Texas, Electric Reliability Council of Texas, Power outage, Energy Winter Storms Could Cause Power Outages and Rolling Blackouts Because the US INFRASTRUCTURE SUCKS!

You know russia is still dealing with uh pro navalny focus now there’s, like flashlight protests, i guess happening in guinea and africa they’re declaring their first ebola outbreak since 2016. After confirming seven new cases linked to a funeral, new zealand is back on alert with coronavirus after a family test positive, so now, they’re back into a three day, lockdown and then separatists in in spain, the catalonia, catalonia, regional movement happening and then, of course, the earthquake. If you didn’t hear this weekend happened, um right out, right, offshore fukushima, no um, you know tsunami or anything, but a lot of damage. I guess done there 7.3 magnitude earthquake, so a lot’s been happening um this this weekend, you know. Typically, the week is pretty quiet, but one of the things that i think we’re all looking at is this uh, this huge winter storm that’s like from canada. All the way down to mexico, like it’s, actually snowing in mexico right now and i’m. Looking at some of the trending topics that are happening, and one of them is the uh is erco, which is the uh electricity reliability council of texas, and they are actually looking at calling for rolling blackouts um because of the extreme cold that is happening in texas. Uh residents, residential electric consumption makes up like 90 of the electric consumption in texas and they’re, basically saying yeah, the the cold weather is forcing people to want to. You know turn on more heating and things like that and yeah there’s there’s like a whole list like there’s level, one level two and then a level three uh, basically energy emergency protocol, which they enact when their energy reserves reach a certain amount of megawatts and as Of uh today, as of sunday afternoon, it was at 4200 megawatts if it dips below 2300 megawatts, they enact level one.

At that stage, the grid can trigger an emergency response service that allows it to tap a portion of its um, 1 100 megawatt reserve, and then, if you get down to level 3, which is under a thousand megawatts um grid operators foresee those levels dropping below a Thousand for like more than 30 minutes, then they asked the stage transmission owners and utilities to reduce electrical output by a certain amount. So hopefully it doesn’t get to that um. Many many are foreseen that might get to that tomorrow. What i was surprised to see is that you know things like wind turbines are freezing um and apparently there’s, just not enough reserves um in texas, and it just made me wonder. You know this happened back in like 2011, when there was a a cold snap. I think this was probably around the same time. The super bowl may have been in texas. If you remember it snowed in arlington and there was snow at um at t stadium, and so you know ten years later, you would think that more would have been done to protect the grid against um anomalies like this winter, storms and and uh. You know polar vortices that that are bound to happen more and more, as we start starting to see more and more extreme weather, so i’m, just wondering what’s happening. Why we still don’t quite have a handle on how to mitigate some of these things happening. Why they still have to deal with rolling blackouts? Nevertheless, if you do live there or really, if you live anywhere, i mean these are here.

Here: are some good recommended measures, um reducing heaters to 68 degrees? Closing shades are blinds to better insulate windows, getting more windows and blinds. I also have like this awesome see if i can grab it. You know just like wrap yourself up and stuff um it’s, not that hard wear hoodies, and things like that. If, if you know of people that are out in the cold or who need help, please you know call the authorities help people to get indoors. I saw another article that happened in germany, where this woman basically gave birth in a subway outdoors like. If you see people that need help just help them, this is not a time to allow the elements to to to kill and hurt people very enough of that happening with the coronavirus, as it is um some of the other things avoid using large appliances so stoves. If you can reduce the use of your refrigerator somehow, please do that and then minimize use of electric lights. So if you don’t need a light on turn the lights off, go through your house. Do an energy audit it’s always good to do um, so yeah, hopefully everyone’s able to make it through um it’s, again it’s. This is just really crazy to see that in this day and age, we still have to deal with things like this and it sucks, and you wish that you know the us will put more spending into the infrastructure programs, hopefully that’s, what biden plans to do when He says build back better um.

This is what we really need. We really need to move into a 21st 22nd century type of electrical infrastructure where we don’t have to deal with these sorts of things happening and be at the mercy of mother nature for our own basic needs. But i would love to know if you guys are dealing with any of this stuff.

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