Thank you so much for spending your valentine’s day with me. What the heck are you doing? Does your wife know you’re, watching this in the closet as i’m recording this, for you does. Your husband know. Does your boyfriend and girlfriend anyways, we got a lot to talk about some stock market craziness this upcoming week we’re going to talk about everything that’s going on in the market this week, um some of my opinions on it and things like that. So i hope you guys enjoy this. As always, this is the cover the next week i don’t know if this is going to be something i start doing every sunday night on this channel. Maybe it is maybe it isn’t i don’t know we’ll see i’ll see like you know how many people are actually into something like this and uh kind of the support and things like that, as always don’t forget to smash and uh by the way i’m on clubhouse. Now so i’m gon na probably start doing some some different things on clubhouse, so um it’s a new it’s, a kind of a new app. You have to kind of get invited and stuff, but it’s. You know this getting to spread more and more so i don’t think it’s that hard to get an invite like it was a month or two ago, but uh yeah, it’s, interesting and so uh i’m gon na probably start posting some content on there it’s one of The few social medias that’s, actually, i think, um directly for like more people that are into business and investing and those sorts of things, whereas a lot of the social medias that have come along in in recent years are really focused around.

Just like you know, kids or teenagers and stuff like that, i feel like this is more focused around um. You know people like myself so yeah i’m gon na actually start probably taking that a little serious over this next year and um, because right now, i’m pretty much on youtube and like instagram and that’s about it, but yeah clubhouse. So if you want to follow me, you can just type in jeremy, lafave, alrighty, guys so let’s start getting into everything that’s going on this upcoming week, so first off markets close on monday. So, if you’re watching this on valentine’s day here on sunday market is closed tomorrow, something to keep in mind there’s some companies reporting after earnings, but none of them – i keep track of or even care about at all. To be completely honest, so you, before the open, a lot of people are going to care about this. One palantir is reporting before the open. You know that’s, not a stock. I track heavily, but i know a lot of people are super into that one. So uh yeah it’s going to be important. There is an earnings i will be watching and that’s cvs. So obviously i have a big investment in walgreens. I put seven figures in walgreens stock in the month of december, so i’ve never put seven figures in a stock. In my life in in that short of a period of time in less than one month, i put seven figures so i’m, a big believer in kind of the pharmacy play over the next few years, specifically obviously walgreens.

But cvs is going to be important to watch because i’m going to be looking for any commentary they have around when they think they’re going to be able to start giving out the roni rhona shots in in mass, because right around the same time, cvs is going To start doing it likely walgreens will as well right. It could be a few weeks different, something like that, but it’s going to be around the same time so i’m going to be really interested to kind of hear what’s going on there with cvs. Okay, uh yeah, really important advanced, auto parts, autonation yandex some of these other ones, not not too. You know important for me at least before the open, after the close. As far as tuesday goes not a lot boy gaming, maybe i could look at that one. A little bit just see what their numbers are, but you know there’s not that much correlation between a boy, gaming and something like i own – a win resorts. Anything like that so i’m going to be watching too much. I mean honestly tuesday. The biggest thing for me is actually paying attention what happens with cvs in that move. There wednesday and thursday different scenario it’s going to get real interesting on wednesday and thursday, okay, so a stock i own is shopify. I have a think of at least a few hundred grand in shopify stock that’s, going to be a big one, i’m, going to be very interested to hear what their earnings are.

I’M expecting revenue growth to be very, very strong, i’m expecting any guidance they give around. This upcoming year to be extremely strong. I think analysts are sandbagging numbers too much on that company. I think they’re gon na you know i think they’re gon na put up amazing numbers next year. Whether stock goes up or not on those earnings remains to be seen, but i i hundred, i think, that company’s clicking on all cylinders, i think they’re going to put up some some pretty amazing numbers and some pretty amazing guidance. So that’s going to be very important for me to watch before the open on wednesday. All right, wix website, company wing stop yeah. I mean that’s an interesting stock, it’s it’s bounced back pretty pretty heavily since the march bottom, but uh analog devices garmin. Some of those. I don’t really pay attention to hilton uh interesting to hear hilton. What are the numbers? Looking like there uh for hilton around future bookings? Obviously you know huge chain around the united states and some international, so that’s going to be interesting. Nothing else really before the open. Obviously, my main attention is going to be on shopify after the close fastly kind of indirect play on shopify fastly has been a fast growing beast stock over the past year or so, and yeah that’s gon na be big okay, so you know in terms of the The major growth stocks, because here’s what happens like if one of those continues to roar higher it brings with it a lot of other, really strong, fast growing companies.

On the flip side, if it starts to shoot down, you know when it goes down and down down. It is one of those stocks that will bring down some of the other super high growth plays and fastly is an interesting stock. I just haven’t been able to wrap my head around enough to justify its valuation for me to buy it, but it’s very interesting stock till ray obviously in the jack jackson, space i’ll be interested to hear what they report. What numbers they’re talking about twilio is another one of those super fast growing companies. Like a fastly i mean between shopify, fastly and twilio. I mean you’re talking about some of the fastest growth stocks out there that are actual fairly popular names, so yeah that’s gon na it’s, it’s gon na be a big day. Okay, then you have baidu, which some people used to call it. The google of china – and it is a business model – that’s – had some trouble over the past five ten years really impressing the markets put it that way, and it is a chinese stock and they just have more more more trouble in general right. Then you have sun power marathon oil, not too interested in any of these samuel adams. You know it’s an interesting company. You know it is one i’ve always kind of wanted to buy and i’ve always liked that that play there and, like the whole, like theme, brands around their beers and things like that, like obviously they have oktoberfest and winterfest, and things like that.

I’Ve always been impressed with that company in their expansion opportunity, but you know never stock i could buy, but we’ll see what they report there. Sleep number we talked about: casper um, casper sleep recently in a video. I think i post on the main channel, where i did a video on the main channel the other day and it went into like six different stocks that are under ten dollars. A share that are interesting stocks as potential plays, and one of them was casper splits. Casper sleep that’s, a competitor to sleep number uh. Obviously you know sleep numbers done a phenomenal job. Building their business so we’ll see what their numbers are: okay, thursday, another big day, okay, really big day so walmart before the open, i mean you know one of the biggest companies in the world. Obviously uh barrick gold. Some people are going to be looking at that waste management, just solid right, blue apron. How they’re still around you know. No one really knows right. Hormel foods marriott some of those, but after the bell so there’s there are two i’m keeping an eye on. So the trade desk is one trade desk kind of fits that category of twilio fastly shopify, where it’s just been a beast growth company, a bee stock, incredible right, so gon na watch that one and see how that i mean this is like a high growth stock. Like a matter of like 24 hour period, you know 48 hour period between shopify fastly, twilio, trade, that’s crazy, but this one.

This is a big one. I’M gon na be paying attention to okay dropbox. This is a stock. I am it’s one of my bigger positions. I think it’s a top five position if it’s not it’s, very dang, close okay. I have many many many hundreds of thousands of dollars in the stock, and it is one of my favorite plays on a risk reward standpoint. I have call options in this stock that expire in 2023. Those call options are doing amazing, i think we’re up 92 or 98 on those call options right now, so everything’s going really well so far for dropbox. However, you know the numbers: we got to see the numbers. What are the numbers around this company? I think i think this stock is in a. I think. The next two quarters are really important because there are a lot of eyes around dropbox and a lot of people that have been watching this stock and have said to themselves. I don’t know, like i don’t know about dropbox, and so those people have that that, like confirmation of that, if the numbers in the next couple quarters are weak and they don’t look very strong, if they’re not reporting double digit revenue, growth people are going to say, Yeah, i didn’t think that one was the one. However, if this company comes in with 12 15, maybe even more than that revenue growth, i think there’s definitely going to be some of those funds and investors in general with money that have been watching this.

One kind of play out and then they see that growth continue and sustain. I think there’s going to be a lot of folks that end up jumping into that one and um. You know obviously trying to ride that wave if it continues to report amazing numbers right. So yeah that’s going to be big for me, i’m, going to be watching that one. Obviously, a ton of people are going to be watching this one roku there’s a lot of investors out there that are invest in roku and by the way fiverr is one i’ll watch i’m, not investing in fiverr, but i do own up work in fiverr and upwork. Do compete so and upwork’s been an amazing stock. By the way you know i mean that’s, one of my better stocks. I’Ve had recently, i think we’re up like 400 percent, some insane number 300 400, something like that on upwork and yeah up working in fiverr. They do compete, there’s plenty of room for fiverr and up work by the way, long term in the freelance economy to both be beast companies, so i will be watching that. So you know my my attention on wednesday and thursday is all around these earnings man. This is going to be big time. I mean for me specifically, you know between all these growth companies reporting – and you know, obviously this one – i have several hundred thousand dollars this one. I have many thousand hundreds of thousand dollars in this one’s, a direct competitor.

You know, and then obviously this is a direct competitor to one of my biggest investments in the market right, the seven figure investment in walgreens, okay, so yeah really really really big but wednesday thursday, specifically now friday, john deere is pretty much the only one. I will be paying attention to nothing else. There really interests me john deere, obviously huge equipment maker, not just in the farming industry, but they do have other businesses as well in like overall construction and trying to hear some numbers and guidance out of them and kind of what they’re, seeing whether it be in The united states, or in international markets and kind of what their expectations are and sometimes that stock can can drive other various things, so uh yeah it’s a big week. I you know whether you know i don’t know if i’ll be making moves, but these are the type of weeks like. If you know some stocks go down a bunch, i’ll probably be a buyer. Let’S say: dropbox goes down 15 after earnings and i thought their earnings were good. I’M gon na probably buy dropbox stock um. You know any of these stocks that i really like that, if they would go to if they were to go down a bunch, and i thought they reported good earnings, i will be a buyer of those talks. If um you know, they shoot up a bunch i’m. Just gon na likely continue to hold there’s.

Probably nothing is going to happen this week, it’s going to make me sell out of any positions. I am adding a couple new stocks right now that i’ll, probably let you guys know about eventually here um one got leaked in kevin’s video corsair gaming. So you know that is what it is, but uh yeah, so i’m definitely uh. You know, we’ll see what happens. This week, i’m gon na be watching and uh. This is a big week, guys definitely definitely uh pay attention to what’s going on in the market hope you guys enjoyed. This is always much love thanks for joining me from the closet.

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