New York Stock Exchange, Stock market, Stock uld leave the state if new tax is passed

It will make it more expensive, so they will move, they will move to florida. They will move to charlotte north carolina. There are other venues they could conceivably move to chicago. You just don’t want to do that, and this is a phony policy idea. It’S uh, you know i don’t know tax the rich. We hate the stock market. One of the points that is made in that op ed, which i think is terribly important. The new york stock exchange creates a lot of jobs and the knock on effects of restaurants and apartments, and pharmacies and small businesses create even more jobs, of course, so it’s, not just the folks who directly work there, it’s the knock on effects. It would be a really bad new york city economy, florida stock exchange, tennessee, stockings, texas, doesn’t, have the same ring. I i think you would agree larry uh. We want to take you back a year ago, this year, but charlotte a year ago, this charlotte bill charlotte. I got you, i got you hang on here charlotte, so this is joe biden talking on nbc. This is what he forecast if he were to win one year ago this week. The ideas i have chuck are big and bold. I mean this idea that i’m, not the progressive in the race. I mean my lord if, if i get elected president united states with my position on health care, my position on global warming, my position on foreign policy, my position on the middle class – this will go down as one of those progressive administrations in american history.

One of the most progressive in american history regulations, immigration, paris, accord, keystone larry it’s happening yeah. It really is it’s kind of happening faster than i thought and he is moving more progressive, left uh than i thought. I guess i should have you know, taken him at face value during that campaign and what troubles me here is look political messaging. I you know bill, i get this um. They want to undo trump okay, trump unpopular now, i guess undo trump, but in undoing trump they’re undoing some pretty good policies. Forget the man or whatever you think of them, the policies, so they want to end fracking in 15 years. The minimum wage is back. I guess it’s going to be in the budget reconciliation that will you know the cbo said it it’ll help a couple million people, but also lose a couple million jobs. That’S, not what you want. The executive orders on immigration is causing chaos in the border. We have open borders now, no d, deporting and that’s going to damage jobs along the border, much less other problems associated so i’m. Just saying this hate trump progressive political reversal stuff is job killing and prosperity killing if it continues and extends out it’s not going to damage us right away, but it’ll take its toll.

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