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This is actually an update from a uh to a video that i posted on library today and if anybody is interested man made arctic blast equals skyrocketing energy bills, power outages. How about that green? New deal, germany is proving the green new deal, ain’t, so terrific, with their winter storms and their freezing temperatures and their solar panels covered in snow inoperable, their wind turbines frozen and not moving. So cole came to the rescue lots of information in this video documents. Patents, yeah weather modification evidence and also ways to stay warm cheap ways to stay warm. I will link below to this video and it includes an excerpt of a video that i posted in 2018, which included this document agreement between canada and the united states of america relating to the exchange of information on weather modification activities. Interesting, how we have all of these documents all of these patents. All of this evidence, weather modification and weather keeps taking people out with a whole lot, still a majority just rolling their eyes. Calling us conspiracy, theorists, oh and they’re, so proud that their brain has been taken over by the tv it’s, pretty freaking, cold amarillo, negative 5 or minus 5 minus 4 minus 6 minus 7. 13. One two: okay got a lot of cold territory here, all the way. Milwaukee all the way into is this wyoming yeah negative: five minus five denver minus twelve oklahoma, minus four wichita minus four: six: kansas city, minus nine, st louis zero springfield missouri zero des moines minus eight sioux falls: minus 18 minneapolis minus 15.

yeah it’s, pretty freaking cold Up here and minnesota, minus 25. it’s cold whole lot of montana in the minus sub zeros okay. Well, there is quite a bit of documentation in this video that proves that man can create an arctic blast, which apparently is pushing energy prices wow all right. So i also posted on these wow wow prices on energy and here’s. The latest as the day has progressed amid deteriorating weather forecasts and no let up to demand. Despite aircuts that’s, texas energy, they have their own electric grid, but they’re having problems and or should. I say energy grid um. Well, this kind of sums it up, it’s kind of well we’ve, officially hit excuse my language holy levels, yeah a cheap, eleven thousand, nine hundred and fifty dollars per megawatt. So if you are a retailer obligated to let’s just say 25 megawatts and did not hedge meaning that you left it to get filled by aircock at market price. You just incurred a 7.1 million cost on an around the clock basis for a single day. So if i was a betting man, i’d say folks are going to go out of business and we’ll, see more consolidation in this market prior to a massive overhaul of market structure, and this is exactly what they want more businesses to fold the individual americans. They just want them to drop dead, holy levels. Okay, so what’s happening oklahoma city is experiencing well. What kind of uh temperatures let’s see? Oklahoma city is two degrees, two degrees, dallas, nine and then west of dallas, five austin, ten san antonio 18 and houston 30.

. You are still in heat wave, comparatively speaking heat wave temperatures. Okay, you know. Let me just play this. We begin tonight with the major winter blast covering almost the entire u.s. More than 40 states under winter weather alerts for snow ice and dangerous cold and another storm sweeping in right behind it. Freezing rain blamed for a fiery collision on an icy i 55 in mississippi a car and truck both rolling over a major wreck on the turner. Turnpike in oklahoma, the crash involving trucks and passenger vehicles, temperatures in texas, plunging into the single digits snow plows, working around the clock to clear the roads outside of amarillo. Seattle is reporting its snowiest day in 52 years, washington state with more than a foot of snow. In some areas, millions now bracing for record cold through tuesday temperatures 50 degrees below average wind chills, plunging well below zero from texas to the dakotas dangerous ice, leaving hundreds of thousands without power on both coasts. Abc’S, marcus moore is in texas and leads us off tonight that powerful storm system taking icy aim at the south. This wreck shutting down an oklahoma city turnpike this afternoon, smoke billowing in the distance interstate 10 near el paso littered with twisted big rigs and other vehicles. A fiery crash on interstate 55 outside jackson, mississippi, firefighters working to put out the flames. The crash blamed on freezing rain in austin first responders, nearly slammed by an out of control car after last week’s massive pileup in fort worth, officials begging drivers to stay home and experts say if your car goes into a slide.

Don’T panic, don’t slam on the brakes. Instead pick your eyes up, look at where you want to go and steer into the skid and, as you regain traction, turn the wheel straight slow down. I guess you want to see this. Okay, hold up hold up slow down this big rig driver jackknifing by turning into the skid, preventing it from tipping over okay, so it’s a mess it’s a real mess, it’s a real freaking mess and a whole lot of people are suffering. Power outages continue to increase and this the oklahoma city, animal welfare telling us they’ve seen a massive increase in animal cruelty calls, as the temperatures continue to drop. Unfortunately, they’ve already responded to at least one death we’re receiving about 50 to 60 calls for animal cruelty a day. To put that in perspective, we average about five to six so we’re receiving 10 times. The number of animal cruelty calls. They also say, if you have large animals like livestock, they also need more shelter. If you have a barn area that they can go to, please get them in there and also it’s important to make sure that they have plenty of water and food that that’s what’s. Going to help keep them warm during these times. Another concern during this cold snap, an increase in the use of natural gas, ong, oklahoma, natural gas asking everyone oklahomans and businesses to conserve natural gas as much as possible the animals, those kinds of temperatures, these kinds of temperatures animals are going to die a whole lot Of animals but cruelty calls what’s that about people just leaving their animals outside probably wow.

Well, here, east texas – i think it’s texas, but i think it’s east, the winter weather storm has begun guys. You can see that’s my pool, it’s, solid, completely, solid Music, texas and many roads in texas are closed because of ice. Ice has been a big problem here, which is why, as you mentioned, the bridges and overpasses most of them here in the katy area, have been shut down or closed, but power outages are also a problem and folks are having to find alternate ways to stay. Warm. The winter weather forced nikki, batiste and her family to find refuge in her vehicle. We try to prepare, you know, we have the water and we have food, and you know gas and things like that, but you just we were like the first ones without power. My whole family here that’s my uncle okay, i might have my uncle my brother’s in there and my children. She said the power went out around 6 p.m. Here in her cimarron subdivision, they’ve been in the dark, since i was actually driving down mason road. When i realized that it was out from here all the way to katy freeway and all the businesses in between were um without power down the street, already barrios was dealing with much of the same. I hope the blanket is easy enough and this fire and jacket is enough. If done, i don’t i don’t check on your elderly neighbors. Please, please so imminent.

Spike in inflation is coming imminent, that’s what it means: morgan, stanley, hyper inflation is coming, it’s being laid out for us, get ready guys because we are in big trouble in fact, it’s interesting here, hyperinflation doesn’t emerge instantly instantaneously. It begins slowly with normal inflation and then accelerates violently at an increasing rate until it becomes hyperinflation. This is critical for investors to understand, because much of the damage to your wealth actually occurs at the inflation inflationary stage, not the hyper inflationary stage. Oh boy, oh boy, 20, 21. it’s gon na make 2020 look like a walk in the park. All of this is coming, i sure, hope, you’re prepared and yeah good old, joe in the united states, the local farmers, it seems, are being squeezed out of business or paid not to grow food while big arc um agriculture is more concerned with exporting its supplies than Keeping domestic food stocks safe and affordable a crash course with food shortages and soaring prices early as of this year, it’s coming and 1.

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