Tornado, Florida Panhandle, Tornado watch SEVERE WEATHER ALERT DAY BE AWARE

Thank you very much, of course, it’s the 14th of february 2021, if you remember correctly it wasn’t, but about two weeks ago i told you all this nasty february storms were coming sure enough. They have before we get into all of that i’d, like to remind everyone to click, show more down below there’s a link where you can find watches warnings of all types going on folks, i tried to get up the most important ones. There’S too many. I cannot get them all up, but a lot of them are up and i’m going to show you the map and you’ll know if you live in any of these areas. Starting off here, we go severe weather might happen. Today we do have that possibility of isolated, strong to severe thunderstorms today across portions of the florida peninsula. As you can see right here, there is a chance of tornadoes with these at five percent. You need to be aware: you could have a tornado, the wind’s going to gust up moving on up to 15 in these areas. Please be aware, and please stay safe, watches and warnings are. You can see right here, it’s coast to coast, my friends, everybody if this in the pink or the blue, or this gray, it really doesn’t matter, you’re all under severe warnings at some point and watches. So if you live in any of these areas, please pay attention and listen up. Here’S a look at the 12k nam, courtesy of tropical tidbits for the next two and a half to three days.

You know one day it was 65 million people. Yesterday it was 150 100 million people, and today it’s over 150 million americans are currently under winter. Storm warnings, ice storm warnings, winter storm warnings, winter weather advisories, as this impactful winter weather is beginning now to take shape from coast to coast, major winter storms going to spread heavy snow and significant ice accumulations from the plains to the northeast, and this frigid arctic air And dangerously cold wind chills they’re going to persist into the heartland well into this upcoming next week, if you’re into the weather and you like weather, related content, you want to know what’s going on. Please click subscribe, click that bell and make sure you check off all to get all of my latest videos. I would appreciate it very much now, as we turn on the namm map we’ll, let it scroll through there’s, no shortage of winter weather hazards across the lower 48 and it’s going to be that way. For the next couple of days, arctic high pressure system supplying subfreezing temperatures is working with an active storm track to generate this very large swath of accumulating snowfall and treacherous ice. Accumulations icy conditions look to linger around the mid atlantic for this morning. They should improve throughout the day, while the conditions improve in the mid atlantic, though the conditions are going to deteriorate throughout the day in the southern plains and the lower mississippi valley, as an upper level trough in the southwest it’s, going to spawn a major winter storm.

Over the south central us, the footprint from this weather storm is so large that parts of south texas are under winter storm watches. For the first time in a decade, periods of snow, falling heavy at times will be coming from new mexico to the mississippi valley. Today, with the heaviest accumulations likely to occur in central oklahoma and the sacramento mountains of new mexico, in addition to all the snow, we got the significant ice accumulations that are looking like they’re going to happen from the texas coast to the tennessee valley from sunday afternoon. This afternoon, right on into tomorrow now the worst ice related impacts occur monday, as the low pressure system gathers strength in the gulf of mexico. The swath of accumulating ice monday is impressive. Stretching from south texas to the northern mid atlantic. Heavy snow monday will blanket much of the lower mississippi the ohio valley and into the northeast now it’s, looking like the forecast through early tuesday mornings, calling for 8 to 12 inches of snow in central oklahoma with locally higher amounts possible, an area of four to eight Inches of snow looks to extend from east texas to the ohio valley to the northeast substantial ice, accumulations of up to a half inch they’re possible from the lower mississippi valley to the tennessee valley, leading to dangerous travel conditions, numerous power, outages and extensive tree damage. Now over in the northwest and the intermountain west, another pacific storm system is going to usher in more pacific moisture to these regions.

Lighter accumulations are anticipated in the lower elevations, but the mountainous terrain should receive the heaviest totals through monday night. Now the cascades are likely to receive the most snowfall, with accumulations being in feet, measured in feet in the highest elevation snowfall over foots likely from the bitter roots of idaho and tetons of western wyoming to the wasatch and central rockies and the winter storm warnings and Watches and advisories are all located across most of these areas, along with some ongoing avalanche warnings that interfect through today. Now, as i’ve talked about the arctic air, the high pressure system looks like it is going to maintain a strong grip over the nation’s heartland, causing many areas, east of the rockies and west of the appalachians, to witness dangerous record breaking cold right on through the first Half of the next week, so we have many days still to go and i’m talking the north central us. You should see sub zero high temps today with single digit highs, stretching as far as the texas panhandle that’s, a check of your weather have a good day. A safe day a blessed day, please stay safe if you’re in these areas, and you do not have to go out in it. Please don’t check on your neighbors check on the elderly around you check on my handicap, make sure all pets are taken care of it’s. A little late to worry about your pipes right now, it’s it’s here so make sure everybody’s taken care of including your pets, peace, loving, kindness to each and every one of you.

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