Cleveland Cavaliers, Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry, NBA, Draymond Green 📺 Stephen Curry/Draymond/Oubre/Kerr/Wiggins/Paschall Warriors-Nets: not a good night “in any facet”

I didn’t think we played well at either end of the court and obviously we played a team that’s loaded, and you know if you don’t come out with some intent and purpose in how you’re going to attack uh and how you’re going to beat a team like That you’re in some trouble, because their talent’s just going to take over so just not not our best stuff and uh we’ve, got to bounce back and and play a better game. On monday, we could have executed better a little, sometimes some silly turnovers uh, but i mean you got to give credit where, to still i mean obviously they’re, a good team, talented team, but um yeah. We got ta, probably execute better on the defensive end and uh know what we’re doing eric. Is there anything you feel like you guys can take from this game as you move forward in the season, uh again just execute them. I mean against a team like that. Uh you got ta, you got, ta, have a you, got ta execute the game plan um, i feel like we we should have been. This should have did a better job of it. I mean again, they have a great talent, great team, uh, three superstars, but you just got ta, be better eric. How crucial was uh, the close, the last five minutes of the fall of the second quarter and the first five minutes of third quarter about the game and how different will gon na be the approach on the next game? Um again, they just came out high uh.

We got to execute better and uh again. We could just learn from that and know that uh we just got ta execute. I mean i just nothing much more. I can say about that eric it’s a long season. What would you like to continue to see from this year’s warriors ball club uh, just continuing to get better uh, continuing to understand game plans and executing them and uh? Just being the chemistry i mean. Obviously we had a rough preseason, but um yeah. We just try to continue to build and uh go from there, wiggins that first quarter, they got out there and really uh scored the basketball, but just talk about you guys, uh coming back and competing and what you saw out there from a player’s perspective. Um. You know they gave us a little runs um they got out early, you know making shots and uh. We just got that start better um. You know between the game being aggressive and really getting to them. Um the whole game. Um we needed to play like we did that second half uh against orlando. You know just getting into them trying to get tough for them because they got some. You know really good. You know talent on the team so just trying to make it hard for them, but you know they’re they’re, with a good team what’s the biggest lesson of tonight’s game. For you, oh i’m, not listening! You know, he’s got we got ta play.

You know that’s what it came down to that’s all. It is tonight uh when the warriors and the brooklyn nets got together and played basketball, a basketball game. It was, you know, it was a game of runs honestly, two great teams going at it and one team came out victorious and one team lost. Is there anything you can take away from this game? As you guys see cleveland on monday uh, we can continue to grow. Um continue to put strings of games together. You know and continue to come closer and realize what we have to do to win on a consistent basis. Kelly, i think you’ve got one four straight. Double digit rebound games, uh. What what’s been the emphasis behind attacking the boards just that because they needed help on the glass. I mean it’s, just another way to me for me to impact the game. So just you know getting on the glass, we always stare down a couple, big man, so you know that’s very imperative that we, you know secure those rebounds and it’s. Honestly, just hustle. You know i’m out there hustling trying to get it so that’s. What it is is that the difference in the game, in your opinion, what’s that the first quarter in terms of scoring they came out and hit some shots, was that the difference in the ball game in your opinion, or did that just help? I think they were able to build a little league in the first quarter and look after they built that lead.

We responded and you know they kept responding. So i don’t think you know it was necessarily the first quarter uh no looking at this. It was every quarter except fourth quarter. So no, i don’t think it was the first quarter, draymond mark haynes from clutch points um after a game like this. How do you keep the younger guys? You know encouraged and engaged moving forward? Ah it’s the nba got another game in a day in half get back out there and try to figure it out again uh. You know i mean we’ve we’ve lost like this before and we’ve still been encouraged, so we’ll be fine. You never really got to worry the nets tonight and the team went completely down in the third quarter uh.

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