that he got his wife that’s over three, more full seasons of games as cruzman drives inside and finished it’s, always in your face, says anthony davis, no pick and roll it’s, so tight about a season eyes. Shooting from the field alex caruso joking drives on davis keeps inside flips it up shots more athletic, anthony davis milsap with the steal Music. That is not a good sign and he missed a couple of yankees looked terrific so far tonight and it’s it’s it’s in defense. There from matthews, matthews and millsap couple of veterans battling down low james minute, half remaining try to do it again, try to come in and try to slip out and just you know, buckle up the davis, injury that’s, the most important right now for the lakers, along With 21 points, murray fires away kicks it, jokic turns fires and hit james drives down. A lane goes up Music and again, look at lebron james eyes, up just pushing it ahead, and this is a difficult eight points off the bench tonight. It’S just great to see him rewarded with a contract extension this summer pick. But you know when we talk about how much work he put in in the g league and in the off season, the percentage when they started this winning streak they’re now 14th. Yet they step up 1 7 on the road that you need to when your shot’s not falling corner.

The other way aggressive moves in the second quarter tonight on the drive and came up hobbling. He has re aggravated his right achilles concern for the lakers and something that’s bothering him he’s playing a lot of high level games. Two time olympia, half remaining here in the third murray splits the defense gets inside layup off the glass is good everything. There looks legal yeah turn that corner james off the bosses. Kenshar tried to challenge him down low caruso, oklahoma cities and memphis, and, with all due respect to those teams that do have talent, it’s, deflected and stolen down. The other end made a little run. Nice feed inside from here bars pass inside to kuzma and kuzma comes up short, so there’s still points 15, rebounds and 10 more assists. How do you deal with this because you know there’s always door begs of a season? It’S luca doncic, the mavericks playing better steph curry has been sensational. I mean you have to put them in there as a championship contender the way they’re playing you 100 before right. Then i don’t think they have anybody on the roster that has been to uh in nba finals conference finals. I believe jordan clarkson will experience in that it’s, not that people don’t. Think that you can they did. You have to compliment a lot of times. You get caught up and talking about what the lakers need to do or it’s something to feel good about don’t.

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Los Angeles Lakers, Denver Nuggets, Anthony Davis, LeBron James, NBA HIGHLIGHTS Halftime | NBA February 14