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Folks, 37 out of 50 states are under some kind of warning. Yesterday, it was 65 million people today, it’s over a hundred million americans are currently under winter related watches warnings and advisories, as extensive impacts are going to start to transfer from coast to coast. This weekend think about this folks. We’Ll get back to this map in just a moment. If you are into all weather related content, please remember to subscribe click the bell and make sure you check off all if you do not check off all you won’t get all my latest videos we’re going to take a look at my future radar through midnight tonight. Now this is at 8 a.m. Eastern time, as you can see, look what’s happening in portions of northern north carolina and a big section of virginia as a matter of fact, around richmond virginia and all those surrounding areas. You guys have an ice storm warning in effect, until 5 00 a.m. Tomorrow, sunday ice accumulations, you could get up to one half inch of ice possible and power. Outages are very, very, very likely now down in southern new jersey, you’re, going to get the ice. Northern new jersey, you’re going to get snow and ice. Some of this is going to go over into pennsylvania down in texas. This is starting at some point today for you guys, as you can see the time stamp, it’s going to move across and go all the way across before it’s over so let’s check out and see what the next several days for this weekend should bring.

Now i’ve got this set for 10 am today you can see this ice is working its way on up across virginia today, please be safe in all of these areas. The ice, the freezing rain. The snow is going to begin in texas. Once again, this is set for 9 00 a.m. Your time this is when it should start and look at the snow in wisconsin moving across illinois, also from seattle to portland, moving over into idaho you’re, getting a little bit of ice down south too we’ll move up to 1am tomorrow morning. Look at the ice in northern new jersey, freezing rain and sleet moving all the way up into connecticut slacking up some now down for west virginia and virginia 4 a.m. Tomorrow, morning, 7 a.m. Tomorrow morning, snow’s coming down into texas, along with sleet and freezing rain. More freezing rain up in northern new jersey and possibly looking like right now in new york, 10 a.m. Tomorrow morning, 1 p.m. Tomorrow, afternoon, 4 p.m. Tomorrow afternoon, 7 a.m. I mean 7 p.m. Excuse me tomorrow evening, sunday evening, looking like starting out as ice from western tennessee into portions of arkansas and northern louisiana, texas freezing rain, also possible in alabama and portions of tennessee 10 p.m. Sunday night, texas is getting it worse right now, with a combination of all of it. Snow freezing rain and sleet 1am monday morning still got the ice now going on from kentucky with uh sleet and freezing rain, going down through portions of mid to western tennessee.

A little bit of a snow is going to start in western tennessee and the very western northwestern sections here, but look at this from mississippi freezing rain and ice also for portions of louisiana all the way down into texas 4 a.m. Monday morning, 7 a.m. Monday morning, 10 a.m. Monday morning, 1pm you get that break, but look out it’ll slack up a little bit midday monday, but by 1 p.m. Monday afternoon this is just awful for people. Folks, we got freezing rain. We got sleet look in mississippi louisiana, going up into tennessee and in the western part of tennessee around this time say around the token all the surrounding areas it’s, looking like you guys, are gon na get three to five inches of snow three to five inches of Snow and by tomorrow morning, say around eight a.m. Your wind chill is going to feel like zero. As we talk about temperatures, we all know that this frigid arctic air is very dangerous and the cold wind chills are going to still be in the heartland. For the most point, we’ve got there’s icy, weather that’s, going to make slick travel in the mid atlantic later today, as i’ve showed you and a major winter storm it’s going to blanket the west and the and it’s looking like heavy snow and significant ice is going To be with it, but then on top of that, if the ice or the snow that can get you, the temperatures are going to get you.

I hope everyone is prepared. Today is actually the last day for a lot of people. If you haven’t already prepared to do so and i’m not trying to scare everybody i’m, just trying to make sure everybody’s aware of what’s going on this is wind chills right in here, you can see a time stamp up here, we’re going to click through just a Little bit of this, for you and you’re gon na see how these cold cold temperatures over the weekend we’re still on today, but look at how the as a day goes by it’s going to get colder and colder and colder. My friends now we’re up to midnight for sunday let’s go in tennessee. This is six fahrenheit four fahrenheit eight i mean get real. This is cold people, look over in uh, oklahoma, minus five minus four up in kansas, minus nine four five: this is unreal temperatures and for our friends that are really up north bless, your hearts. You know if you look up here. Canada has minus 47 in this area, we’re not too far behind right below them here and as time marches on it’s just going to get colder and colder. This is sunday see what it’s looking like over here now minus four degrees. So you know it’s going to be here, it’s going to stay with us for some time throughout the whole weekend. The first part of next week is going to be terribly cold, so please make sure you’re prepared for it i’m not going to go into a whole lot of this and a whole lot of that today.

You guys see what’s going on look at all these watches and warnings wherever you see this dark gray up in montana, moving on down across into parts of wyoming, moving back up north and south dakota minnesota iowa, a large portion of michigan, some of kansas, as you Can see moving up into illinois and also parts of wisconsin, you are under a wind, chill warning everybody that’s in these gray areas, a wind chill warning, that’s what’s going on for you now, where you see the lighter blue that goes up to northern idaho, all the Way down across a little bit of wyoming here, stretching across nebraska and some of iowa. It also comes down here into missouri illinois, moving up into wisconsin and some of indiana right in here and parts of this part portion of missouri in the eastern section. You are under a wind, chill advisory now, when i say, watches and warnings for these wind chills. Folks, i mean cold, zero and below zero and below now over. Here you see now where i was talking about this section of virginia. You are under where you see this dark red and ice storm warning. We have the pink that goes into central virginia and a part of the northern piedmont of north carolina. This is a winter storm warning everybody else in the blue. You are under winter weather advisories, and we have seen as today, marches on ice will be up in two sections of new jersey and before this storm is over, it will reach from the south to the north.

Keep this in mind. We’Ve got winter storm warnings in texas, portions of louisiana, arkansas, oklahoma and nebraska. Just look at this stuff folks, it’s everywhere over in washington state over in oregon, i mean i could keep on and on but i’m, not you see it. You know what you need to do now when we have the areas that look like kind of greenish blue over in ohio, indiana southern illinois, portions of kentucky, see where it splits the line, splits right there in kentucky moving down into tennessee and parts of mississippi. Moving right on up now, what this is what you guys have in this area. You are under a winter storm watch and you will be for the next couple of days be aware and stay safe, please by all means stay safe. We have a little of texas that’s in this winter. Storm watch, not the winter storm warning right in here, and it moves over into portions of new mexico, as you can see right in here, so folks stay safe that’s. All i can tell you right now be aware and stay safe. Now we do have this dark green over southern georgia, a little bit of alabama and the most of the florida panhandle you guys are under a flood watch rain, rain, rain, rain rain rain today and it’s going to move right on up the coast. Everybody in here we’re going to be getting rain rain rain that’s a check of what’s going on.

I can’t stress enough folks. Please stay safe! Okay! This is nothing to play with at all the storm from coast to coast, it’s going to start up today, big time in certain areas and it’s going to get more intensified as it moves along at least through monday, possibly tuesday morning. Please be aware, and please be safe, and please share this with your family, your friends and on your social media. To help me keep people aware and safe have a good day a safe day a blessed day and peace loving kindness to each and every one of you thanks.

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Tornado, Florida Panhandle, Tornado watch SEVERE WEATHER ALERT DAY BE AWARE

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